Top 10 Times Connie was the Best Big Mouth Character



Top 10 Times Connie was the Best Big Mouth Character

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The Connie moments on "Big Mouth" were monstrously memory. For this list, we'll be looking at the times Connie was our favorite hormone monstress - both good or bad! Our countdown includes chooses Jessi over Nick, sings the theme song, supports Jessi through a breakup, and more! What's YOUR favorite Connie moment? Let us know in the comments!

Top 10 Connie Moments on Big Mouth

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Connie Moments on “Big Mouth.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at the times Connie was our favorite hormone monstress - both good or bad!

What’s your favorite Connie moment? Let us know in the comments.

#10: Encourages Nicholas Arsenio "Nick" Birch to Be Vulnerable

By the end of Season 2, Nick is unhappy with the two hormone monsters he’s had. Rick was pretty useless, and Tyler was way too inexperienced to handle Nick’s puberty. Connie steps in, and right away she helps Nick with some self-love. At the beginning of Season 3, Nick’s feeling unsure about having a female hormone monster. Along with feeling sensitive all of a sudden, his nipples are sore. He blames it all on Connie, and they have their first fight. Nick later realizes that it’s okay to be sensitive, and that his hormone monstress is actually good for him.

#9: Shoplifting Lipstick with Jessica Cobain "Jessi" Glaser

Jessi’s going through a lot at home with her parents on their way to getting a divorce. It’s no surprise that she has so much anger. Connie always encourages her to release that rage, albeit in questionable ways. Everything sucks, so Jessi should start shoplifting, right? Sorry, pharmacy stealing. With Connie by her side, Jessi shoplifts bubblegum lipstick. Loving the thrill of it, she does it again. But this time she gets caught by both the pharmacist and the Shame Wizard. Jessi’s thieving days come to end, but we’re sure Connie has a few other bad ideas.

#8: Supports Jessi Through a Breakup

Nick and Jessi may have been best friends, but they’re not a great match when it comes to dating. Connie’s there to help Jessi realize that, giving her the confidence to break up with Nick. She suggests that they go back to being friends and it goes surprisingly well. But only because Nick completely misunderstood the situation. Once his family tells him that Jessi actually just dumped him, he decides to announce to the school that he was the one to end the relationship. Naturally, this enrages Jessi and Connie’s there to fan the flames.

#7: Chooses Jessi over Nick

Connie helped Nick through some tough times. But when there proves to be a conflict of interest, the hormone monstress stays with her girl, Jessi. You can tell that she feels bad about it and knows it’s for the best. Nick does not handle it well, though. He tells her to go on and leave, saying they’ll never be friends after this. At first, Connie understands that he’s clearly lashing out. But by the time he insults her hair again, she’s out. We all know her hair is majestic, and Nick knows it, too.

#6: Sings the Theme Song

Given “Big Mouth” is all about puberty, its theme song is perfect for the show. What could make it better? Connie (aka the iconic Maya Rudolph) singing it. After a fight with Nick on Valentine’s Day (or Valentime’s Day), Connie goes up to the attic and finds the Ghost of Duke Ellington. Rudolph’s amazing voice brings something extra soulful to this rendition. The song plays over a sad montage of all the other characters dealing with their personal agonies brought on by the holiday. We feel sorry for Connie, and everyone else going through changes.

#5: Brings Up a Valid Point About “Blue Balls”

Jessi’s older boyfriend Michael Angelo pressures her into taking things further during their makeout sessions. He tries to guilt her by saying he’s in agonizing pain as a result of blue balls. Jessi and Connie aren’t sure what to do. Depression Kitty and Tito the Anxiety Mosquito chime in, telling her she must do this for him because she’s his girlfriend, and it’s her job to do the “job.” Jessi almost goes through with it, but ends up laughing at his member (and its accent), which kills the mood. He breaks up with her, but honestly, it was for the best. Connie says what we’re all thinking: if it’s so painful, why can’t he just do it himself?

#4: Saves Jessi from the Depression Kitty

According to the Department of Puberty, Connie’s leading Jessi down a dark path. Other members on Jessi’s team believe it’s time for someone new to step in — the Depression Kitty. Connie fights against it, not wanting to give up on her girl. But Jessi’s been eavesdropping and says she wants things to be easier, and Connie just makes everything worse than it already is. Kitty takes her to the Depression Ward, and everything feels comfortable at first. But Kitty starts to weigh her down until she feels trapped. With the help of Nick, Andrew, Maury, and Rick (sort of), Connie rescues her Jessi-bear.

#3: Introduces Jessi to Her Private Parts

In Season 1, Jessi’s afraid to explore her body. Connie introduces her to her lady parts. Jessi is given the grand tour, with Kristen Wiig (Maya Rudolph’s former SNL colleague), explaining how everything works. Jessi feels relieved that it’s not as intimidating as she anticipated, and it’s all thanks to her Hormone Monstress. Connie later cheers Jessi on as she plays Do the Thing, where the objective is to engage in self-pleasure until “something awesome happens.” She’s not successful at first, but Connie and Wiig’s “game show host” are there to help her figure it out.

#2: Teaches Jessi & Missy Foreman-Greenwald to Love Their Bodies

We’ve all felt insecure - especially during puberty. With their classmate Gina’s new developments, Missy and Jessi are feeling bad about their own bodies. Missy’s mom overhears the girls talking about hating their appearance, so she takes the girls to a Korean spa, where all the women are naked. The setting inspires Connie to sing a disco jam about loving themselves the way they are, encouraging everyone to embrace their differences. Connie helps Missy and Jessi view their bodies in a new light and feel better about themselves. It also gives Missy the confidence to face her antagonizing Mirror Missy.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Celebrates Jessi’s Red Bra
Connie Likes to Hype Up Her Girl

Gets Real with Nick About His Feelings for Jessi
Because Nick Needed a Wake-Up Call

Tells Jessi to Commit Arson
Connie’s Always There with Advice… Even If It’s Bad

#1: Her First Appearance

After a harrowing day of embarrassment and everything that comes with a first period, Jessi’s feeling low. She’s not thrilled with talks she had with the Statue of Liberty, and her mother. But in comes Connie the Hormone Monstress. She tells Jessi about the awful and beautiful things about to happen to her as she becomes a woman, including rebelling (and insulting) her mother. In her first scene of the show, Maya Rudolph gives us just a preview of all the hilarious pet names and quotes we’ll grow to love. Jessi will never forget the night she met her Hormone Monstress, and neither will we.
I Like Jessi Glaser Because She's Nice