Top 10 Funniest Props In Whose Line is it Anyway



Top 10 Funniest Props In Whose Line is it Anyway

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
"Props" is one of the funniest games on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" which is saying quite a lot. For this list, we'll be taking a look at some of the most amusing uses of items in the “Props” games on the improv comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Our countdown includes Noodle Pom Poms, White Lightning Bolts, Devil Horns, Tan Macaroni, and more!
"Props" is one of the funniest games on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" which is saying quite a lot. For this list, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most amusing uses of items in the “Props” games on the improv comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Our countdown includes Noodle Pom Poms, White Lightning Bolts, Devil Horns, Tan Macaroni, and more! If there’s a prop we didn’t manage to prop up for our list (there are tons of them, after all – and not all of them PG), please let us know your favorites in the comments!

#10: Red Squid

Yeah, these entry titles are all going to be nonsense! Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie, who are often paired together for Props, must come up with ways to make this many-“legged” crimson thing funny. Wayne treats it like melted ice cream and a party kazoo, with the latter’s lukewarm reception being even funnier than the joke. Colin continues the musical trend by using it like bagpipes and singing the Banana Boat song. He’s also attacked by the creature and discovers what happens when a jester falls into quicksand. Personally, we’re just surprised someone made a “boiled squid” prop.

#9: Noodle Pom Poms

This prop looks like something you might find in a toy store or in the kids corner of a doctor’s office. Ryan Stiles and Chip Esten seem to have fun playing with them, at any rate. Ryan hands them to Chip like they’re fries at a fast-food place, pretends they’re fireworks, acts like they’re overlarge hair in his ears, and wears them around his and Chip’s waists – though he’s reluctant to explain the last one. Speaking of unsightly hair, Chip uses them to call attention to French women’s reputation for not shaving their armpits, as well as using them as overlong eyelashes. Arguably his most creative idea is to reimagine one as an asterisk in a textbook.

#8: Yellow Swirlies

For this game, Ryan and Kathy Greenwood receive a pair of props that are probably springs in a Muppet’s mattress when they aren’t being used for “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Kathy uses the props as pigtails and imitates Cindy Brady from “The Brady Bunch,” while also breaking some bad medical news to Ryan. “Yes I’m sorry Mr. Stiles, you do have ringworm.” Ryan gets into the mood for “spring,” plays a little football, pretends to be a wooly mammoth with twirlier tusks, makes cartoon “awooga” eyes at Kathy when she walks by, and has some dastardly plans for a gerbil.

#7: Tan Macaroni

Ryan and Jeff Davis receive these props which look like oversized ingredients from “mac ‘n caramel” - mac ‘n cheese’s less successful sister product. With them, Ryan wears them like pointed elf shoes, imitates the mating ritual of a gay bull, and uses quite possibly the worst blowgun ever devised. Jeff is excited to discover an appropriately sized prophylactic. He also expresses regret that President Franklin D. Roosevelt didn’t heed his warnings about an environmental hazard. Lastly, he pulls a greeting to Ryan that feels like it’s straight out of “Sesame Street.” “Hey – U!”

#6: Pink Lollipops

For this game, Ryan Stiles is joined by guest performer Jonathan Mangum. Both of them have some great moments bouncing off one another, including turning Jonathan literally bouncing on a prop into a presidential joke, as well as a row in a tub and a less than successful game of tennis. While Ryan has some strong gags, given that he turns the prop into a then-newly legalized bong, Jonathan runs away with this one. His dislike of Ryan as a snail and creation of a “Tron” cycle are great, but his use of a prop to play spin the bottle and then kiss an audience member? That’s gold!

#5: Devil Horns

Speaking of guests, Keegan-Michael Key of “Key and Peele” fame plays this game with Ryan. The two of them pair up for gags using these red horn things, including pretending to be everything from ants, to monkeys, to mustachioed prospectors. They’re also confused by the fact that they’re both devils, but pleasantly surprised that they both have “innie” belly buttons. Keegan also commentates on Ryan on the parallel bars at an Olympic event. Ryan on the other hand, or maybe claw, does a decent Mr. Krabs impression. And on the subject of claws, Keegan has quite a difficult time operating a claw machine. The real prize was a prop that led to so much comedy.

#4: Red Fins

Jeff returns to join Ryan, this time using red wavy fin props. Ryan wears one like a mustache and would like to discuss “diabeetus.” He also acts like a car has flattened a certain part of his body. Together, both dance like ballerinas. Meanwhile, Jeff imitates a famed red-haired comedian and Audrey II, the big-lipped plant from “Little Shop of Horrors.” He also makes some religious jokes, acting as Moses to part the Red Sea and dismissing “sister” Ryan from the convent. Who knew nuns could fly? Ryan continues to take wing when Jeff observes him as a rare Canadian butterfly. We’re just surprised nobody made a Detroit Red Wings reference…but then, not everyone’s a hockey fan.

#3: Brown Fur Balls

Didn’t Chef from “South Park” sing a song about these? You know the one! Anyway, Wayne and Colin use these furry spheres in a variety of funny ways. Colin goes for the obligatory toupee joke and when Wayne tries to poke fun at him while he plays a Buckingham Palace guard, he gives a surprising response. Wayne goes for several innuendo-laden jokes, but the more bizarre he goes, the funnier it is. The image of him as a walrus is burned into our brains. “That’s gonna’ be on the internet forever!” We’re doing our part Jeff! It’s only half as silly as Wayne’s scatological snowman though.

#2: White Lightning Bolts

This one doesn’t miss! Colin and Wayne throw out hilarious joke after hilarious joke that hit you like…well one of their props. There’s physical comedy, like Wayne needing a consultation on a facial growth…and Colin needing one further down. There’s shock humor, such as Wayne discovering he’s accidentally attended a Klan celebration and even doing a Paralympic athlete/convicted killer Oscar Pistorius joke. Wayne’s bit of CW network superhero cross promotion is unexpected. And there’s even a Greek mythology gag that Wayne sets up and Colin hits out of the park! “Zeus! Keep your lightning bolts out of my lawn!” “Well you keep your wife out of my shorts!” It’s not even inaccurate!

#1: Yellow Fronds

Let’s conclude with a ray of sunshine. The sheer volume of jokes Wayne and Colin come up with for this prop is impressive. The duo imitates everything from flowers waiting to get pollinated, to frilled lizards, to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Wayne also manages to get creative and play both a new member of ABBA and a baby’s head crowning during birth. Arguably the funniest bit though is this one-two punch. In the first gag, Wayne, as one half of the Wright brothers, tells his brother Orville that flapping wings will make him fly. Colin is less than appreciative. “F@#% you Wilbur!” Then, when Wayne puts down Colin for no longer fitting into a skirt, Colin calls back to the previous punchline.
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