Top 10 Sexiest Horror Movies Ever

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Who new horror could be so sexy! For this list, we're looking at the hottest, most sensual and most stimulating movies that fall into the horror category. Our countdown includes “Jennifer's Body”, “Interview with the Vampire”, “From Dusk till Dawn”, and more!

Top 10 Sexiest Horror Movies

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Horror Movies.

For this list, we’re looking at the hottest, most sensual and most stimulating movies that fall into the horror category. The plots may not always be Academy Award worthy, but what these films may lack in storytelling, they more than make up for in scares and sexuality.

Which horror movie do you think is sexy? Let us know in the comments - but keep it PG, please.

#10: “Nurse 3D” (2013)

We start with a B-movie that goes all out in the name of gore and sex, with star Paz de la Huerta moonlighting as a seductress/killer. She plays Abby Russell, who’s a nurse that excels at her job; but when the night comes, her real work begins. Using her sensuality and smouldering looks, she seeks to punish cheating men by exposing them – and then murdering them. Justifying her actions by choosing victims she feels deserve it, Russell continues her revenge rampage throughout the film for the sake of womankind. And it is one sexy ride.

#9: “Thirst” (1979)

The Australian film industry isn’t known for producing big movies, so it’s a rewarding surprise to discover this gem hidden away in the horror section. When a young woman is abducted by a cult, she’s horrified to learn that the cult keeps humans and “farms” them for their blood. “Thirst” is an interesting take on the vampire genre – it has atmosphere, tension and enough blood to satisfy the thirst of any gore fan, plus some sexiness thrown in for good measure. Add to that the ‘70s music and classic hairstyles, and you have a great, vintage horror movie with an erotic edge.

#8: “Jennifer’s Body” (2009)

Here’s one movie that started out as a box office flop but today is seen as a sort of cult classic of female empowerment. When a high school cheerleader, played by Megan Fox, gets possessed by a demon, she starts to prey on the boys in her school, seducing and then eating them. Written by Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for her first movie, “Juno,” this dark comedy/horror has wit, a twisted sense of humor, and a premise that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The scares come fast and furious, and Fox uses her femininity perfectly without crossing the line into cheesiness or sleaziness.

#7: “Vampyres” (1974)

The idea of the so-called “lesbian vampire” has come to be seen as a trope within the vampire genre and exploitation films, and this British film is a cult classic example. In an abandoned countryside mansion, two female vampires prey on passing motorists and hitchhikers. Luring them in with their sexuality, the women then feast on their victims to satisfy their blood lust… that is, until one woman fights back. This sexually charged vampire flick doesn’t shy away from the erotic side of its premise, and although the script may not be the sharpest, the intimate scenes between the vampires and their victims more than make up for it.

#6: “Only Lovers Left Alive” (2013)

In this sensual horror flick, a depressed musician and an enigmatic woman are reunited after a long time apart. The Lovers, played by Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, are vampires and their love has already spanned centuries. Dealing with their immortality and the modern world around them, The Lovers contemplate their purpose and meaning. Is immortality too long? Can you keep living just for the sake of survival? These questions weigh heavily on the musician, and only his lover can help him. Dark, eerie and beautiful, this movie is charged with tension; both sexual and moral. This story shows that sometimes, subtlety is more of a turn on.

#5: “Interview with the Vampire” (1994)

Adapted from the bestselling novel by Anne Rice, “Interview with the Vampire” has become the benchmark for the tortured romance genre. The film stars Brad Pitt as Louis, a centuries-old vampire who tells his life story to a modern day journalist. We’re taken all the way back to 1791, when Louis was just a tortured soul and not yet an immortal member of the undead. Of course, that’s before he meets his maker and teacher in the vampire world: the carefree and enigmatic vampire Lestat, played by Tom Cruise. Add to that some of the biggest names in Hollywood engaging in passionate, vampire love scenes, and you’ve got a horror drama that’ll seduce and tease even the coldest of beings.

#4: “Cat People” (1982)

When the young Irena Gallier has a sexual awakening, horrific incidents follow. It soon becomes clear to her that her animal instincts are more than just impulses, as she transforms into a vicious leopard. Born from beings known as “Cat People,” Irena must come to terms with her heritage before she hurts the people she loves. Star Nastassja Kinski embraces the role of Irena as she electrifies the screen with her sex appeal and sensuality, while still maintaining the innocence and naivety that her character needs.

#3: “From Dusk till Dawn” (1996)

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, written by Quentin Tarantino and starring George Clooney, “From Dusk Till Dawn” is a dark and witty modern classic. Following two brothers as they try to flee the US for Mexico after a bloody crime spree, they encounter trouble as they try to cross the border. Hijacking a preacher, his family and their RV, the brothers make it to Mexico and wait at a bar for their contact. This is when things change and the film takes a turn, as our villains are now faced with killer vampires - the sexiest among them being vampire/stripper Santanico Pandemonium, played by Salma Hayek.

#2: “Piranha 3D” (2010)

Sometimes, cheesy films try too hard to be something they’re not. This is not one of those films: “Piranha 3D” is silly, fun, gory, sexy and proud of it. Set around a lake in which dormant, flesh-eating fish are suddenly awake and hungry, the flick follows a group of unlikely heroes as they work together to protect the shores and save the people. Taking inspiration from several films in this genre, most notably “Jaws,” “Piranha 3D” is a fun ride with plenty of bite. Add to that sex symbol Kelly Brook, and this film has something everyone can enjoy.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- “The Cabin in the Woods” (2012)
- “It Follows” (2014)
- “Under the Skin” (2013)
- “Daughters of Darkness” (1971)
- “Grindhouse” (2007)

#1: “Species” (1995)

If you’ve ever watched “Alien” and thought “hmmm… needs more toplessness,” “Species” is here to help. When a group of scientists splice alien DNA with Human DNA, they create Sil: a sexy but dangerous being that can turn into a killer in an instant. The scientists, along with the government, send a team to track her down before she can mate and reproduce. With Natasha Henstridge in the lead role, this movie oozes sex - with some serious alien violence and gore to go along with it. Sure, the film didn’t bowl over critics in 1995, but “Species” has become a favorite among fans of this genre - even spawning an equally sexy franchise.