Moon Knight vs Batman



Moon Knight vs Batman

VOICE OVER: Andrew Tejada WRITTEN BY: Nancy Roberge-Renaud
It's the Caped Crusader vs. the Fist of Khonshu! In this installment of Versus, we're comparing the vigilantes Batman and Moon Knight. We'll have a look at everything from their origins to fighting style to see which of them has the edge.

Moon Knight vs Batman

Welcome to WatchMojo and in this installment of Versus, we’re comparing the vigilantes Batman and Moon Knight.

We’ll have a look at everything from their origins to fighting style to see which of them has the edge. And while there are many interpretations of both characters, we’ll be looking at the most consistent elements of their long histories for this matchup.

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Round 1: Origin

Batman’s origin story is very well-known amongst casual and hardcore fans alike. When Bruce Wayne was a child, his parents were shot in an alley within Gotham City. He spent the following years lost in deep grief and brooding. Eventually, Bruce traveled extensively and trained in multiple disciplines so he could fight crime and hopefully save others in Gotham. The reason he chose a bat for his superhero persona is debatable. A story in 1956 saw Bruce remembering a repressed memory of his father as the original Batman and copying the costume. However, this part of his story was later altered. It’s now mainly accepted that he had a frightful experience with bats and wanted to instill the same fear in his enemies.

After growing up coming to terms with his dissociative identity disorder, Spector eventually joined the Marines before doing mercenary work. While on a particular job in Sudan, he was appalled at the violent actions of his fellow mercenaries. Spector’s morals drove him to rescue the daughter of a target from death and take a stand against needless bloodshed. Unfortunately, his coworkers left him stumbling around a desert for his attempts at heroism. After Spector collapses, bystanders take him into a tomb and leave him near a statue of the moon god Khonshu. He suddenly springs to life and claims he’s been chosen to fulfill a new purpose. Spector then dubs himself Moon Night, gets revenge against other mercenaries and starts a new life of crime-fighting.

While Batman’s story is memorable, we think Moon Night’s origins are a little more interesting.
His complex moral dilemma and the ambiguous nature of his revival are extremely intriguing. And to top it all off, the reason he chose a moon as a symbol is integrated into his main origin story a bit better than Bruce’s connection to bats.

WINNER: Batman 0 / Moon Knight 1

Round 2: Sidekicks & Allies

The dark knight doesn’t typically have to work alone. In fact, he had one of the first superhero sidekicks to be introduced in comics when he brought Dick Grayson, aka Robin into the fold. While Batman saw a reflection of himself in his young and orphaned acrobat partner, allies like the very trusted Alfred Pennyworth watch ed over him. The dark knight also connected with his police force ally Commissioner James Gordon outside of the batcave. Eventually, the lawman’s daughter Barbara would also join Batman’s crusade against crime. These four allies to Wayne were only just the beginning! Every year, the Bat-family appears to grow even bigger.

Much like Batman, Moon Knight has a range of allies as well. But he doesn’t exactly have a young ward standing at his side. Instead, Spector’s old friend Jean-Paul “Frenchie” Duchamp serves as a a literal wing-man. This ally gracefully pilots the Moon-Copter to help provide rides to missions and hasty retreats. Outside of dangerous missions, Spector’s love interest Marlene has been a steady presence in his life. He’s also been known to get information from a NYC diner owner named Gena Landers and local resident Bertrand Crawley. Occasionally, Moon Night will also hallucinate allies to help him in tough spots. The lunar themed vigilante definitely doesn’t have to fight evil alone.

Although both contenders have a number of allies on both sides, Batman’s crew is definitely more stacked. The wide amount of skills and talents the dark knight’s friends bring to the table definitely put him ahead this round.

WINNER: Batman 1 / Moon Knight 1

Round 3: Civilian Ego

Batman’s civilian identity is pretty well known around Gotham and in the comics world. Most people see him as the suave, aloof, and charitable billionaire CEO of Wayne Enterprises. But his careless persona is nothing more than another mask he wears. Underneath Bruce’s exciting public personality, he’s consistently obsessive and withdrawn. He rarely lets outsiders get too close to him because he’s so focused on his mission. However, every time Bruce makes genuine connections with people, he becomes a little more comfortable being himself. The protector of Gotham still manages to find times where he’s content being Bruce.

