Top 10 Most Embarrassing Family Feud Answers
Trivia Top 10 Most Embarrassing Family Feud Answers



Top 10 Most Embarrassing Family Feud Answers

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
These embarrassing answers on "Family Feud" still have us cracking up. Our countdown includes papa bear, a horse, september, and more!

Top 10 Embarrassing Answers on Family Feud

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 embarrassing answers on “Family Feud”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the dumbest and most ludicrous answers ever uttered on the game show “Family Feud.”

Which of these do you think is the funniest? Let us know in the comments below!

#10: Papa Bear

The instruction was short and simple: “Name a kind of bear”. Many answers may course through your mind, including grizzly, polar... maybe even a brown bear. However, the contestant, who must live in a fairy tale, was quick to answer with “papa bear”. The best thing about this clip isn’t the answer itself, but the disappointment in the man as he answers it. He’s already hanging his head in shame by the time he gets the words out - almost makes you feel bad for the poor guy... It’s a hilarious reaction to a hilarious answer, and it’s always refreshing to watch a contestant with some self-awareness.

#9: Kentucky Fried Chicken

The fast money round is always stressful, and it often results in some wickedly nonsensical answers. The mind comes up with some pretty ridiculous things while under stress. Contestant Darryl was asked to give a man’s name that starts with the letter K, and he bizarrely responded with “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. Darryl is another contestant with some self-awareness, because he grins right after answering. He’s clearly embarrassed with the response, but he doesn’t even have time to laugh. Host Richard Karn had already moved on to the next question - which was met with an equally hilarious answer, by the way. “Name a food that’s red on the inside.” Darryl went with ‘kiwi’, and he and Karn had a good chuckle about it afterwards.

#8: Orange

The following is one of the all-time worst “Family Feud” answers. And the contestant knows it. The stressed mind strikes again when host Richard Dawson asks the participant to “name a yellow fruit”. Clearly panicked, the woman, without hesitation, answers “orange”. It’s hard to believe that, out of all the wrong answers she could have said, it happened to be the one fruit that shares its name with a color. A color that’s not yellow. Perhaps even funnier than the answer itself is the contestant’s reaction to it. She immediately cringes and recoils in embarrassment. We all experience these thoughtless mistakes; it’s just too bad that hers was broadcast to millions of people and will likely live on forever in infamy through the internet.

#7: Alligator

Anyone who has watched “Family Feud” clips on YouTube will recognize the infamous fast money round between the two Bobs. The first Bob gets a total of 28 points, all of which were from one answer. It begins rather beautifully, as Bob answers “frog” for an animal with three letters in its name. But it only gets worse from there. When Dawson asks the same question to the second Bob, he responds, awfully confident, with “alligator”. No one really knows what he was thinking. Bob immediately gets laughed at by the audience, cringes in embarrassment, and gets a reassuring pat on the shoulder from Dawson. It’s the least he could have done in Bob’s time of need!

#6: A Horse

This is why you gotta think before you speak. In another Richard Dawson-era classic, the contestants are asked to “name something you might buy that could turn out to be phony.” Rather nonsensically, this man answers “a horse”. It’s not long before he shows regret. He turns to the audience, makes a face that very visibly spells out “what the heck did I just say?”, and immediately laughs at his own absurd answer. As Dawson turns to the board, the contestant hangs his head and seems to laugh even harder, especially at Dawson’s joke. To the surprise of no one, “a horse” is not up there.

#5: Chicken Noodle

This answer seems to be the product of a simple misunderstanding. Host Steve Harvey asks the contestants to “name a kind of suit that’s not appropriate for the office”. Contestant Britton answers “chicken noodle”, then hesitates. You can practically see the gears in his mind whirling as he realizes the question was indeed not “name a kind of soup that’s not appropriate for the office”. Britton actually has to walk this one out, which only makes the whole thing funnier. We have to admit that soup and suit do sound a little alike, and it’s an easy enough mistake to make, especially considering the added stress of the lights and cameras. We just have one question for Britton: What about chicken noodle soup isn’t appropriate for the office?

#4: Willy the Pooh

You know when the name of something is on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t figure it out? That seems to be what happened to this poor contestant. In one of “Family Feud’”s more unique questions, Richard Dawson asked the players to name either a real or fictional “Willy”. One of them rings in with the answer “Willy the Pooh.” He’s quick to realize that something isn’t right, though, and laughs immediately afterwards. Maybe he thought he might as well just give the answer a shot; unfortunately, the only thing the shot gets him is a massive laugh from the audience (and his opponent!).

#3: September

In one of the all-time greatest “Family Feud” moments, contestant Cathy is asked “During what month’s pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?” Without missing a beat, Cathy answers “September”. Like many contestants on this list, Cathy quickly realizes her mistake and cringes in embarrassment. But it goes even further than that. This is one of the rare fast money answers that caused Richard Dawson to break. He walks offstage to compose himself, and the timer has to be reset. The real giggles come later when he has to repeat the question for the second contestant, Ceecee. He’s laughing so much he can’t even get through it. You know it’s good when it sends the professional Richard Dawson to his knees!

#2: -Upine

“Name something that follows the word ‘pork’”. This simple prompt resulted in what could very well be the most ingenious answer in “Family Feud” history. With a big smile on his face, the contestant answers “upine”. As in, pork-upine. We’re not sure if this is horrible or brilliant. Maybe a bit of both. It’s undoubtedly horrible, but also… is he wrong? There’s certainly creative brilliance in this answer! The contestant breaks out into a huge confident grin - as he should, honestly. The other reactions are fantastic, too. Steve, for one, genuinely can’t believe what he just heard. Meanwhile, the participant’s family erupts into laughter. If family members are laughing instead of yelling “Good answer!”, then it must have been really bad!

#1: Hamster Eggs

Mammals don’t lay eggs. Apparently, this contestant didn’t get the memo. Host Richard Karn asks him to “name an animal whose eggs you probably never eat for breakfast”. The brilliant answer? Hamster. Aside from the response itself, perhaps the greatest aspect of this clip is the long pause he takes to really think about it. It looks like he’s brewing up something good, and everyone sits in quiet anticipation. Then comes that spectacularly well-thought-out answer: “hamster”. As expected, the audience bursts into laughter - and us, right along with them! Forgetting that mammals don’t lay eggs is embarrassing enough, never mind how long it takes this guy to mull it over!
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