Top 10 Funniest Betty White Bloopers
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Top 10 Funniest Betty White Bloopers

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These Betty White bloopers are the definition of happy mistakes. For this list, we'll be looking at some of the funniest outtakes from Betty White's lengthy career. Our countdown includes "The Golden Girls," "The Proposal," "Hot in Cleveland," and more!

Top 10 Betty White Bloopers

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Betty White Bloopers.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the funniest outtakes from Betty White’s lengthy career.

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#10: Tribal Dance Scene
“The Proposal” (2009)

Betty White proved that getting older doesn’t mean you have to slow down, and in 2009, she played the eccentric Grandma Annie in “The Proposal.” When Sandra Bullock’s character comes upon Grandma Annie in the woods, Granny appears to be doing some sort of tribal dance to the nature gods. Though Betty White seemed to be in amazing shape until the end, we can only assume that the filming of this scene was a little taxing at her 87-year-old age. An outtake from the scene revealed that White was indeed ready to call it a day. As we’ll see in other entries, White always brought her great sense of humor to work.

#9: Californication
“Hot in Cleveland” (2010-15)

Betty White’s role as Elka Ostrovsky in “Hot in Cleveland” was supposed to be limited, as White claimed to have a schedule too busy to take on regular work on a television series. After a little reluctance, however, she joined the cast, stating that she had such a great time working on the show and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. White was quite quick-witted, and this particular moment is a great example among many. This outtake starts with White’s character clearly unimpressed with a certain Showtime series. White’s response just shows she was more than aware of how her sweet grandmotherly appearance just made everything funnier.

#8: The Belgian Waffle Stand
“The Golden Girls” (1985-92)

Here’s an interesting fact: Betty White was originally supposed to play Blanche in “The Golden Girls.” Meanwhile, Rue McClanahan read for Rose Nylund. Eventually, director Jay Sandrich had the idea that they should swap parts, leading to the iconic portrayals we know and love. It’s really difficult to imagine the two women in each other’s roles now, and the moments and outtakes White’s Rose Nylund provided us with are timeless. In this blooper from a season 2 episode, White delivers her line, but makes a mistake, which is pointed out by Bea Arthur. White, of course, simply takes her error in stride, and runs with it.

#7: Did You Like It That Much?
“The Mary Tyler Moore Show” (1970-77)

Betty White first appeared on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” in episode one of season 4. She was originally not slated to play the role of Sue Ann Nivens, despite the casting call asking for an “icky sweet Betty White type.” Of course, she finally was actually contacted to play the role of Nivens, and the rest is history. In this outtake, White is delivering her line when the director cuts her off, asking her to begin again. White’s charming reply is one that you can’t help but smile at, as evidenced by the laughter of herself, her co-stars and the audience.

#6: Joe Getting Married
“Hot in Cleveland” (2010-15)

While filming “Hot in Cleveland”, Betty White was already in her late 80s to early 90s. Naturally, one might expect a “senior moment” from time to time. In this outtake from the show, White delivers a straightforward reading of her line. The character’s name is Joy, and you can see her co-stars realize the mess-up very quickly, as Joy is a series regular. White is oblivious when the cast tells her of her flub. It really is reminiscent of Grandma mixing up names, and once again shows White’s sense of humor towards her age.

#5: Scolding the Audience
“The Golden Girls” (1985-92)

White can often be seen engaging with the audience in her outtake reels, and this is one of those times. During a “Golden Girls” take, White seems to just lose track of what she is saying, and starts again. The audience is clearly enjoying seeing this human moment from a performer. However, White would rather they wait to be amused. White was known for her humility, and in this moment, it shines through. Her light scolding of the audience paired with those puppy-dog eyes really kind of make us feel a little bad for laughing. Until we realize she was likely trying to bring more of a smile to our faces.

#4: How Long Has It Been?
“The Proposal” (2009)

Betty White lost her husband and love of her life Allen Ludden in 1981, after 18 years of wedded bliss. The two had met when White appeared on the game show “Password”, with Ludden as host. She never remarried after his death, and when asked why in a Larry King interview, White answered “once you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?” White was also not one to shy away from an innuendo, and in this outtake from “The Proposal,” she makes co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Mary Steenburgen burst into laughter when she alludes to her long-gone sex life.

#3: Messing Up On Purpose
“The Mary Tyler Moore Show” (1970-77)

In this clip from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” White appears to deliver her lines very well. In fact, she’s so smooth that even Mary Tyler Moore doesn’t seem to notice an error. Until White outs herself, that is. We have no doubt that White truly was a generous scene partner, but the implication that she threw her lines on purpose is still funny. We can see as much from the raucous laughter of the audience, Moore, and White herself. The two actresses had a decades long friendship, and it’s moments like these that show us why.

#2: Getting the Giggles
“Hot in Cleveland” (2010-15)

There’s always a clip like this in blooper reels: the actor that can’t stop giggling. Betty White had plenty of these moments over the years, but this one remains one of the most memorable. In the scene, White’s character Elka has signed up for a dating website, following a bender. She then reveals the incident was her inspiration when creating her profile. White can’t handle the joke, and bursts into fits of giggles every time she has to say it. At least we can say she appreciated good comedic writing! The moment clearly leaves a mark on the cast, as one member refers to it in a later outtake.

#1: Bitter Butter Memories
“The Golden Girls” (1985-92)

“The Golden Girls” will always hold a special place in our hearts, so it had to be number one. In this season 2 episode, the ladies are mistaken for “ladies of the evening,” and are jailed. While in the cell, Rose tells one of her anecdotes (of running for “Butter Queen” in St-Olaf), much to the chagrin of Dorothy and Blanche. In the outtake, after White delivers her line about “bitter butter memories,” she hesitates before her next line. Ever the humble one, White then expresses her concern for her future on the show. We’ll miss Betty White, and lord knows she’ll never be recast in our hearts.