Top 10 Weirdest Wrestling Matches

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There'll be no bog-standard wrist locks in sight, and we guarantee a hard time explaining this to your non-wrestling friends. For this list, we'll be looking at the weird and wonderful match types across WWE, WCW, AEW, Japan and more. Our countdown includes King of The Road Match, Dog Poo Match, The Camp Ground Match, and more!

The Top 10 Weirdest Matches in Professional Wrestling

Welcome to WatchMojo, and we’re counting down our picks for The Top 10 Weirdest Matches in Professional Wrestling.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the weird and wonderful match types across WWE, WCW, AEW, Japan and more. There’ll be no bog-standard wrist locks in sight, and we guarantee a hard time explaining this to your non-wrestling friends. You’ve been warned.

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#10: Kota Ibushi Wrestles a Blow Up Doll

From The Cruiserweight Classic to The Main Event of the Tokyo Dome, Kota Ibushi has established himself as one of the most talented performers in the world, but did you know one of his greatest rivals weighs only 400 grams? They say a Great Performer can have a five star match all by themself. That theory was put to the test when “The Golden Star” took on DDT Roster mainstay, Yoshihiko. doll, executed multiple Canadian Destroyers, a Piledriver and more, which is incredibly impressive for someone without a brain, organs or pulse. You’d think with the rap sheet of Ibushi, finding an opponent would be no problem. But then again, when you hit as hard as Ibushi, yeah, I think I’d be busy that day too.

#9: King of The Road Match

One of the hardest parts of the Wrestling business is the countless hours of travelling. But one thing you don’t expect, is the travelling to continue even once you get to the venue.When the WWE bought out WCW in 2001, they’ve had their pick of WCW events and matches to choose from. But one match we don’t expect to see again, is The King of The Road Match. At 1995’s Uncensored, Dustin Rhodes and Blacktop Bully went one on one in the back of a moving Truck. The Winner would be whoever incapacitated their opponent, climbed to the front of the truck, and sounded the horn. After 20 minutes of throwing hay bales at eachother, The Blacktop Bully honked his way to victory. Unfortunetly, both were fired immediately after the event. Soooo we’re guessing you didn’t like it?

#8: DDT Hits The Pool

Staying on the subject of strange locations, it’s time to grab your armbands, as in 2019, DDT took five tag teams to the Pool at The Sumida Sports Centre in Tokyo. How strange must life be like to live near DDT. To be at the supermarket, or walking the dog, or taking your family for a swim, when Ten Professional Wrestlers go for a dip, take a dive, and duke it out for supremacy. Special mention goes to Chris Brookes, who is dragged via Figure Four Leg Lock down a water slide. We really hope those boots are waterproof.

#7: Dog Poo Match

Being a Wrestling Fan is hard sometimes. For every CM Punk Pimebomb or Kofimania moment, there are matches that make you ask yourself “What IS on the other channel?”. That’s what springs to mind when thinking about an episode of Raw in 1999, When The Rock & Sock Connection took on Val Venis and the British Bulldog, in the first, and only, Dog Poo match. The only way to win this very smelly smackdown was to slam your opponent into the platter of poop, and unfortunately for Bulldog, he’d be the one up all night washing his gear. The British Bulldog joined the WWE Hall of Fame in 2002, and The Rock, yeah, I think I’d leave for Hollywood too after this one.

#6: Kenny Omega vs Haruka

Long before he was one of the most dastardly heels in AEW, Kenny Omega was plying his craft in much more wholesome ways, like beating up nine year old girls. That’s right, in 2011, Kenny Omega stepped into the squared circle with a literal, legitimate child, and Omega pulled no punches. In what started as a tentative affair, quickly broke down after a vicious enziguri. But just as “The Cleaner” literally paraded around her lifeless body, ready to end it all with “The One Winged Angel”, the time limit expired and the bout was declared a draw. Kids, don’t try this at home.Well, unless you’re Haruka. Because we’d REALLY love a rematch.

#5: Table vs Ladder

Tables, Ladders and Chairs have been known as benchmarks of violence in the world of Professional Wrestling. Stars like Shawn Michaels, The Dudleys, Hardyz and Edge and Christian certainly have their share of credit to give to furniture. But never did anyone think we’d ever see them compete against eachother.
The DDT Ironman Championship is very similar to the Hardcore or 24/7 Titles. Anyone can win it, any time, as long as there’s a Referee on hand. But never has the word “Anyone” been so loosely defined. The Title’s been won by Referee’s, Animals, Food, and prior to this epic encounter, a Ladder, after it had fallen on a competitor. This was a bizarre contest you have to see to believe, and ensure you never put your feet up on the table again.

#4: Dog Kennel from Hell Match

For a match that happened in 1999, the set up to the Dog Kennel from Hell match is as Jerry Springer as it gets. On an August 23rd episode of Raw, Big Boss Man attacked Al Snow, and preceded to steal his beloved dog, Pepper. A Week later on Smackdown, The Boss Man revealed he’d eaten Pepper, and thus this oddly specific match was made. The match itself featured Cage Wall’s akin to The Hell in a Cell Structure, but things went off track when a pack of, quote on quote, vicious rottweilers were led to ringside. Unfortunately for all those involved, and those at home not involved, the Rottweilers began to urinate, deficate, and even mate, live on TV. If the Dog Kennel match was from hell, yeah, I think it could stay there.

#3, All Foods Are Legal

Sledgehammers, Baseball Bats, Steel Chairs and more. There’s no shortage of weaponry when it comes to the Wrestling World. But somehow, all of that wasn’t enough in 2018 when Jack Cave, Jayde and Me, Hustle Malone, went to town in an “All Foods Are Legal” Match. They say office politics can be messy, but I guarantee your workplace has never been as messy as the ring did following this extremely edible encounter. Featuring Baguettes, Scotch Eggs, Strawberry Laces and more, the clash came to a close after the healthy offensive combination of Pineapple and Watermelon. Hey, that’s two of your five a day.

#2: The Firely Funhouse Match

Some of the matches on our list get eccentric with environment, get weird with weaponry or get crazy with competitors, but “The Firefly Funhouse Match” ranks so highly because it’s the only one on our list that messes with time travel. Bray Wyatt and John Cena had competed at Wrestlemania once before, but it was Cena’s encounter with Wyatt’s newest persona, The Fiend, that stole headlines across The Wrestlemania 36 Weekend. The Fiend took Cena on a tour of the 80’s, 90’s and all the way up to Cena’s WWE Debut, but things got truly strange when he gave The 16 Time Champion a chance to revisit their Mania encounter six years prior. While The Firely Funhouse may not be the most technical match but Wrestling standards, it proved to be a true testament to Wyatt’s creativity, and provided Cena with a much needed break from the norm.

Before we enveil our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions.

The Gulf of Mexico match
The Reverse Battle Royal
The Hog Pen match
AEW’s Stadium Stampede

#1: The Camp Ground Match

Right, where to begin with this. Take Four Wrestlers, including both Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega, and take them to a local camping ground. Invite the press to come watch too. Introduce this guy, dressed as a Gundam for some reason.Add Dropkicks off the swings and suplexes down hills. Throw in actual fireworks, and attempt to run someone over with a Truck. And end it all with your finishing move in the middle of a lake. And that’s the camp ground match. Ignoring the cold, mud and other harsh effects of mother nature, if this match sounds like your kinda’ thing, you’re in luck, because this outrageous exhibition of the outdoors lasts nearly an hour .Rather you than me, lads. It’s cold out there!