Adele Doesn't Shuffle! | 2Pac NFT's | Vox&Hops & Innersleeve Crossover!

Adele Doesn't Shuffle! | 2Pac NFT's | Vox&Hops & Innersleeve Crossover!

VOICE OVER: Cassius Morris, Frank Pavan, Joe Pacheco WRITTEN BY: N/A On this week's episode of Innersleeve, the crew are joined by Matt McGachy (Vocalist of extreme death metal band Cryptopsy) for a special crossover episode with the 'Vox&Hops Metal Podcast'! Off the top of the show, Joe and Cassius discuss the new era of Innersleeve, Adele, 2Pac NFT's, 'On This Day In Music' and more!

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Vox&Hops Episode 309- "SoundMojo with Joe Pacheco, Frank Pavan & Cassius Morris of the Innersleeve Podcast "

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0:00 Intro
2:53 Special Collaboration with Vox&Hops Podcast
5:12 Adele convinces Spotify to remove auto shuffle mode
8:19 2Pac NFT's
8:51 NFT's in music
13:42 On This Day in Music
19:19 Vox&Hops & Innersleeve
21:18 How we coped with the pandemic & 2020
24:26 What beer are we drinking?
27:45 Our 1st beer ever
31:09 Soundtrack of our youth
34:24 Why SoundMojo?
38:30 WatchMojo Podcast Network
40:30 Cassius joins the team
41:36 Collaborative environment
42:17 WatchMojo
42:52 Podcast
45:01 Innersleeve Moments
48:10 Metalheads
53:46 Montreal
57:18 Innersleeve Custom beer
59:12 Hangover cures
1:03:17 Vox&Hops Podcast
1:06:23 What is the king of craft beers?
1:09:26 How Matt got into singing/screaming
1:15:57 Our most underrated bands!
1:20:24 Final thoughts

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