Top 10 Glee Couples That Never Should've Happened



Top 10 Glee Couples That Never Should've Happened

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These are the "Glee" couples that never should have happened. Our countdown includes Puck & Lauren, Rachel & Brody, Kurt & Brittany, and more!

Top 10 Glee Couples That Never Should Have Happened

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Glee Couples That Never Should Have Happened.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the worst couples from this teen musical dramedy.

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#10: Marley & Ryder

Ryder really liked Marley, and though they looked good together in “Grease,” she just didn't have the same feelings for him. She was into Jake. It was more like Marley wasn't used to all the attention and became infatuated with the idea that two guys were so into her. After her intense break up with Jake, Ryder thought it was finally his time, and asked Marley out in front of the Glee Club. Not the best timing, dude. She said yes, but you can see it on the other guys' faces that they knew this was a bad idea. They went on one date, and Marley realized that she did in fact not have feelings for Ryder like that. Poor guy.

#9: Puck & Lauren

This was one of the weirdest couples in “Glee” history. Puck was looking for new members to join the Glee Club when he got tossed in a porta potty and left there all night. Lauren found him and he instantly fell for her. It was cool to see Puck actually have to woo someone for once, but this relationship just came so far out of left field. There were some fun moments between them like when he sang her “Fat Bottomed Girls,” or when he helped her gain the confidence to get over her stage fright, but that was pretty much all they had. And when the show came back for Season Three, she was just gone and they were done.

#8: Jake & Bree

This one was just an all-around disaster. Jake was dating Marley at the time and Bree seduced him away from Marley just because she could. Yet, you still somehow end up feeling kind of bad for Bree when all is said and done. She didn’t even have to try that hard to get him to stray. Jake was getting impatient with how slowly Marley wanted to take things in their relationship, so he overcorrected into a full-on bad boy. He cheated on her with Bree… and then with every other girl he could get his hands on. At least something good came out of it when Jake decided to reform his ways after Bree had a pregnancy scare. But this whole ordeal was easily avoidable.

#7: Quinn & Joe

Joe was one of the newbies of Season Three, brought into the Glee Club after his talents were showcased in the God Squad club. He seemed interesting at first. Being homeschooled, and very religious, there was an opportunity for conflict and growth for him, but unfortunately, he became little more than Quinn’s love interest. There might have been something here if given a chance, but Joe never really got the chance to develop into a three-dimensional character and was just kind of slowly erased out of the show. He helped Quinn while she was partially paralyzed, which was cool, but it seemed like that was the only reason she liked him. And when she got better and graduated they just ended.

#6: Santana & Sam

They were both just so terrible to each other. They didn’t even like each other. Santana snatched him up just to get at Quinn and she simply needed a new guy to keep up her facade. And Sam actually also got with her to get back at Quinn for kissing Finn. There didn't seem to be any real feelings there. It was nothing more than a relationship of opportunity. Is this what they call a situationship? And just as quickly and as jarringly as it began, it ended. They didn’t even have a breakup, they just weren’t together anymore when Santana decided she was better off with Karofsky.

#5: Rachel & Brody

This was the worst rebound ever. After Finn broke up with Rachel and sent her to New York, all she did was think about him, that is until Brody slithered his way into her life. Brody was basically just the first guy to come around after Rachel and Finn broke up. No matter how many times he said that he was cool with just being friends after she told him she was waiting for Finn, it was obvious what he really wanted. Little did Rachel know, the dude was a male prostitute. He definitely should have told her so she could make up her own mind. Her health could have been at risk. Seriously, not cool. He deserved that beating that Finn gave him.

#4: Puck & Mercedes

This was another relationship of opportunity. Puck started falling down the social ladder after joining the glee club, and he needed a girl to boost his popularity again. Ironically, Mercedes was climbing her way up after joining the Cheerios so he decided to make her his girlfriend. Mercedes was initially resistant but eventually was just totally cool with it and used him for status, too. Apparently, him singing “The Lady is a Tramp” to her was enough to make up for that terrible pickup line. Mercedes even fought with Santana over him. What?! Thankfully this one was short-lived and we didn’t have to suffer its absurdity for too long.

#3: Shelby & Puck

That’s right, another Puck relationship. Shelby adopted Puck and Quinn's baby at the end of Season 1 and when they tried to spend time with Beth in Season 3, Shelby and Puck started hooking up. Sure, Puck is 18, but the dynamic of the student-teacher relationship here is still messed up. But even if you look past that, dating the adoptive mother of your birth daughter who is also the birth mother of your ex-girlfriend, what the hell, Puck?! There have been some incestuous relationships in the show, but this one was just disgusting. We don’t mean to keep picking on Puck, but let’s be honest here, there is a common denominator in all of Puck’s unsuccessful relationships, and it’s him.

#2: Kurt & Brittany

Remember this one? This was way back when Brittany's character was little more than the resident McKinley High floozy, and Kurt was still trying to figure out who he was. After a peculiar performance from Kurt, Brittany offers to hook up with him because he's the only guy in school she hasn't made out with yet. Kurt is going through a tough time when he's trying to get his dad's attention and relate to him more, so he decides to try and be straight. The whole thing is pretty hilarious. That scene where Burt walks in and catches them together is iconic and unforgettable.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Puck & Kitty

Artie & Sugar

Kitty & Jake

#1: Blaine & Karofsky

This whole thing was just disturbing. Yes, Karofsky had amazing character development, and grew into a really great guy, but how could Blaine just forget what he did to Kurt in high school? They all managed to find a way to be friends at the end of it, but Blaine was the one who helped Kurt get through his toughest times when Karofsky was beating him in the halls and threatening to kill him. Blaine getting with Karofsky was a terrible betrayal and also just weird as hell. This was even weirder than when Santana and Karofsky dated to be each other’s beards. Basically, any relationship with Karofsky was just a bad idea.