Top 10 AITA Stories On Reddit



Top 10 AITA Stories On Reddit

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This subreddit has managed to answer some interesting questions over the years. For this list, we'll be looking at some of the most popular and/or most interesting Am I the Asshole Stories. Our countdown includes Sleeping Naked, Refusing to Stop Cooking Bacon, Pretending to Get Fired, and more!

Top 10 AITA Stories

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular and/or most interesting Am I the Asshole Stories. In this subreddit, someone posts a real life situation gone wrong where they tell their side of the story, then users judge whether or not the poster was in the wrong.

What’s your favorite AITA story from reddit? And did you agree with the verdict? Let us know in the comments.

#10: “AITA for Switching to Regular Milk to Prove My Lactose Intolerant Roommate Keeps Stealing from Me?”

Having a difficult roommate can be a real pain. This story involves a guy who suspected his roommate of stealing food from him, even though this roommate is particular about having anyone else eat his stuff. It turns out his concerns were validated when he put regular milk in an almond milk container to see if his lactose intolerant roommate would drink from it. The roommate fell for the trap, and it did a number on his digestive system. When his roommate called him out on it, this ended up proving the guy right. Users commented that it was alright since his roommate was stealing from him. So he got the answer to the question.

#9: “AITA for Sleeping Naked on Top of the Covers to Teach My Flatmate’s GF a Lesson?”

We swear, this video won’t just be a list of roommate disputes. That being said, these kinds of disputes make for good AITA stories. The poster of this story has a problem where the girlfriend of his flatmate has a bad habit of barging in without knocking. The poster repeatedly asked this girlfriend to start knocking, but she declined this request. One morning, when the girlfriend barged in, she was greeted by the poster sleeping in his birthday suit with a full display of his package. She and her boyfriend thought it was disgusting; however, the users agreed with the poster that he had the right to present himself this way in his own room.

#8: “AITA for Suing My Girlfriend After She Had My 1967 Impala Project Taken to the Scrapyard?”

A man’s girlfriend moves in with him, but has a problem with his pet project: a 1967 Chevy Impala that he’s trying to restore. While he’s away on a business trip, the girlfriend has the car and all of its parts hauled off to a junkyard. When the man comes back, he discovers that everything’s gone and loses it. He kicks the girlfriend out and decides to sue her. The girlfriend and her family are mad, so the man decides to ask reddit whether he was right to react the way he did. He found overwhelming support from the reddit users. And to reward them for their support, he kept them updated on his luck on finding the parts to his dream project.

#7: “WIBTA for Refusing to Stop Cooking Bacon in My Kitchen Due to My Teenage Daughters Vegan Lifestyle?”

A middle aged man is supportive of his teenage daughter who’s become a vegan, buying her the pricier ingredients and her own cookware to accommodate. However, he starts to feel that his daughter is going too far with her new lifestyle when she insists that her parents stop eating meat entirely in their own house because the traces of meat from around the kitchen are contaminating everything else and making her “sick.” His wife wants to go along with the request so they can all get along, but he puts his foot down. The users agreed with the man; not only the meat eaters, but even vegans who were embarrassed by the daughter’s demands!

#6: “AITA Because I Ate More Than ‘My Share’ of a 6 Foot Party Sub Last Night?”

Attending a small get together, a self-described fat guy was distracted by a six foot party sub that was calling his name the whole night. Initially, he ate one serving, but then ended up eating three more feet without asking the others because his hunger got the best of him. One of the partygoers then scolded him for eating two thirds of a six foot sub because it was for all the guests - and it had been specially ordered from a friend’s sub shop. Though he offered to order more food, the guests refused and the anger persisted the next day. While Reddit responded “yes,” to the titular question, this story is unfortunately also an example of how food addiction can bring up more personal issues.

#5: “AITA for Not Wanting to Pick up My Wife from the Airport at 12:30 AM?”

A guy doesn’t want to go to pick-up his wife from the airport really late at night, even though she specifically asked him to. His reason? He has a busy day of work ahead of him and needs to wake up really early the next morning. He hoped that reddit would accept his justification and validate his decision. Sadly for him, they disagreed and labeled him the you-know-what. The reddit users were able to shame the guy into going to the airport. Through an update, he let them know his wife had a horrible trip, and she was glad he came - showing that some good can come out of these stories!

#4: “AITA for Telling Cashier That Wasn’t the Girls Credit Card?”

This one might make you wonder about the people who post these kinds of stories seeking validation from strangers on the internet. While shopping at a department store, a woman overhears a teenage girl talking about using her dad’s credit card for this particular shopping trip. When she ends up in line behind the girl, she decides to point out what she’d overheard to the cashier, accusing the girl of committing credit card fraud. This caused a scene in which the poor girl had to use a different card - her own - and she leaves the store in tears. When the woman brought her case to Reddit, users essentially told her to mind her own business.

#3: “AITA for Punishing My Son After He Said Something Racist?”

When a family ordered food from a Chinese restaurant, a woman’s 13-year-old son cracked an insensitive joke. Unfortunately, the delivery man, who was of Asian ethnicity, overheard the joke, making the situation uncomfortable for all. As a result, the woman made her son write an apology note that he had to read aloud to the delivery man in the restaurant the next day. She also made him write a few short papers on Chinese culture and racism. The woman’s husband thought this punishment was too harsh, causing the woman to question whether she had overreacted. However, Reddit thought it was a good teaching moment, so she hopefully felt vindicated.

#2: "AITA for Pretending to Get Fired when Customers Get a Temper with Me?"

This is a story retail and service workers can relate to. Tired of being yelled at by customers, a high school coffee shop employee worked out a plan with one of the shift managers. During said situation, the manager would come in asking the angry customer what the problem is, hear the problem, and then no matter how small the problem is, pretend to fire the coffee shop employee on the spot. The customer almost always dials the anger back in response, quickly deciding their minor problem isn’t worth getting someone fired over. While it is a dishonest deception, it does show that the customer isn’t always necessarily right. Reddit thought so too.

#1: “AITA for Very Rarely/Almost Never Wanting to Go to Restaurants Because My Girlfriend Makes Food That’s Just as Good, if Not Better, Than Restaurant Food?”

Well, the people have spoken: not only is this guy the second A in AITA; he’s also ungrateful and unappreciative. A guy has a girlfriend who he claims has a great nose and knack for cooking. Her food is so good, he feels no need to go to restaurants, even when she wants to go. When date nights come up, he pushes her to cook for him instead, and calls her his “private chef.” Needless to say, this causes a strain on their relationship. So the guy takes his case to the internet, and they weren’t forgiving. They pointed out how selfish the guy was and is - and as of the last update, not only did his girlfriend find out about the post, but the couple also separated. And there’s since been no word on whether they ever got back together either.