Top 10 Funniest Reba Moments
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Top 10 Funniest Reba Moments

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These "Reba" moments never get old. For this list, we'll be looking at all of the best moments from the TV show “Reba” that left us in stitches. Our countdown includes Van comes home drunk, Barbra Jean on tape, Van frets over phrasing, and more!

Top 10 Funniest Reba Moments

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Reba Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at all of the best moments from the TV show “Reba” that left us in stitches.

If you think Reba was as hilarious as we do, let us know your favorite moment in the comments.

#10: Barbra Jean & Reba Break Into Van’s Parent’s Place
“The Wall”

Reba is a great mother for Cheyenne and mother-in-law to Van, but as we saw right from the first episode, Van’s parents weren’t quite so nice. However, by the end of season 2, Van’s parents finally decide to get more involved with their granddaughter Elizabeth. They kick off their reunion by buying the baby a pony, and much to Reba’s dismay, they want to have Elizabeth stay with them overnight. After Reba notices that they forgot to bring her blankie, Barbra Jean helps her scale the wall outside of Van’s parents’ place. And if that wasn’t funny enough, Reba gets caught by Van’s dad as Barbra Jean flees and leaves her behind.

#9: Van Comes Home Drunk

In the later seasons of the show, Van plays Arena football, and in this episode we see Van sign a new contract to play in Denver. To celebrate, he goes out and has a few too many drinks with his friends and comes home late to the wrong bedroom. As he’s talking to who he thinks is his wife, he tries to seduce her, even going so far as to bite her, only to realize he is in Reba’s room. Over the course of the series we see Reba become very close to her goofy son-in-law, but no matter how good their relationship is, this situation was still as awkward as it was hilarious for the duo.

#8: Barbra Jean on Tape
“A Moment in Tape”

The second season of the show focuses a lot on Elizabeth, the newest member of the Hart family. In this episode, the family members decide to make video messages for her and to seal them away in a time capsule, but when their curiosity gets the best of them they decide to watch all of the tapes right away. While Brock’s tape contains lies about his relationships, and Cheyenne’s tape is slightly insulting to her husband and mom, it is Barbra Jean’s tape that stands out as the funniest. Not only does she start out with a wildly inappropriate joke, she goes on and on for what seems like forever while putting on a musical performance for the camera.

#7: Reba Helps Barbra Jean with Her Wedding Dress
“You May Kick The Bride”

Barbra Jean and Brock’s wedding day is filled with ups and downs, and despite Reba wanting nothing to do with it, she is the one that keeps the whole day from falling apart. From fixing her daughters’ bridesmaid dresses, to convincing Kyra to go to the wedding, and finally convincing Barbra Jean not to sprint from the altar, Reba is there to save her ex-husband’s big day. But when she inadvertently ends up at the ceremony, she rips BJ’s dress. In classic Reba fashion, she’s able to mend it right away, but she accidentally stitches it to her pants, and ends up following Barbra Jean down the aisle. Hey, Reba can’t fix everything perfectly all the time, can she?

#6: Barbra Jean Finds a Drum Set
“She’s With The Band”

In the last season of the series, lots of changes are happening for the characters. Barbra Jean slims down, and Van and Cheyenne buy their own place as they anticipate their new baby, but one of the biggest changes is happening for Kyra. Reba is under the impression that she is about to start college, until she announces that she intends to pursue her dream of playing music instead. Naturally, Reba is not thrilled with this decision, and she and Barbra Jean confront Kyra about it. While Reba and her middle daughter’s heart-to-heart conversation is happening, BJ is providing some background music on the drums, despite her best effort to be as quiet as a mouse.

#5: Van Gets in the Zone
“Locked and Loaded”

Van is undeniably one of the funniest characters on the show, and when Kyra catches him on tape, we get a priceless moment. When Jake asks his brother-in-law for his autograph, Van initially thinks it’s because of his football career, but he quickly learns that it is actually because he’s recently gone viral on YouTube. As he tries to hype himself up to sell houses, he gets… let’s say, creative? As we see him get in the zone, he does everything from checking himself out to dancing to giving himself a pep talk in the mirror, and it’s safe to say we’re obsessed with seeing Van’s self-love moment.

#4: Van Tries to Stop Reba From Drinking
“Where There’s Smoke”

At the end of season four, we discover that Cheyenne has a drinking problem. To try and help her cope with this, she starts smoking and taking pills that will make her sick if she has any alcohol. Reba finds the pills and thinks they are vitamins - and takes one herself, even after Van tries to convince her not to. Later that night, Reba and Van host a party, and Van does everything in his power to try to keep Reba away from the booze. This leads to him having to drink an insane amount of it himself, and all of his efforts are for nothing, as she eventually does take a drink, and let’s just say, the pills work.

#3: Kyra Moves in with Brock & Barbra Jean
“She’s Leaving Home, Bye, Bye”

In the last episode in this three-parter, Kyra decides to move with her father and Barbra Jean into their new home, which is just a stone’s throw from Reba’s house. Kyra lives there throughout the years that follow, and she enjoys spending a lot of her time there torturing Barbra Jean, which we get to see for one of the first times in this episode. After Barbra Jean unconvincingly tells Brock that she hasn’t bought new furniture for the house, Kyra tells her stepmother that she threw her beanie babies out the window. To top off this amusing scene, as Barbra Jean tries to rush out the front door to retrieve her stuffed animals, Van and Cheyenne open it and accidentally trap her behind it.

#2: Van Frets Over Phrasing
“Roll With It”

In the final season, we see Kyra move back in with Reba, as she wants to spend time with her before she leaves home for good. Much to Reba’s surprise, she catches Kyra having a beer, and Van and Cheyenne decide to weigh in on how she should handle it. While Cheyenne is trying to explain why Reba should take it easy on her, Van goes off on a tangent of what Cheyenne was like when she was drinking in high school. After comparing her to a frat boy, he gets a little up in his head about why he would say such a thing, leading to him hilariously trying to double down on his comment.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Van’s Private Football Lesson, “For Sale, Cheap”
Van Gets Auctioned Off, But His Bidder Is Not Who He Expects.

Meeting Barbra Jean, “Pilot”
We Get to Meet Step-Grandma and Mom-To-Be, BJ, For the First Time.

Van’s Going To Learn To Mow, “Tea and Antipathy”
Van Has Lofty Career Goals as He & Cheyenne Apply for an Apartment.

Van Shaves His Head, “The Shirt Off My Back”
Van Decides to Go Bald, Despite Cheyenne’s Opposition To It

Pageant of Grandmas, “The Pageant of Grandmas”
For the Pageant of Grandmas, Barbra Jean Has an Impromptu Audition

#1: Barbra Jean Teaches Cheyenne to Cook
“The Great Race”

We don’t normally see Barbra Jean indulge in alcoholic beverages, but it is clear that even though she is funny when she’s sober, she is hilarious after a few drinks. In this scene, she tries to teach Cheyenne to cook while also talking about all of the other people she’s taught to cook, including young children and blind people. Yet somehow, she finds it so difficult to teach Cheyenne that she all but gives up and drinks wine instead. Between mocking her stepdaughter and entertaining Reba with her surprisingly large mouth, this scene had us in stitches from beginning to end.