Top 10 Creepiest Real Life Tunnels
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Top 10 Creepiest Real Life Tunnels

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Don't put these on your bucket list. For this list, we'll be looking at tunnels around the world that are rumored to be haunted or have been abandoned for various reasons. Our countdown includes Sensabaugh Tunnel, Church Hill, Tennessee, Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland, Church Hill Tunnel, Richmond, Virginia, and more!

Top 10 Creepiest Tunnels You Should Avoid/Shouldn’t Explore

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Creepiest Tunnels You Should Avoid.

For this list, we’ll be looking at tunnels around the world that are rumored to be haunted or have been abandoned for various reasons.

Let us know in the comments which tunnel you’d be LEAST likely to brave.

#10: Gold Camp Road Tunnels, Colorado Springs, Colorado

These tunnels start out as a fun experience. The first two are supposedly filled with joyful laughter and the sound of children playing, but as you head down the third tunnel, those cheerful sounds turn horrific. The same voices begin to scream in agony. Some people have even reported child-sized handprints appearing on their car windows. According to local legend, the third tunnel collapsed on a school bus of children, claiming the lives of everyone on board. The veracity of this story is contested, but regardless, these tunnels are not for the faint of heart

#9: Victoria Park, Brisbane

Australia is known for its dangerous wildlife. But that’s not all you should be on lookout for should you choose to visit the city of Brisbane. A limbless green ghost (some say headless) reportedly comes out of the walls of the Victoria Park tunnel. In the 1960s, it supposedly sent one young boy to the hospital after the entity put him into a trance-like state, with the boy's friends thinking he’d become possessed. Though this is the most famous such incident, it’s not the only one. There have been numerous reported sightings throughout the 20th century.

#8: Sensabaugh Tunnel, Church Hill, Tennessee

Considering locals claim that this is a place of evil, we’d recommend taking their advice and staying away. The tunnel is supposedly full of paranormal activity, including demonic apparitions and car engines suddenly dying. It’s perhaps most infamous, however, for the wailing cries of women and their babies that have been reported over the years. It was said that a resident of Church Hill had killed his entire family, and the creek they were dumped in ran through the tunnel. This resident’s name was Mr. Sensabaugh. Considering the aforementioned issue with car engines, this tunnel is best avoided unless you’re confident in your ability to get away on foot. It looks like you won’t be able to rely on technology for this one.

#7: Blue Ghost Tunnel, Ontario, Canada

As the story goes, flooding saw hundreds of bodies dislodged from a graveyard during the construction of this train tunnel. Roughly two-thirds of the bodies were never recovered. As your mind fills images of bloated, waterlogged, rotting corpses, you’re probably nodding in agreement as to why this tunnel made the list. If you’re brave or foolish enough to enter the structure, you’ll find a floor caked with mud and a near constant dripping sound that echoes off the tunnel walls. Oh, it also gets smaller the further you go. That all combines to make for one seriously creepy atmosphere. But it doesn’t explain the bone-chilling cold that permeates the tunnel even during hot summer months.

#6: Hoosac Tunnel, Western Massachusetts

Sometimes referred to as ‘The Bloody Pit,’ Hoosac Tunnel certainly lives up to its name. Around two hundred people were killed during the construction of the tunnel, with causes ranging from fires all the way to drownings. Workers stopped showing up after supposedly seeing ghostly figures and hearing the pained groans of their fallen friends deep in the tunnel. A local hunter disappeared for three days, and when he was found, he said that he’d been led into the tunnel by distant voices. Inside, he was greeted by spectral, undead figures roaming the tunnel. This is one place you would not want to venture to alone, with a friend, or at all, really.

#5: Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland

Belchen Tunnel is said to be home to the mysterious 'White Woman,' a hitchhiker whose pale, ghostly skin and white clothing probably wouldn't make you want to slow down. It’s said that if she is picked up, she’ll vanish from your vehicle shortly after getting in. With apparently dozens of police reports describing similar encounters since the 1980s, even the most skeptical people should stay away. If you do decide to ignore our warnings and pick this woman up while driving through the Belchen Tunnel, we hope for your sake that she disappears sooner rather than later.

#4: Moonville Tunnel, Moonville, Ohio

Imagine being on a late-night walk when you see a light from inside a tunnel up ahead. Or you might spy a young man standing above the tunnel, looking down. There’s also a chance that your nostrils will fill with the sweet smell of lavender. While none of the aforementioned descriptions sound especially sinister, wait for the context. The light supposedly comes from the lanterns of two railroad workers who were killed by trains in Ohio’s Moonville Tunnel in the 1800s. The young man was a bully who started fights and met his demise on the train tracks. And the smell of lavender is from a thin, elderly woman who took a fatal fall.

#3: Big Bull Tunnel, Wise County, Virginia

Building tunnels is dangerous work. And in the 19th century, such projects often resulted in accidental deaths. Even so, Big Bull Tunnel feels especially sinister. In addition to the usual body count, it’s also got a murder to its name! The haunting can be traced back to 1905, when two inspectors reportedly heard a mysterious voice emanating from the brick walls. What was it saying, you might be wondering? “They are drinking my blood.” The train tunnel is still in operation today, so there are actually a few solid arguments to avoid taking a stroll through Big Bull.

#2: Church Hill Tunnel, Richmond, Virginia

We’ve heard about a lot of ghosts here, so now we think it’s time for something different. This tunnel might attract a different form of paranormal expert, namely a vampire hunter. That’s right; Virginia’s Church Hill Tunnel was supposedly home to the blood-sucking creature of the night. Upon being discovered, the creature caused the tunnel to collapse, burying two workers. When rescuers came, it was said that the creature fled the tunnel, making its home in a new but equally terrifying location - a mausoleum in Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery. Okay, now we’re talking about haunted cemeteries, everybody. That’s a pretty good reason to keep out.

#1: The Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Known by no other name, the “Screaming Tunnel” more than earns our number one spot. A drainage tunnel dating back to the 1800s, this spooky 125 foot passageway has been giving locals cause for fear as long as anyone can remember. And the story behind it is absolutely tragic. There are various conflicting legends, but they all involve a young girl being burned alive. It's her screams that give the tunnel its name. If you light a match in the tunnel, legend has it that the girls blood-curdling screams will fill the space and she’ll blow out the match. So… how about we give this tunnel a wide berth and leave her in peace?