Sonny with a Chance Cast: Where Are They Now?



Sonny with a Chance Cast: Where Are They Now?

VOICE OVER: Emily - WatchMojo WRITTEN BY: Val Namaki
We've been thinking about the "Sonny with a Chance" cast. Where are they now? Let's find out! Our countdown includes Doug Brochu, Tiffany Thornton, Sterling Knight, and more!

Sonny with a Chance Cast: Where Are They Now?

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the “Sonny with a Chance Cast”: Where Are They Now?

For this list, we’ll be looking at what the cast of the Disney channel sitcom has been up to since the show ended in 2011.

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#8: Genevieve Hannelius

Who could forget Dakota? After pretending to be underprivileged so she could meet Chad, she hilariously terrorized everyone. It was a recurring role, but she certainly made an impression. She went on to land a guest spot on "Good Luck Charlie" as Jo. Afterwards, she played main character Avery Jennings in "Dog With A Blog". Then, she appeared in 7 episodes of "American Vandal" as Chrysta Carlyle, was the voice of Ruby on "Future-Worm". and played Marti in "Timeline". In 2020, her movie "Day 13" was released. She also has an upcoming project titled "Sid Is Dead”. Outside of acting, she’s a singer, has a cruelty-free nail polish line called “G Polish”, and a Youtube channel. G. Hannelius is here to stay, and we’re thrilled.

#7: Michael Kostroff

Kostroff is best known for his part on “The Wire” pre- “Sonny”. On the show, he played Marshall Pike, executive producer and creator of “So Random”. And he’s had a lot of work since. His roles include Evan Braun in "Law and Order: SVU", Rizzi in "The Deuce", Charles Froines in "The Good Wife", Detective Michael Wilcox in "The Blacklist", and Judge Gearheart in "Damages". He also recently played Shepsie Tirchwell in the HBO limited series "The Plot Against America", which he covered the theme song for, according to Slate. As for movies, he's had parts in "Hard Sell", "Molly's Game" , and "Norman". In addition, he's also an acting coach, and author. This is one experienced man.

#6: Doug Brochu

He played Grady Mitchell, the goofball always getting into weird situations with Nico. Like most of his co-stars, he took part in the "So Random" spinoff. But he hasn’t done much on-screen acting since then, other than a two episode guest stint on Disney XD's "Pair of Kings". Focusing more on the art of theater, he was part of the Brooklyn sketch comedy group “Burnt Quiche”. He also participated in an “immersive version” of the holiday show called "Nutcracker Cocktail Fete" at the end of the 2010s. Meanwhile, 2020 saw him take on the part of a crime scene photographer in the crime documentary series, "A Wilderness of Error". It remains to be seen if Brochu will return to the screen more often or focus his acting pursuits on the stage.

#5: Allisyn Ashley Arm

The actress behind young and somewhat odd genius Zora Lancaster is all grown up. Immediately after the show ended, she participated in the short-lived spinoff. Then, from 2012-2015, she was the voice of Stormy on "Jake And The Neverland Pirates". She now plays Heather on the NBC comedy "A.P. Bio". She also plays Heidi in the completed but yet to be released short, "Seek". Plus: she has a YouTube web show called “Astrid Clover” where she portrays the titular role, is an artist with an Etsy shop, and produces films and shorts for her production company “Watch The Footage Productions”. She is without a doubt one impressive and multi-talented woman!

#4: Brandon Mychal Smith

The man behind “smooth talker” and loyal friend Nico Harris starred in “So Random” when “Sonny” ended. He's since been in many shows, most recently Mindy Kaling’s 2019 "Four Weddings And A Funeral" TV adaptation. He also voiced Mikey in the TV series short "Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles''. Some of his other projects include shows such as "Sweet/Vicious", "One Big Happy", and "You're The Worst". He's also set to star as Leo in the comedy "Sick Girl", which features Nina Dobrev. He has certainly not slowed down and we’re always glad to see him on our television and film screens.

#3: Tiffany Thornton

After playing resident diva Tawni Hart, Thornton reprised her role for the spinoff. Afterwards, she had parts in shows and movies like “Unlucky Charms” and the animated "Muertoons". However, she's since largely left Hollywood to focus on other pursuits, namely songwriting, blogging, and motivational speaking. She even did a stint as a radio host. Plus, she’ll often promote various companies on her social media. Outside of work, she’s extremely family-oriented. Her first husband, with whom she had two kids, tragically passed away in 2015. She has since remarried and gave birth to a daughter in 2018. She often showcases her family and life on Instagram. And, as evidenced by her profile’s bio and content, she is very faith-based. It looks like she found what she was looking for.

#2: Sterling Knight

After playing self-absorbed star with a heart of gold Chad Dylan Cooper, Knight reprised his role for the "So Random" spinoff. He then appeared for 31 episodes as Zander Carlson in "Melissa and Joey". In 2017, he starred in the comedy series "In The Rough" as Cameron Fulbright. As for the big screen, he’s been in films such as “The Man From Earth: Holocene”, and “Different Flowers”. However, his last acting credit dates to 2017. He occasionally posts videos of himself singing covers on Instagram, and he’s quite good. Not to mention he’s an avid traveler, having gone to South Asia for 6 weeks. It’s unclear if he’ll make a permanent return to the screen anytime soon, but we certainly hope he does!

#1: Demi Lovato

The breakout star of the show was the actress behind quirky girl next door, Sonny Munroe. Lovato left the show to focus on herself and her music. Now, she has an incredibly successful career, with 6 albums and countless collaborations. Notably, she made waves at the 2020 Grammys with an emotional performance of her single ,“Anyone,” following her overdose. Later that year, she released “Still Have Me” following the breakup of her engagement with Max Ehrich. Prior to all this, she was a judge on “The X-Factor” in 2012-2013. Following her 2017 YouTube documentary, “Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated,” YouTube announced another 4-part series in 2020 . Lovato hasn’t stopped acting though: she guest-starred on "Glee", "Will and Grace" and had a part in “Eurovision Song Contest.” She’s also a passionate advocate for mental health and social justice. It’s safe to say Lovato has made it.