Top 10 Craziest Things That Happened in Borat 2



Top 10 Craziest Things That Happened in Borat 2

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
VERY NICE, indeed! For this list, we'll be looking at the most cringeworthy, over-the-top and gasp-inducing moments from the Borat sequel. Our countdown includes The Debutante Ball, The Pregnancy Crisis Clinic, The Rudy Giuliani Interview, and more!

Top 10 Craziest Things That Happened in Borat 2

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Things That Happened in Borat 2.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most cringeworthy, over-the-top and gasp-inducing moments from the Borat sequel.

Please note: this video will include spoilers.

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#10: All the Faxes

Borat’s mission is a simple one: go to America and present Mike Pence with Johnny the Monkey as a gift on behalf of Kazakhstan. When his daughter throws a wrench in the proceedings, however, he’s forced to break it to the premier of Kazakhstan the only way he knows how - by fax! Going to a local copy shop, Borat begins a painfully lengthy exchange with the store employee serving as the middleman. They communicate about as efficiently as people text. Over the course of the faxing exchange however, the discussion veers into some intense and downright criminal territory. And yet the aging employee never bats an eye. Not even when the premier accidentally faxes a rather private picture intended for someone else.

#9: Borat Does the Pandemic

About two-thirds of the way into the film, COVID-19 hits. Borat walks the streets confused until he meets a local man who brings him up to speed on the lockdown. Borat being Borat, he immediately imposes himself on the man and asks to go home with him. It’s a funny bit that you expect to result in an uncomfortable but brief exchange. Despite his hosts having some pretty extreme world views, Borat winds up living with them for DAYS. It’s a thoroughly wild ride. Borat makes himself at home, takes the fight to COVID and manages to find some extremely off-putting common ground with his new roommates. It’s all absurd, but double-y so when you remember that Sacha Baron Cohen is supposedly the only one acting.

#8: The Debutante Ball

As part of Borat’s plan to make nice with the leaders of America, he gives his daughter Tutar a complete makeover. After taking her dress shopping and to a beauty salon, Tutar is given a crash course in ladylike behavior before partaking in a debutante ball. When Borat brings up her “moon blood”, we should’ve known that we were being set up for something shocking … And sure enough their father-daughter dance soon takes quite a turn. While the dance makes a big impression, the conversation Borat has with a local father is arguably more upsetting. Borat’s misogyny is pretend, but what about the people around him?

#7: Tutar’s Speech

Borat’s daughter has been raised with some frightening ideas about gender roles and female sexuality. The “Daughter Owner's Manual” is one of the most horrific pieces of literature (fake or otherwise), we’ve ever seen! Following a pep talk from her babysitter, however, Tutar begins to question what she’s been taught. And after meeting a Republican Women’s Club, Borat’s daughter finally takes her self-discovery into her own hands. She has less success however when she attempts to share with the other women at the event ...When public speaking, it’s important to play to your audience. And this group was NOT about to follow her lead.

#6: Borat’s Performance as Country Steve

Videos of Country Steve actually circulated back around the time that Sacha Baron Cohen was filming this stunt. They created quite the uproar on both sides. Many people were shocked by what the comedian could get the crowd to sing along to. Some people in attendance, however, argued that they were being misportrayed and clearly weren't impressed. Cohen, for his part, claims that he feared for his life filming this particular stunt. Regardless, there’s really no arguing with the results. While Country Steve’s “Wuhan Flu” sing-along by no means inspires everyone in the crowd, there are still a fair number of people following his lead. In this case, even partial participation conveys a scary message.

#5: Crashing the Republican Convention

There are a lot of detours in Borat’s second journey to America. But what kicks off this misadventure is Borat’s government-mandated mission to offer a gift to Vice-President Mike Pence. And wouldn’t you know it… despite the odds, Borat actually manages to do it! He kicks off the encounter in fine form by entering in full KKK robes, complete with a hood. The fact that he even made it to the washrooms in this horrifically offensive getup is shocking in its own right. But his next costume quickly wipes that one from memory. Dressed in a costume of POTUS, he fights his way through the masses, Tutar slung over his shoulder, and actually gets the chance to offer her to the VP from the crowd.

#4: The Plastic Surgeon

For all the politically-charged shenanigans in this film, Borat arguably gets the best material by just talking to ordinary people. Case in point, this repulsive exchange with a plastic surgeon. Borat brings Tutar in to meet with the doctor about various possible procedures. Borat and his daughter hardly need to put in any effort to elicit anti-semitic remarks. As if that’s not enough, when asked about his sexual attraction to Tutar, the surgeon goes a step further, crossing a line that you won’t believe even after repeat viewings. We also get some very uncomfortable negotiation tactics courtesy of Borat over the price of the surgeries.

#3: The Pregnancy Crisis Clinic

Speaking of casual anti-semitism, how about this custom cake? The employee working behind the counter doesn’t seem phased in the slightest by the request. But this is all just a big setup for one of the film’s most awe-inducingly insane moments. After swallowing a plastic baby while eating a cupcake, Tutar wants to have it removed. You see where this is going? They wind up at the “Pregnancy Crisis Clinic”, where they meet with a pastor. Leaning into their limited English, father and daughter tell the doctor that Tutar has a baby in her, it hurts, she’s 15 years old, she wants it out and her father gave it to her. And despite everything, the pastor repeatedly puts a positive spin on the situation, making “pro-life” the only option.

#2: The Synagogue Visit

What begins as arguably the most offensive scene in Borat 2 is also among its most surprising. Down on his luck and resigned to his fate, Borat begins the segment by making some allusions to horrific acts of anti-semitic violence. He then dresses up in a costume that’s a composite of all the most offensive and hateful Jewish stereotypes. Upon entering the house of worship, however, he meets a very sweet elderly jewish woman who fundamentally undermines his xenophobia. She greets him with compassion, a meal and a willingness to look past his hate and fear in the name of empathy and human connection. It’s a truly remarkable scene in more ways than one.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Buying a Cage for Tutar

Borat Dropping an Exaggerated "MY WIIIIIFE"

The Sugar Baby Exchange

Tutar Arrives in America

Borat Takes His Leashed Daughter on a Walk

#1: The Rudy Giuliani Interview

While perhaps not the most in your face moment in the film, the Rudy Giuliani interview is shocking by virtue of its existence. It’s unbelievable that this actually happened. Tutar, her transformation complete and wanting to save her father’s life, sits down with Rudy Giuliani for an interview. The idea is that Tutar is supposed to be making herself available to Rudy Giuliani as a gift to him. As to whether the politician and ex-New York City mayor was taking the bait or not, we’ll leave you to judge. Regardless of what would or would not have happened had Borat not intervened, this moment definitely feels like it has the most real world consequences of anything in the film.