Top 10 Worst Things the Animaniacs Have Ever Done
Trivia Top 10 Worst Things the Animaniacs Have Ever Done



Top 10 Worst Things the Animaniacs Have Ever Done

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Joey Turner
The worst things the Animaniacs have ever done make us feel bad for Dr. Scratchansniff in particular. Our countdown includes their first therapy session, Dot Warner exploits her cute powers, lousy food service, and more!

Top 10 Worst Things in the Animaniacs Have Ever Done

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things the Animaniacs Have Ever Done.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the totally insane-y moments where the Warner Brothers - and the Warner Sister, Dot - took their shenanigans a little too far in both the ‘90s series and the 2020 revival. In other words, prepare to see Dr. Scratchansniff a LOT. And as usual, big episode spoilers are ahead.

Think there are moments we missed? Let us know in the comments where you think the Warners stepped out of line.

#10: Annoying in the Elevator
“Ups and Downs”

While on their way to a meeting, Wakko and Dr. Scratchansniff end up stuck in a broken elevator, and the repairmen in charge of fixing it are… total idiots. While they wait, Wakko and Scratchy are forced to entertain themselves… and Wakko, naturally, drives the poor doctor crazy for TEN HOURS! While Wakko can’t be blamed for getting them stuck, he makes the whole experience more unbearable for the good doctor than it already is by singing annoying songs and telling jokes that make no sense. Anyone who’s ever gotten stuck in an elevator will tell you how agonizing an ordeal it is, and the worst part is that the episode ends with them still trapped inside.

#9: Dot Warner Exploits Her Cute Powers
“The Cutening”

Dot is sick of how nauseating reality has become and decides to take matters into her own hands. After eating a magical, adorable cupcake, she gains the power to make anything in her sights super cute… and it doesn’t take long for her to misuse her newfound ability and force the world to be a little cuter. Literally no one is safe from this adorable apocalypse, not even Yakko or Wakko… yes, she even dragged her own brothers into this Kawaii-stylized nightmare. Thankfully, Dot’s scheme backfires and the siblings scramble to turn things back to normal, teaching us a valuable lesson in the process – too much cuteness is dangerous, even if life can be pretty ugly.

#8: Their First Therapy Session

For those who don’t remember, there was a time where Dr. Scratchansniff had a full head of hair and wasn’t a nervous wreck. However, all that changed the day he met the Warners. He was given the task of trying to make the three siblings normal… and you can guess how well that went. One by one, they drove the poor “P. Sychiatrist” so crazy that he ripped chunks of his hair out bit by bit until he was completely bald and extremely high-strung. Since that day, Scratchansniff has become a recurring victim of the Warners’ zaniness, as well as their occasional fatherly figure –for better or worse.

#7: A Not-So-Friendship Song

While they mostly like to goof on mean people, the Warners do have a habit of messing with people who are completely innocent. For instance, during the song “Schnitzelbank”, the Warners are learning an international friendship song from Prof. Otto von Schnitzelpusskrankengescheitmeyer (If needed, use a clip of Yakko saying the professor’s name. At first, it’s just typical goofy fun, but things go sour fast when the Warners strip Otto down to his underwear –humiliating him in front of the audience. Otto rightfully boots them out of the song, and yet they act indignant over it; but can you blame him? He was a sweet guy trying to teach them a fun song, and they embarrass him for literally no reason other than because they’re the Warners. Well, that is their schtick.

#6: Wakko Warner Versus the Clown
“Clown and Out”

For his birthday, Wakko gets a surprise visit from a Jerry Lewis-esque clown. The only problem is that Wakko has “clownophobia,” and will do whatever he can to get rid of him. Unfortunately for the clown, the Middle Warner Child’s efforts include blowing him up, pummeling him, and launching him into space. On one hand, we can’t blame Wakko for being afraid of clowns; on the other hand, this one was just trying to make the birthday boy smile. Is it really fair to beat up a clown for just doing his job? On the plus side, when Wakko does get rid of the clown, the poor jester seems happier where he ends up.

#5: Crashing Dr. Otto von Scratchansniff’s Date

At the Drive-In, Scratchansniff is enjoying a not-so-hot date with the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, she’s more interested in eating than returning Scratchy’s affection; and naturally, things only get worse when the Warners crash the date. They annoy him, lock him out of his car, demand he get snacks for them, and finally wreck his car’s roof. The worst part is that his date enjoys their company more than his, even when he’s been nothing but sweet to her. It’s bad enough that the trio messes with Scratchy on an almost-daily basis; now they botch up his love life as well –not that it would’ve worked out, anyway.

#4: Lousy Food Service
“Broadcast Nuisance”

The Warners are hired to deliver lunch to Dan Anchorman –a self-absorbed newscaster - and what do they do? They show up incredibly late, eat his sandwich right in front of him, and then demand a tip for food he didn’t even get to eat. When he turns them away, they proceed to do what they do best – humiliate him on national TV in every way imaginable. Some of their gags were so violent that Steven Spielberg himself had them removed from the finished episode. Just because someone’s a jerk doesn’t mean they’re in the wrong, and Dan had every right to refuse to pay for such lousy customer service.

#3: Their “Very Important” Question
“Wally Llama”

The Wally Llama is the self-proclaimed wisest, all-knowing being in the Himalayas. However, he’s in need of a vacation and refuses to answer any more questions for the day –of course, that never stopped the Warners before. For the rest of the day, they harass the exhausted llama to answer the “most important question in the world”, but he won’t budge. Finally, they use reverse-psychology to get him to listen to their question… and he can’t answer it; instead, he goes completely bonkers and prances crazily off into the sunset. No matter how important the question is, was it really worth ruining Wally’s much-needed break and driving him kooky?

#2: “Let Them Eat Cake”
“France France Revolution”

The Warners know how to leave their mark on history; unfortunately, it isn’t always for the best. For example, in the 1700s, they’re three starving peasants that break into the palace of Marie Antionette to eat her delicious food. Naturally, she sentences the Warners to be executed, only for them to rally the villagers to revolt against the snooty queen. Yes, it was the Warners that caused the French Revolution all because one overdramatic queen snubbed them for robbing her house. By extension, they also caused her eventual execution, and just laughed it off. Even if her majesty was a royal pain, it seems like a lot of trouble just to get some food.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Dropping the Tiger Cub Prince
“The Tiger Prince”

Creating Chaos While Carpooling
“The Carpool”

Wrecking the Toy Store
“Toy Shop Terror”

Crime & PUN-ishment

Causing Shenanigans During a Session Scoring an “Animaniacs” Episode
“The Scoring Session”

#1: Sinking Dr. Scratchansniff’s Vacation
“Anchors A-Warner”

Scratchansniff is taking a much-needed cruise vacation, hoping to finally ditch the Warners once and for all. Of course, sadly, he has no such luck, as not only do they catch up to him; they waste no time ruining his peace and quiet. By the end, poor Scratchansniff is left in a full-body cast and with a massive room service bill -compliments of his “favorite” patients. Really, they only goof on poor Scratchy because they love him. But it’s really sad to know that no matter where he goes or what he tries, he can never truly get away from the madness for even a second, because they’ll never leave him alone.