Top 10 Best Fran Fine Outfits on The Nanny
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Top 10 Best Fran Fine Outfits on The Nanny

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Kim Mabee
These Fran Fine looks on "The Nanny" are peak 90s fashion. Our countdown includes candy wrapper dress, little black dress, union jack outfit, and more!

Top 10 Fran Fine Looks The Nanny

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Fran Fine Looks.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most stylish outfits that our favorite ‘90s sitcom nanny wore throughout the show.

If you are as big of a fan of Fran’s looks as we are, let us know your favorites in the comments.

#10: Red Sequined Halter Dress
“The Nanny”

In the first episode of the series, we see Fran wearing this show-stopping, sparkly sequined dress with a sexy slit in the leg. This outfit immediately introduces us to Fran’s bright personality, as she sure stands out at a party that Mr. Sheffield is hosting at his home - to which she wasn’t even invited. Compared to her, everyone else is dressed demurely. Along with ours, CC and Mr. Sheffield’s jaws hit the floor. As per usual in the series, Fran is the standout lady in red while everybody else just fades in the background. Of course, it’s her winning personality and great work with the Sheffield children that result in her ultimately keeping her job as the nanny - not this amazing dress.

#9: Union Jack Outfit
“Fran’s Gotta Have It”

We know that Fran loves a good patterned suit, and while ensembles from an earlier season 4 episode like this adorably colorful tie-dye blazer and skirt definitely caught our eye, who could forget this United Kingdom themed get-up? In the season 4 finale, Maxwell and Fran go to London, and she certainly dresses for the occasion. Fran attempts yet again to get Mr. Sheffield to fall for her - and how can he not when she looks this good? The nanny wears her hair slicked back with a red headband that matches perfectly with her mini skirt, her signature pantyhose, and a statement flag blazer that gives the whole look a total wow-factor. We don’t know if we’re more envious that Fran got to meet Celine Dion at her concert, or that she got to do it while wearing this iconic outfit.

#8: Candy Wrapper Dress
“The Pre-Nup”

In a look that might look like a Halloween costume on some people, Fran looks like she could be walking the catwalk in this fun dress. While we’re used to seeing Fran dressed in bright, fun patterns, we’d never see her wearing anything quite like this. In“The Pre-Nup”, Mr. Sheffield and Fran are making wedding plans that include a written contract, which ultimately sees her becoming the legal guardian of the kids she’s nannied for several years. As touching as everything in this episode is, we can’t help but be blissfully distracted by this sweet outfit. It proves that even though Fran is about to get married to a man from the upper east side, she is still the bubbly, fun girl from Flushing, Queens.

#7: Striped Sweater & Jean Skirt
“Kindervelt Days”

Fran is seen in lots of fun looks in this episode - such as this pink leather-y outfit, or this glamorous black evening gown. But, it’s her striped sweater that she pairs with a denim skirt, tights, and fun, strappy shoes that’s the most memorable. We love seeing Fran’s normally large hair pulled back into a straight, sleek look that puts all of the attention on her simple and cute outfit. The fall colors of the sweater are very flattering on her and the jean skirt is a perfect match. This outfit has us convinced that while bright red may be her signature color, she can clearly pull off a more subdued look as well.

#6: Little Black Dress
“An Offer She Can’t Refuse”

In this episode, both Niles and Mr. Sheffield can’t believe their eyes as Fran goes on a date with a man who turns out to be a mobster - and we can’t take her eyes off of her, either. There’s no question that every girl needs to have a staple little black dress in their closet. Fran’s LBD is enviable; it’s just too bad that she wastes it on this date that goes awry. She sports this chic and sexy dress with tights and black pumps, and, because she’s Fran Fine, she accessorizes it with an adorable, red, heart-shaped clutch.

#5: Leather Vest & Plaid Skirt
“I’ve Got a Secret”

If there’s anything that we can remember Fran Fine wearing, it’s red, plaid, leather, turtlenecks, and tights - and this outfit is the perfect culmination of all of her signature looks! Her scalloped plaid skirt is paired with a white turtleneck and a shiny leather vest with a zipper up the front. The different patterns and fabrics combined in this look are all so stylish that they mesh together perfectly. The ‘90s styles are back in a big way, and just like a lot of Fran’s outfits, this cute outfit is still something that could be worn over twenty years after the original episode aired.

#4: Black Outfit with Moto Jacket
“A Fine Friendship”

As you have probably noticed by now, we love seeing Fran in leather, and this jacket is definitely one of our favorites! In this season 2 episode, Fran is wearing an all-black look with thigh-high boots and a cropped leather jacket, complete with gold details. This look is a bit more edgy than what we’re used to seeing Fran wear, but she makes it look fun and stylish as only she can. She isn’t the only nanny with a leather jacket in this episode, as she befriends male nanny Kurt who is also seen rocking this look. But there is really no contest as her adorably-stylish ensemble definitely takes the cake.

#3: Red Turtleneck with Checkered Skirt
“Val’s Boyfriend”

If there’s any outfit that proves that red is Fran’s staple color, it’s this one. Her fitted red turtleneck and black and white checkered mini skirt both scream Fran Fine - not to mention her signature large hair - and the whole look is very funky and flattering. As Fran talks with Mr. Sheffield in his office while he tries to avoid talking to C.C. about business, Fran stands out in this bright look that is contrasted by everyone’s black and tan outfits. She is also more than happy to keep him busy with her always entertaining stories about her family.

#2: Cropped Leopard Blazer & Matching Skirt
“I Don’t Remember Mama"

This is far from the last time that we see Fran wearing animal print, or a matching jacket and mini-skirt for that matter. But it’s a look that she rocks every time - like when she wore this leather jacket and leopard print skirt during season 2. While the style is definitely a part of her signature looks, this first season outfit is especially memorable. We love the cropped leopard print blazer, black turtleneck, and skirt Fran is wearing. The only thing that makes it better is seeing adorable little Gracie wearing a mini version of this look when they compete in a mother-daughter pageant.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Yellow & White Sequined Gown
“Val’s Boyfriend”

Black & Red Leather Outfit
“Pen Pals”

Pink, Yellow & Tartan Ensemble
“Canasta Masta”

Striped, Sequined Dress
“The Strike”

Argyle Sweater & Leather Skirt
“Everybody Needs a Bubby”

#1: Black & Red Swirl Dress
“The Nanny Behind the Man”

If there was still any doubt at this point that red is Fran’s color, this will put an end to that. In this season 2 episode, Fran is seen wearing a lot of bold and memorable outfits, like this highlighter yellow suit. However, it’s Fran’s black and red dress with a swirly design that left our jaws on the floor. Fran is the master of layering outfits, which we’ve seen this several times throughout the series, such as with this shiny, pink, sparkly dress paired with a black turtleneck. While that look is also one of our faves, nothing can beat the classy and flattering look of this iconic dress featuring Fran’s trademark hues.