Top 10 Most Hilarious The Office Bloopers



Top 10 Most Hilarious The Office Bloopers

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Jesse Singer
The funniest "The Office" bloopers all deserve a Dundee. Our countdown includes Oscar breaks, shedding light, Santa Michael, and more!

Top 10 Funniest The Office Bloopers

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest The Office Bloopers

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most hysterical mistakes from the world’s best boss and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin team.

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#10: Oscar Breaks

On an episode of the “Office Ladies” podcast, Angela Kinsey revealed that she had a nickname for Oscar Nunez, who played Oscar Martinez on the show. She explained that she called him “The Statue” because he so rarely broke in a scene. Jenna Fischer, Angela’s co-host on the podcast, said that the number of times Oscar broke throughout the filming of the entire series could be counted on one hand. Well, one of those times was thanks to Ed Helms during the “Sex Ed” episode in season seven. While the blooper is funny, the best part of the clip is the joy and amazement of the cast that Oscar was the one who laughed. Take a bow Andy.

#9: Carnival

When a joint is found in the parking lot, Dwight sets out to investigate the office, but not everyone is taking the situation seriously. Michael calls a meeting to address these concerns and that’s when our blooper happens. As Michael scolds the office, he tells them that this isn’t a joke and it isn’t a carnival. At this moment Phyllis breaks, but they keep going, then Creed chirps in with an exaggerated “car-ne-val” and it’s all over. It’s a great line and it feels very on brand for Creed, but it didn’t find its way into the final scene.

#8: Contractions

When Jim finds himself getting stressed out about Pam being in labor he asks Michael to tell them when her contractions are five minutes apart. Unfortunately, Michael doesn’t mention anything until they are down to two minutes apart, causing Jim to freak out. Michael grabs him and tells him he has to hold it together! But the intensity with which he says it cracks Krasinski up every time. So much so that the moment didn’t even make the final cut. And speaking of holding it together, later in the episode when the doctor is giving Pam breast-feeding tips, John’s passive-aggressive wise-cracks cause retake after retake because no one can “hold it together.”

#7: Reginald

If you’ve seen the bloopers from the original UK version of “The Office” you’re aware that Ricky Gervais himself is one of the worst at keeping a straight face and not breaking during a scene. And that held true when Gervais’ David Brent appeared briefly on the American version of the show in season seven. When Michael attempts to show David a British character he is working on, Gervais loses it. The clip only shows two attempts, but we can only imagine how much fun these two had filming the short little scene.

#6: Michael Klump

When the office participates in a weight loss challenge things get a little out of control, so Holly calls a meeting in order to constructively address the issues. But “constructive” and “meeting” are two words that don’t really go together at Dunder Mifflin, and this one is no exception as Michael barges in as Michael Klump and takes over. Just his “Hello Everybody” sent the cast into hysterics - although look closely and you’ll see Oscar “the statue” Nunez holding it together as everyone cracks up around him.

#5: "You're Not Real"

If Oscar was “the statue” then John Krasinski was … well whatever the opposite of that is. Krasinski also loved the Creed Bratton character and he would crack John up all the time. According to “The Office Ladies” podcast it was Creed who made John laugh the hardest he ever laughed on the show in this awesome “you’re not real” outtake. We only get a quick moment of him breaking in the clip, but according to Angela Kinsey, John couldn’t keep it together and “crumbled” into “fits of laughter”.

#4: Santa Michael

There are many great Christmas moments on “The Office” but one of the best has got to be Kevin sitting on Michael Santa’s lap. Michael, angry that Jim told Phyllis she could be Santa, sets up his own Santa space and invites Kevin to sit down and tell him what he wants for Christmas. What follows is Michael barely able to breath as Kevin takes his time making decisions. This was one of the hardest scenes to shoot because everyone kept breaking and even in the final cut Mindy Kaling can be seen trying, and failing, to hold it together. You’ll notice in the final edit there are fewer wide shots used, we assume to get as clean a scene as possible.

#3: Dwight's Directions

When Andy and Angela decide to have their wedding at Schrute Farms and want to go by and check it out, Dwight provides them with directions. But they aren’t your standard directions. Instead, they involve mailboxes, beehives, and bear pee! You try to keep a straight face while reading those directions, because Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey sure couldn’t. It’s unclear if all of the directions were scripted or if Ed was doing a little improvising, but what we do know is that they needed quite a few takes to get enough for the final version of the scene.

#2: Shedding Light

When a scene has a line like this, you know it’s going to be a long day at “The Office.” After Phyllis is flashed by a man outside, Dwight forms an anti-flashing task force. But his announcement is hampered by some Freudian slips … After Rainn Wilson breaks the first time, Steve Carrel can be heard saying that they’re never going to get through it. He can tell this is going to be a tough one and as the outtakes show, he was right. Rainn even tries to power through the laughter one time, but it just makes everyone crack up even more when Carrel calls him out on it.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Michael's Scranton Strangler Character
Steve, John & Jenna All Take Turns Breaking First

"I Want My Baby Back"
Who Wants Ribs?

You're Pre-Fired
Stand-up, Laugh, Sit-Down, Repeat

The Headline
Carell Tries to Make It Through the Longest Headline Ever

The Noise You Made!
Rainn Wilson Absolutely Loses It

#1: The Plasma TV

It’s the funniest blooper from what many consider the funniest episode of the entire series. The season four dinner party episode is filled with hysterical and cringe-inducing moments, like Michael showing off his tiny plasma television set. But as funny as this scene is, you’ll never see it the same again after watching the outtakes. None of them can keep it together and it all culminates with Michael pushing this little TV back up against the wall. This is when they lose it and everyone just has to walk away for a moment because they’re laughing so hard. As co-writer Lee Eisenberg said, "There's nothing more satisfying than having Steve Carell barely able to get through his lines."