As we mentioned before, Marc’s Dissociative Personality Disorder has led to him developing several alternate identities. He is originally Marc Spector, mercenary and accomplished military man. But he’s also a NYC cab driver named Jake Lockley. And did we mention he also has an identity as a billionaire playboy named Steven Grant? Spector has been known to alternate between these personalities and more when he isn’t fighting crime. By maintaining multiple lives, he’s able to get information and access to different people. We never know who to expect when Moon Night steps out of his costume.

It’s definitely interesting to see Bruce Wayne struggle to be a normal person outside of the Batcave. But Moon Night’s variety of identities help keep his stories fresh and surprising in every story. Plus, his Steven Grant identity has a swimming pool that leads from the outside of his mansion directly into his bedroom. Batman doesn’t have that!

WINNER: Batman 1 / Moon Knight 2

Round 4: Villains

It can be hard to keep track of all of Batman’s rogues. He’s dealt with villains like Joker, Riddler and Penguin and more since the 1960’s. One of the most interesting things about Batman’s villains is that they’re often reflections of the caped crusader’s own psyche. Pieces of the dark knight’s personality are mirrored and personified as foes for him to fight. For example, The Joker’s chaotic nature speaks to Batman’s desire for order. Catwoman’s compulsive need to steal to fill a void speaks to how his vigilante career is used to handle his loneliness. As you look around his rogues gallery, you’re bound to discover new sides of Batman’s personality. And it’s also incredibly fun to watch the dark knight take them down.

Moon Knight has his own menagerie of enemies to deal with. They may range from the positively supernatural to the shockingly human. When he was starting out, he was hired to take out Werewolf by Night. Fortunately, Moon Knight decided not to go through with it. The lunar vigilante had a lot less luck with his fellow mercenary Bushman. They’ve kept their rivalry alive for years and clashed numerous times in a range of deadly battles. Spector has also managed to get on Arthur Harrow’s bad side. While the character is different depending on the incarnation, this villain’s dangerous mind spells usually trouble for the lunar vigilante. Harrow is just one of the many eccentric bad guys Moon Knight has to deal with.

We’ve seen Moon Knight go against some really unique opponents. But it’s hard to deny the impact and complex layers of Batman’s rogues. Thanks to fantastic writing, the dark knight is basically fighting against his own psychological demons every time he goes on patrol.

WINNER: Batman 2 / Moon Knight 2

Round 5: Fighting Style & Abilities

Since Batman doesn’t have any superpowers, he must therefore rely on his own physical ability and tech-savvy to fight crime. He trained extensively in martial arts and weaponry with a variety of masters worldwide. Batman backs up those skills with a fortified costume and a variety of gadgets and batarangs that he may need in a fight. His suit, often made of layers of kevlar, is designed so that targets aim for the safest part of the bat costume on the chest. This clever trick is one of the many mental mind games Batman can play to throw his enemies off balance during battle. The combination of his martial arts experience and gadgets for virtually every scenario make him incredibly hard to beat.

It’s a little harder to determine if Moon Knight has special abilities or not. He either has some sort of power granted to him by the moon god Khonshu or he just thinks he does. But whether or not he has powers, he has enough human strength and the arsenal to back up his endeavors. He trained in the Marines, CIA, and has extensive experience as a mercenary. Moon Knight’s suit is often made out of one of the strongest metals in the Marvel Universe. He’s also equipped with a truncheon, crescent moon projectiles and cape. The costume accessory is both aesthetically symbolic and can help him glide. Thanks to his military experience and signature weapons, he’s ready for most opponents.

Both contenders have plenty of fighting experience, a great arsenal of weapons and fantastic suits. But in the end, we think Batman would come out on top. Even if Moon Knight has superpowers, the dark knight’s fought and even beaten vastly more powerful beings many times. And his ability to play mind games would likely give him the edge over Moon Knight in a crucial moment.

WINNER: Batman 3 / Moon Knight 2

And the winner is… Batman by a narrow 3 to 2.