Top 10 Most Rewatchable Scenes in The Batman
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Top 10 Most Rewatchable Scenes in The Batman

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The Batman has made it to HBO Max, which means we can now watch all of our favorite scenes on repeat! For this list, we'll be looking at the scenes and sequences from this excellent dark knight detective story that we love to revisit. Our countdown includes Batman Arrives at the Iceberg Lounge, Catwoman Goes Underground & Undercover, Batman Pursues the Penguin, The Opening “I Am the Shadows” Monologue, Batman Takes Riddler's Call and more!
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Top 10 Most Rewatchable Scenes In The Batman

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 most Rewatchable Scenes in “The Batman”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the scenes and sequences from this excellent dark knight detective story that we love to revisit. We won’t be including any deleted scenes this time around. If you haven’t seen “The Batman” yet, consider this your spoiler warning.

What was your favorite scene in Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight debut? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Batman Arrives at the Iceberg Lounge

When Bruce Wayne’s Riddler investigation leads to the Iceberg Lounge, he suits up and knocks on the front door. After a quick discussion with security takes a bad turn, the dark knight decides to punch his way in. It feels like the hero is unstoppable as he takes out goons left and right. And in one of the greatest visual gags ever, Batman uses an actual bat during the fight. As abruptly as this tense fighting sequence began, it ends with the Penguin arriving to calm tensions down. But the short length of Batman’s trip through the Iceberg Lounge doesn’t stop it from being an extremely cool scene.

#9: Catwoman Goes Underground & Undercover

After the bat and the cat decide to work together, Selena agrees to go on a very risky solo mission. As she travels through an underworld location, Batman watches everything go down through her eyes thanks to special contacts and tries to guide her actions. The scene takes advantage of Bruce’s live feed to create distinctive visuals and creative shots. There’s also a sense of building tension as the unarmed Catwoman meets progressively dangerous characters. Although she and Batman might not have fully enjoyed their first mission together, this trip into the underworld is easily one of the film’s most well crafted sequences.

#8: Batman Pursues the Penguin

Audiences knew they were about to witness a great chase as soon as the Batmobile roared to life. Bruce’s blazingly fast vehicle quickly catches up to the fleeing Penguin. Unfortunately, Batman has to worry about the other cars on the road and the obstacles that the villain keeps creating. The dark knight’s driving here is incredibly impressive. He’s able to react quickly, keep on the pressure and finally take Penguin’s car out of commission. And thanks to excellent cinematography, audiences feel like they’re in the driver’s seat the entire time. Although Penguin thought he could get away from the bat, he should’ve known he’d lose this chase before he even hit the gas.

#7: The Opening “I Am the Shadows” Monologue

Robert Pattinson quickly put any doubts that he could play Batman to rest with strong opening narration. As we take a tour of this version of a turbulent Gotham, Bruce gives us insights into his two-year history as the dark knight. Although he admits he’s human and can’t stop every crime, he also establishes that he’s become an almost supernatural symbol of fear to criminals. Bruce’s monologue is wonderfully written and perfectly performed by Pattinson. We’re just as captivated by his voice as we are by the visuals of the Gotham City he protects. And as icing on the cake, this impressive opening ends with Batman stepping out of the shadows and demonstrating why every criminal should fear him.

#6: Batman Takes Riddler’s Call

The Riddler interrupts the former mayor’s funeral by forcing district attorney Gil Colson to drive into it. After discovering he has a bomb on his neck, a letter to the dark knight and a ringing phone, Batman shows up to answer the call. Once the hero is in place, Riddler says he’ll let Colson go if the DA answers three riddles in time. The suspense builds with every moment the scene goes on. And although we’re expecting Batman to triumph, the story throws a major curveball that makes it clear this won’t be a victory. This shocking scene did a great job at building up the Riddler and his fraught relationship with the bat. Its explosive ending makes this a moment fans won't soon forget.

#5: The Dark Knight’s Final Fight

In the climax of “The Batman”, a bunch of Riddler’s online followers prepare to execute a deadly plan. Fortunately, the dark knight arrives just in the nick of time to stop them all. What makes this fight scene stand out is that it isn’t one sided. Batman gets backed into a corner and nearly loses everything multiple times. Ultimately, he needs a boost from a mysterious substance and a key assist from Catwoman to fully turn the tables. While this scene could’ve come off as another standard fight, it’s elevated by one surprising twist. The last person Batman defeats repeat’s Bruce’s mantra right back at him. This is the moment it’s clear to the dark knight that his brutal actions might’ve inspired the wrong message.

#4: Riddler Makes a New Friend

While the Riddler is detained in Arkham, he has a hugely negative reaction to a Batman news story. As the villain starts spiraling, a nearby inmate starts talking. Every audience member gasped as soon as they realized the voice was coming from Barry Keoghan's Joker. Even though the clown is never fully visible, he completely dominates the screen with an unsettling performance. We hung on every one of his words as he inched closer to forming a twisted partnership with Paul Dano’s Riddler. After less than five minutes of screentime, we became hungry to see more of this Joker and what he could do if he and his new friend ever escaped Arkham.

#3: Batman’s Great Escape

Sometime after an explosion knocks Batman unconscious, he wakes up in the middle of the GCPD surrounded by officers. For a moment, it looks like the dark knight’s only way out is punching every member of the police force. But Jim Gordon steps in and lets Batman know he only has to hit one to get out. After delivering a hard blow, our hearts started racing for the dark knight as he desperately raced through the GCPD station and finally reached the roof. He only lets fear flash on his face for a moment before gloriously gliding off the high building. The close camera angles and botched landing helped make this awe-inspiring escape also feel realistic. Unfortunately for Jim, the punch was realistic too.

#2: The Dark Knight Rises as a Hero

Although this version of Batman had a reputation for stopping criminals, he wasn’t exactly known for being a people person. But when innocent people are trapped in water, he risks his life to protect them. A bunch of frightened Gothamites are shocked to see Batman put down his fists and extend a hand. However, they accept his offer for help. As Batman saves more lives, he realizes the city needs him to be more than an agent of vengeance. Seeing this cold and brutal version of the dark knight become a more heroic figure was incredibly satisfying. This watery montage gave us hope that all of Gotham would soon respect and champion him as much as we do.

Before we uncover our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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Their Dark Fight Is Tense & Ultimately Ends on Selena’s Terms

#1: Batman Confronts Riddler in Arkham

From the moment Riddler committed his first crime, we eagerly awaited the moment he’d come face to face with Batman. Their Arkham meeting definitely didn’t disappoint. As Batman tries to stay in control of the conversation, Riddler throws multiple curveballs to upset the balance. There’s a potential identity reveal, deep dive into the villain’s motivation and the revelation that the worst is yet to come. Paul Dano’s unhinged performance is absolutely sublime in this scene. He perfectly balances out a restrained yet powerful Pattinson that can speak volumes with a single glance. Not only is Batman and Riddler’s confrontation one of the film’s best moments, but it stands as one of the best hero and villain face-offs we’ve ever seen in a comic book movie.