Top 10 Best Scream Queens Characters
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Top 10 Best Scream Queens Characters

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Laura Keating
The show was short-lived, but these "Scream Queen" characters will live on in our hearts. Our countdown includes Chad Radwell, Zayday Williams, the Chanels, and more!

Top 10 Scream Queens Show Characters

It’s Hell Week, pledges. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Scream Queens Characters.

For this list we’ll be looking at the meanest, queenest, and most fiendish characters from both seasons of the fun and underrated dark comedy “Scream Queens,” crowning our favorite with the number one spot. The Red Devil is in the details, so some minor spoilers are ahead.

#10: Boone Clemens

A member of the elite Dickie Dollar Scholars frat club and roommate to Chad Radwell, Boone is the sort of dude you think you have figured out on first glance. A popular tag-along who will casually coast his way to the top based on connections and looks (but, to be fair, that’s like half the campus of Wallace University). With a supportive bro bestie, and a meal ticket, life is pretty perfect for Boone – until it comes to an abrupt end at the hands of the Red Devil …. Or DOES it?! Smirked to perfection by Nick Jonas, Boone’s connection to the killer on campus becomes one of the biggest mysteries of the season.

#9: Grace Gardner

Oh, sweet, naïve Grace. The season’s main protagonist, all she ever wanted was to get a place at the sorority where her mother once made so many friends and memories (and perhaps helped to cover-up a grisly death) back in the 90s … wait, what? Grace sees Kappa Kappa Tau as a once-great sisterhood corrupted by the influence of the Chanels and their ilk. However, the fact that the Red Devil appeared on campus just as she arrived with her sanctimonious mission to clean-up the sorority and bring it back to what she images was a golden-age of inclusiveness makes her suspicious, very suspicious ….

#8: Dr. Brock Holt

First appearing in Season Two, Dr. Brock Holt – portrayed by none other than 90s heartthrob, John Stamos – is head surgeon at the hospital with a dark past, which serves as the newest location for the series. As a surgeon, he relies on his steady hands, and after losing his right hand in a freak garbage disposal accident, he is the world’s first successful hand-transplant recipient. Too bad the donor hand once belonged to a murderous squash player! And when he’s stressed out, it’s like the hand has a mind of its own …

#7: Earl Grey

A member of the Dickie Dollar Scholars, he along with his bros were unfortunate enough to find the body of their buddy Boone. Traumatized by the experience, he and his brothers decide to seek out the Red Devil and avenge his death – a calling-out stunt that begins and ends in amazing fashion. Like Grace and Zayday, he believes in the Greek system of sororities and fraternities, and like the latter is ambitious enough to try and save it. Sweet and sexy, he is also the most intelligent of the DDS crew and is total boyfriend material – if he can outlive the Red Devil, that is.

#6: Cathy Munsch

You can’t have a show called “Scream Queens” without the original sovereign of shrieks, Jamie Lee Curtis! As Dean Cathy Munsch, she is an ambitious, ruthless, confident, and sexually voracious woman who is dedicated to the removal of what she feels is the antiquated and toxic Greek system on her campus. When she wants something – be it the presidency of Wallace University or Grace’s hunky dad, Wes – she will stop at nothing to get it, perhaps even stooping to murder? By Season Two, she is the owner of Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering Hospital (redubbed C.U.R.E.) where she’s just as dominant as ever.

#5: The Chanels

The clicquest clique to ever clique, the Chanels – while each with their own quirky, arrogant, and/or airheaded personalities – are a package deal. The minions of Chanel Oberlin, aka Chanel #1, they are so named Chanel #2 through #5, minus #4 and with a later edition of #6, because she can’t be bothered to learn their real names. These beautiful and spoiled princesses are as thick as thieves. Be it fluffing their leader’s already inflated ego, or covering up for murder, they know one thing: on campus, popularity is power. At times, you can’t help but feel a little sorry for them, and even root for them, despite their twisted brand of friendship.

#4: Zayday Williams

At first no fan of sorority houses, she is convinced to join Kappa Kappa Tau by her dormmate, Grace. When she sees the state of the elitist sisterhood, she decides to pledge, step up, and change things from the inside, running for house president against the tyrannical Chanel #1. Headstrong and intelligent, she has maybe the most realistic attitude to the crazy murderous nonsense happening in the house, which is to be on guard in order to survive… but, then, why the chainsaw under the bed, Zayday?

#3: Denise Hemphill

Killer on campus? No problem, follow her three easy steps for staying alive, and (eventually) Denise Hemphill will come a-running. Or run in the other direction, whichever is the most pragmatic. The private security guard might not be the most effective guard when it comes to protecting the girls of KKT from the masked killer known as the Red Devil – things didn’t work out too well for Shondell of Best Buy, after all – but she is certainly the most hilarious. She also has some of the best advice when it comes to confronting chainsaw-wielding masked killers: DON’T!

#2: Chad Radwell

Played to perfection by Glen Powell, the narcissistic, cheating, on-again/off-again boyfriend of Chanel #1 could have been so easy to hate – but is in fact impossible not to love. Defender of his buddy Boone – and later chief avenger of – he has some of the best lines of the show and steals every scene he struts into. President of the Dickie Dollar Scholars, he’s the smug, golf-playing, pastel polo shirt-wearing embodiment of everything that’s wrong with the Greek system. Despite constantly reminding every girl he meets that’s he’s handsome, and the fact that death turns him on, he’s incredibly funny and his totally screwed up, waspy family actually makes us feel a little sorry for him.

Before we unmask our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Gigi Caldwell

Wes Gardner

Pete Martinez

#1: Chanel Oberlin

Chanel Oberlin – that’s Chanel #1 to you, pledges – is a force to be reckoned with. The meanest, most ruthless, and maybe richest president KKT has ever had the privilege of adoring and obeying, she isn’t giving up her little kingdom for anything, not jumped-up pledges, not a merciless dean, not a homicidal maniac … that is, if she isn’t the one behind the mask. She’s got goals, ambition, and a legion of followers, be it her Chanel minions, or her social media followers, whom she deigns to adore her every Chanel-oween. With a closet bigger than your apartment, and an ego to match, she’s the queen supreme.