Top 9 Fight Scenes in Arcane (Every Fight Ranked)
Trivia Top 9 Fight Scenes in Arcane (Every Fight Ranked)



Top 9 Fight Scenes in Arcane (Every Fight Ranked)

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Roffey
Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're ranking every fight scene in “Arcane”. For this list, we'll be looking at all the major showdowns in the first season of Netflix's “League of Legends” series. We'll only be including battles where both sides threw blows; so while Vander's first scene was a nice way to introduce the Hound of the Underground, “Vander Demolishes Lone Piltover Soldier” will not be an entry. Before we continue, this is your spoiler alert! Our countdown includes Jinx vs the Firelights, Vi vs Silco's Henchman, Vi & Jayce vs Turbo Chemtank Guards, and more!

#9: Vi vs Sevika Round 1

“Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy”

Released from Stillwater prison, Vi is keen to find her sister; she also has some scores to settle. Her fight with Sevika does double duty. Vi uses the element of surprise to win an early advantage. But Sevika has a surprise of her own - a Shimmer-infused mechanical arm. Fortunately, Vi has become stronger and harder during her years behind bars. This fight showcases her new prowess as she mixes precise punches with raw, scrappier brawling. It also has an edge of desperation, as Sevika’s tricked out arm pushes Vi to her limits. Shocked to learn that her sister is voluntarily working for Silco, Vi lets down her guard - and is only saved by Caitlyn’s timely intervention. Thanks, Cupcake.

#8: Jinx vs the Firelights

“Happy Progress Day!”

This scene provided a slick introduction to the Firelights. But most importantly, it reintroduced us to Powder as Jinx. Targeting Silco’s Shimmer shipments, the Firelights strike an airship in Piltover. Below deck, Jinx is waiting for them. The sequence shows off her new, badass fighting skills, as she dispatches foes with ease. At the same time, it also reveals her now manic and unpredictable personality. Mistaking a Firelight for her lost sister, she flashes back to the past and spirals out of control. The moment when she goes berserk with her minigun is quintessential Jinx. It’s a fight that’s action-packed, but also has an emotional impact too.

#7: Vci's Crew vs. Deckard's

“Welcome to the Playground”

This fight scene might not have high stakes or Hextech. But it is a solid action sequence with impressive choreography and striking visuals. Returning with their loot from Piltover, Vi, Powder, Claggor and Mylo are ambushed by Deckard and his crew. Vi isn’t keen to share their hard-won haul... In the street brawl that follows, even our heroes get pummeled, showing that they’re far from invincible. An amazing slow-motion sequence showcases just how beautiful Fortiche’s animation is even during action scenes. Vi and her crew might lose the loot in the end, but there’s no doubt about who wins the fight.

#6: Vander vs Deckard & Silco

“The Base Violence Necessary for Change”

After Powder’s bomb works in eposode three, all seems lost. However, Vander is able to drag himself from the rubble. Donning makeshift metal knuckles, he makes a valiant last stand, powering through Silco’s thugs. This scene showed us why Vander is a legend in the Undercity. Even the Shimmer-enhanced Deckard seems to be outmatched … well, for a little while. The fight is really two in one, as a flashback shows Vander and Silco grappling in the past, while Silco stabs him in the present. A vial of Shimmer keeps Vander alive long enough to rescue Vi, but his body gives out. It was a heart-wrenching sacrifice that topped off a riveting showdown.

#5: Jinx & Vi vs the Firelights

“When These Walls Come Tumbling Down”

Act I tore the sisters apart, sending them down very different paths. So seeing them reunited at the end of Act II, fighting back to back, was supremely satisfying. Learning that Vi is alive, Jinx lights up a flare so her sister can find her. Their reunion is cut short when the Firelights attack. Jinx fires a hail of bullets from her minigun, while Vi relies on her bare fists. Together, they’re able to hold the Firelights at bay. During the mayhem however, Vi sees how unhinged her sister has become. The animation underscores the point, externalizing the cracks in Jinx’s mind. It’s a thrilling fight that culminates in a cliffhanger, with Vi and Caitlyn kidnapped - and Jinx alone once again.

#4: Vi vs Silco’s Henchmen

“The Base Violence Necessary for Change”

Desperate times call for desperate measures. With Vander captured, Vi, Claggor and Mylo stage a rescue attempt, but it’s a trap! As Mylo and Claggor try to free Vander and find a new way out, it’s up to Vi to hold off Silco’s goons. Strapping on Vander’s gauntlets, she steps out onto the bridge … and lets loose! It’s a heart-stopping sequence, with the animation putting viewers right in the middle of the action as we follow Vi into the fray. Ducking, blocking, and punching, Vi fells foe after foe. It’s raw, it’s visceral, and it’s life-or-death - everything a good fight scene needs! If only Deckard hadn’t ruined it all ...

#3: Vi & Jayce vs Turbo Chemtank Guards

“Oil and Water”

A good old-fashioned fistfight can be rousing to watch. But it can’t always beat the dazzling display of high-tech heroes fitted out with all their gear. When Vi and Jayce team-up to destroy one of Silco’s Shimmer factories, we finally get to see them in action with their signature “League” weapons. Facing off against guards outfitted with Turbo Chemtanks, Vi lashes out with her Atlas Gauntlets, showing off slick new moves. Meanwhile, Jayce smashes through them with his Hextech Hammer. Turns out, those muscles aren’t just for inventing! Seeing our heroes at their full power was heartstopping. Too bad it ended in a tragic mistake.

#2: Vi vs Sevika Round 2

“The Monster You Created”

Fittingly, this rematch sees Vi and Sevika face off in “The Last Drop”, where Sevika turned her back on Vander. Vi now has her Gauntlets, but Sevika has some new gear too. This leaves them pretty evenly matched. What follows is a good old-fashioned bar brawl with a few twists ... One of those twists is Sevika’s retractable blade, which she pulls out mid-fight! It looks like Vi is defeated, until she hears her mentor’s words of wisdom in her head. The animation follows every punch, slash, and parry, giving us a rollercoaster ride of a battle. By the end, Vi’s victory truly feels earned.

#1: Jinx vs Ekko

“The Boy Savior”

This fight isn’t the longest or most action-packed. But the creative art style makes it stand out head and shoulders over the rest. Both Ekko and Jinx have come a long way since Act I. But when they face-off in Act III, they flash back to their childhood play fights. As Ekko’s watch slices through the scene, he peers back into memory. Seeing the past allows him to predict the future and adjust. As he rains down blows, however, he can still see his childhood friend … giving Jinx a chance to blow them both up. It’s a fight scene that’s innovative, emotionally charged, and left us on the very edge of our seats!

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