Top 10 Comedy Movies You Forgot Were Awesome



Top 10 Comedy Movies You Forgot Were Awesome

VOICE OVER: Ryan Wild WRITTEN BY: Saim Cheeda
These comedies need a rewatch. For this list, we're looking at comedies that were overshadowed during their original release, but are hilarious in hindsight. Our countdown includes "Get Him to the Greek", "The Cable Guy", “Mystery Men”, and more!

Top 10 Comedy Movies You Forgot Were Awesome

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Comedy Movies You Forgot Were Awesome.

For this list, we’re looking at comedies that were overshadowed during their original release, but are hilarious in hindsight. We’re excluding movies that can be considered comedy-dramas to focus on pure comedies.

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#10: “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” (2016)

This mockumentary follows Conner, an immature musician who lets his popularity get to his head. After betraying his partners, Conner learns that remaining famous takes a lot more work than he thought. In order to retain his relevance, he stoops to outlandish means of publicity. You know it’s out of control when wolves are attacking Seal. The film is notable for starring many performers from Saturday Night Live, and often resembles an extended sketch that doesn’t hold back in its gross-out humor. Despite this, there are also enough heartwarming moments here to make viewers fully invested in the story.

#9: “The Man with Two Brains” (1983)

For many, Steve Martin is the ultimate family man thanks to popular films like Father of the Bride. However, he plays very much against type here, in a film that revels in zany humor. Featuring an unlikeable but hilarious protagonist, the story depicts Dr. Michael Hfhuruhurr and his love for the brain of a recently deceased woman. After learning of a technique to transfer her brain into the body of another person, Michael tries to bring his new love back to life while getting rid of his gold digger wife. The plot is as wonderfully silly as it sounds, but that's where the hilarity comes from. With Steve Martin at his best, this oddball comedy and its slapstick jokes have stood the test of time.

#8: “Mystery Men” (1999)

Superhero film tropes have become commonplace, but Mystery Men parodied this aspect before it was cool. Featuring a star cast of comedic actors, the film spoofs elements of the superhero genre to ridiculous levels. The story features down-and-out characters with questionable powers expanding their team to rescue the charismatic but arrogant Captain Amazing. As expected, these goofballs have more than their fair share of hijinks, all dialed up to the highest level of absurdity. However, Mystery Men does carry a theme of self-worth at its heart, with each character rising to the occasion and becoming a true hero in their own right. With superhero movies so popular, it’s worth indulging in Mystery Men’s satirical humor even more.

#7: “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” (1995)

The insanity of Ace Ventura is too much to contain in just one film. This sequel goes all in Ace’s love for the wild, placing him right in the heart of the jungle. This time round, Ace is recruited to find the missing Great White Bat of the fictional country of Nibia. Basking in the glory of its over-the-top comedy, the film never tries to take itself seriously. Jim Carrey is let loose to display his full talent for physical comedy. While the first movie is well known for its originality, the sequel deserves praise for delivering a fresh take on this spectacularly goofy character.

#6: “Get Him to the Greek” (2010)

The follow-up to Forgetting Sarah Marshall might not have been as commercially successful, but it does craft its own comedic niche. In the film, rock star Aldous Snow must be brought to the Greek Theatre by hapless talent scout Aaron Green. Unfamiliar with the partying that comes with Aldous' celebrity lifestyle, Aaron has to jump through ever more ridiculous hoops to get his job done. Thanks to Jonah Hill and Russell Brand's scene-stealing chemistry, the movie is able to balance raunchy humor with character development - without compromising its jokes. It’s an underrated gem with some incredibly memorable scenes.

#5: “They Came Together” (2014)

If there's ever been a romantic comedy to end all rom coms it would have to be this one. They Came Together is a satirical look into every cheesy, tired, and formulaic element found in romance films. With an all star cast made up of cameos you'll never see coming, the movie makes fun of predictable tropes in highly unpredictable ways. While it slipped under the radar due to other high profile projects by the A-List cast, it's a worthy inclusion in their acting credits due to the intentionally wacky performances. Despite this satirical approach, They Came Together features a smart execution of its comedy, even the times that make us cringe hard.

#4: “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (2005)

Who knew a murder mystery could be this funny? Kiss Kiss Bang Bang relies on the dynamic between Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer, whose characters couldn't be any more different. As former burglar Harry Lockhart and straight laced investigator Gay Perry stumble their way through an investigation, there are more than a few differences in opinion. The film also has neo-noir elements that, combined with its satirical take on the entertainment industry, shakes up the black comedy genre. It's no wonder director Shane Black returned with another team-up movie a decade later, the equally funny The Nice Guys.

#3: “Something Wild” (1986)

Not only does this action comedy bring something wild, it brings a bit of everything. Featuring constant shifts in tone, the film depicts the relationship between the conventional Charlie and the free-spirited Audrey. A chance meeting begins a series of misadventures, turning Charlie into a man of action. The arrival of Audrey's unhinged husband puts a damper on their romance, although his crazy mannerisms are a riot to watch. While there are definitely some dark moments, they’re presented with the film's brand of unconventional humor. Due to the many twists in the story, Something Wild keeps things at a refreshing pace, all the while building up to its spectacular finale. It's a worthy change from the usual rom com formula.

#2: “Election” (1999)

Underhanded political tactics and electoral intervention have become very relevant in contemporary culture. This makes Election, about a student body presidency run going off the rails, ahead of its time. Feeling the uptight overachiever Tracy Flick doesn't deserve to win, high school teacher Jim McAllister tries to find ways to discredit Tracy's campaign. Tracy's own calculating mind leads to a clash of nasty schemes from both sides. The film's exploration of the messy side of politics unfolds creatively and with a perfect brand of comedic timing. While the characters are far from likable, their neurotic antics and quirky mannerisms make for an engaging and hilarious ride.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Real Life” (1979)
A Disaster You Can’t Look Away From

“Orange County” (2002)
Because This Is Nothing Like Your Average Teen Comedy

“This Is 40” (2012)
This “Knocked Up” Spin-Off Is Full of Personal Observations & Punchlines

“Drop Dead Gorgeous” (1999)
For Beauty Pageants at Their Deadliest

“The Fundamentals of Caring” (2016)
Because Who Can Resist a Good Road Movie?

#1: “The Cable Guy” (1996)

A dark comedy directed by Ben Stiller, this film features Jim Carrey as the titular villain in all his hammy glory. The plot revolves around a mild mannered man who becomes friendly with the cable installer, only for this friendship to blow up beyond measure. Also featuring appearances from many other actors who went on to become comedy legends, the film finds ways to joke about situations that really shouldn't be amusing. It shows how even the most ridiculous things can be made funny - especially with scenes like this [broll: Cable Guy dunking Owen Wilson's character's head in the toilet]. With a level of wit added to the slapstick comedy, The Cable Guy proudly flaunts its bizarre premise.