Top 10 Times Samantha Deserved Better on Sex And The City
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Top 10 Times Samantha Deserved Better on Sex And The City

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Samantha deserved so much better on "Sex and the City." For this list, we'll be looking at the instances where Samantha Jones was treated unfairly or proved that the others were unworthy of her friendship. Our countdown includes when she didn't judge her friends, when RIchard was unfaithful, when her friends body-shamed her, and more!

Top 10 Times Samantha Deserved Better on Sex and the City

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the 10 Times Samantha Deserved Better on Sex and the City.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the instances where Samantha Jones was treated unfairly or proved that the others were unworthy of her friendship on HBO’s romantic comedy-drama and in the feature films. The shameful way she was written out of the revival, “And Just Like That…” won’t be included however.

At which point do you think Samantha should have rage-quit? Let us know in the comments.

#10: When Her Neighbors Turned on Her
“Are We Sluts?”

Samantha’s famously no stranger to suitors, which doesn’t go unnoticed by her neighbors. So, when a burglary occurs one night, all fingers point toward her and her late-night guest. Rather than address the issue of the robbery, the neighbors attack her private life instead. Needless, to say, Samantha’s left rather shaken by the confrontation and even decides to move as a result. We’d all be fearful if a crime had just been committed in or near our home. But there was no reason to get this personal. If someone had ordered late-night takeout, the crime could have just as likely happened.

#9: When She Was A Fiercely Loyal Friend

Everyone needs a friend like Samantha Jones in their corner. She cares about her friends so much and has their back no matter what. For instance, in season one the ladies attend a baby shower where Charlotte discovers that the mom-to-be stole her baby name. Samantha hears how upset she is and without missing a beat, jumps to her defense. Later in season five, despite her personal feelings toward children, she offers to babysit Brady and give Miranda a much-needed break. And of course, who could possibly forget that time she helped Carrie with a rather intimate problem? We know Carrie certainly didn’t.

#8: When She Didn’t Judge Her Friends

Despite often receiving plenty of uninvited scrutiny over how she lives her life, Samantha barely has a judgmental bone in her body. For example, Carrie expects some judgment when she reveals that she’s been having an affair with Big. But Samantha offers her an alternative view instead. Later in season four, she’s super supportive of Miranda who’s thinking about having an abortion. She rarely, if ever held, anything over her friends either and no matter what they said or did, she accepted them unconditionally. We could all learn to be a little more like Samantha. Her friends didn’t always appreciate how lucky they are to have her as a friend.

#7: When They Didn’t Accept Her New Relationship
“What's Sex Got to Do With It?”

In season four, Samantha starts dating Maria, an artist from Charlotte’s gallery. Yes, this plotline is riddled with issues, but that’s for a whole other list. Instead, we’re focusing on her friends’ reactions to the new relationship. As the ladies walk home, they make terribly disparaging and rather homophobic jokes at Samantha’s expense. Charlotte even implies that she’d simply run out of men. And poor Carrie’s horrified that Samantha’s news eclipsed hers. We’re just glad that Samantha didn’t hear how truly awful her friends were behaving behind her back. Although if she had, her legendary sharp wit would have them all back in their place.

#6: When Her Friends Invalidated Her Experience
“What's Sex Got to Do With It?”

While we’re still on the subject: when Carrie tells the others that Samantha was hurt by their dismissiveness, Charlotte responds: We know Charlotte has many opinions on Samantha’s love life, but we have to wonder if she’d say the same if Samantha was dating a man. Something tells us no. Not that she or the others are particularly uncritical of her male partners, either. It’s so rare that Samantha feels comfortable enough with someone to engage in an actual relationship. So, it would have been nice if her friends showed some support rather than blatant disbelief that Samantha could be attracted to a woman.

#5: When Richard Was Unfaithful
“I Heart NY”

As we’ve mentioned, Samantha isn’t really the relationship type and that’s totally fine. But when she met hotel proprietor, Richard Wright, it seemed like the stars had aligned to bring them together. Eventually, they both decide to take a chance on monogamy. This makes it more gut wrenching when Samantha catches him cheating. His infidelity makes her feel insecure and paranoid, eventually leading to their breakup. We know that Samantha hasn’t always been exemplary in other relationships, but she took a chance on love and got her heart broken. If you ask us, it was Richard’s loss anyway and Samantha would probably agree.

#4: When Carrie Was Insensitive to Her Procedure Gone Wrong
“Plus One Is the Loneliest Number”

Ahead of Carrie’s book launch party, Samantha has a disastrous chemical peel. Understandably, she’s not really in the partying mood - not that Carrie particularly seems to care. She insists that Samantha come anyway and to add insult to literal injury, she’s not very sensitive to her friend, either. This isn’t the only time she’s ridiculed Samantha. In season four, despite throwing her back out, Samantha attends Steve and Aidan’s bar opening to support Carrie and Miranda. Once they’re there, Carrie starts to make fun of her friend for the way she carries herself. At least this time, Carrie didn’t realize she was in pain, and aside from a few jokes, she and Miranda are sympathetic.

#3: When Carrie Walked in on Her & the Delivery Guy
“Cover Girl”

We can’t say that the scene between Samantha and the Worldwide Express Guy didn’t cringe us out just a little. But hey whatever happens between two consenting adults is none of our business. Unfortunately for Samantha, her so-called best friends never got that memo. After walking in on Samantha handling the delivery guy’s “package”, Carrie jokes about it in front of Charlotte and Miranda. The trio proceeds to mercilessly mock their friend, although anyone can see that she’s upset. Eventually, Samantha calls Carrie out on her attitude. Maybe the real issue here is that Carrie should learn to knock before entering a room.

#2: When Her Friends Body-Shamed Her
“Sex and the City” (2008)

As much as she loves Smith, Samantha has a hard time being in a committed relationship. To compensate for her misery, she starts to comfort eat - and let’s just say it doesn’t go unnoticed. She’s barely been at Charlotte’s baby shower for 10 seconds before the cruel comments about her weight begin. This isn’t the only time she’s been body-shamed either. In season one, while the others share what they don’t like about themselves, Samantha shows her own appearance some love. This is met with a snide comment from Miranda. We don’t know about you, but it gives us major “Mean Girls” vibes. And we stan a body-positive queen.

#1: When Charlotte Shamed Her for Her Active Personal Life

Throughout the show’s run and its two subsequent movies, Samantha’s been subjected to a deluge of shaming from her friends. We could easily write a whole list about every time the series made light of her energetic libido. However, out of all the insults she’s endured, this one was particularly cruel. We understand that Charlotte was upset that Samantha slept with her brother. However, her choice of words was incredibly harsh and they were no way to speak to someone you call your friend. Poor Samantha. If it was us, we would have not only walked out then are there, but also never looked back.

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