Top 10 Moments from Insecure
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Top 10 Moments from Insecure

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Jordan Garner
These moments from "Insecure" remain as priceless as ever. Our countdown includes lowkey growth, Kelli gets tased, Issa quits, and more!

Top 10 Moments from Insecure

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments from Insecure.

For this list, we’ll be looking at those moments that had the most impact on fans of the comedy-drama. Also note: spoiler warning is now in effect!

Are you Team Issa, Team Lawrence or Team Molly? Let us know where you stand in the comments!

#10: Malibu!
“Broke as Fuck”

It’s always nice to get away with your girls and just cut loose, and in this episode, fans were treated to some great moment of that. Issa and Molly are still beefing with each other, which leads to some awkward interactions. When the girls finally get to Malibu, they are on their worst behavior and cut loose in a club. The highlight is the group getting real in the hot tub, where Issa wants to leave to try and patch things up with Lawrence. Molly puts her issues with Issa aside and drives her back to LA, only for Issa to realize that Lawrence didn’t want to get back together and has moved out.

#9: Closure
“Hella Perspective”

In the season 2 finale, Issa and Lawrence are finally ready to talk about everything that has happened in their relationship. When they meet up in their old apartment to give the keys back, they sit down and have at it. Although the wounds are still raw, they’re able to have a mature conversation about their relationship. What makes this moment truly special, is that we get to see how vulnerable the two of them are with each other. While it was Issa’s infidelity that broke them apart, the pair is honest about the other mistakes that each of them made, and which had led to their breakup.

#8: Issa Quits

Issa’s time at “We Got Y’all” had been difficult, to say the least. Despite the organization’s mission of helping people of color, they only had one POC on staff. And despite Issa doing her best to help the foundation grow and perform better, the executive director was so wrapped up in her own “White Savior” complex that she dismissed her employee’s actions. Finally having enough, Issa does what’s best for her and takes some time to think about her future. After bouncing some ideas off of a new friend, Issa comes to understand that she can better serve her community elsewhere, and leaves the job.

#7: The Couch Montage
“Racist as Fuck”

This moment contextualizes a lot of the issues that Issa and Lawrence had been having and will have later on in the season. The couple has been on rocky grounds for a while now, and the tension between them is palpable. Lawrence gets frustrated with her for not listening to him, and Issa begins to think back to when they first got together. Specifically, she reminisces about all the times they’ve had on that yellow couch, which they also bought together. The initial memories are happy ones, and were all about how they used to cuddle and hang out with each other. However, they soon dissolve into fights, distance and then... silence.

#6: Financial Issues

Issa’s been having some money trouble and has been staying with Daniel while she figures her stuff out. This includes going to Kelli to ask her for advice. Kelli is appalled by her credit score, and hilariously puts things into perspective for Issa. Once she takes a look at her friend’s spending, Kelli is let down and has some serious questions. Natasha Rothwell, who also writes for the show, completely steals this scene. Her mix of facial expressions and comedic timing is what made this moment so memorable.

#5: The Real L.A.

The show has always been “a love letter to L.A.,” and in this episode, “Insecure” was able to show off the beauty of the city. After being taken off desk duty at work, Issa runs into new guy Nathan, and they end up exploring the real Los Angeles together. Their interactions are super flirty and give off the vibe that this could be someone nice and new for Issa. While they go on some cool adventures across town, the best moment comes when Issa takes Nathan to her childhood home. Although another family lives there now, they still decide to skinny dip in the pool. After being chased away by the real homeowners, they ultimately get the tacos they were waiting for all day.

#4: Kelli Gets Tased

People do crazy things when Beyoncé is around, and Kelli is no exception. The gang goes to see Beychella, but get upset when their spots in the crowd get taken. So they get into a fight with other festival-goers and wind up getting kicked out of the venue (xref)**. Filled with rage, a love for Beyoncé and possibly other substances, Kelli decides to risk it all and tries to jump the fence. Seeing this, the security guard takes action and tases her. In typical Kelli fashion, she lets out an incredible one-liner that proves why she’s a fan favorite.

#3: Whoops... Wrong Person
“Lowkey Trying”

A big part of what makes the relationship between Molly and Issa seem so authentic is probably the fact that creator Issa Rae based Molly off a real-life friend. This realness is most evident when the two realize that their relationship hasn’t been working for them. Earlier, at Issa’s block party, they get into a huge fight that almost spelled the end. (xref)** So, Molly and Issa try to repair things and get back to where they were while they are at Andrew’s playing a drinking game. However, when Molly accidentally texts Issa something that was meant for Andrew, Issa storms out, which leads to an argument that ends their friendship. This has been a long time coming and they both handle it calmly, but still with so much emotion.

#2: Lowkey Growth
“Lowkey Lost”

After their block party fight, it took a while before Issa and Molly talked. During this time, Issa heads to one of her favorite restaurants, only to see Molly sitting there. Issa decides to leave things and go home. What makes the moment that makes our pick for this entry so special is that it is a redo of that earlier one in episode 6. Now, by the time of the season 4 finale, Molly has reached out to Issa, and they sit down and begin to talk it out. We as the audience aren’t given any real dialogue, as the camera slowly pans away from the two while the soundtrack kicks in. But the ramifications of this conversation, along with other mind-blowing revelations, will be something fans can look forward to in season 5.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

I Am Not Your Token, “Familiar-Like”
Issa Is Not the Voice of the Culture

What Could Have Been, “Lowkey Happy”
Issa & Lawrence Finally Get Closure

Who’s Your Friend?, “Real as Fuck”
Never Meet Your Girl's Past Love Interest

Fantasy Date, “Hella Great”
Daydreaming about Lawrence

Issa Freestyling, “Hella Questions”
When’s the Mixtape Dropping?

#1: The Turning Point
“Shady as Fuck”

Despite its comedic elements, Insecure is not afraid to go the more dramatic route, and fans got their first big taste of that with Issa and Daniel. Daniel was the one who got away, and there were some unresolved feelings between them, to say the least. Now in this perfect storm of a moment, when things haven’t been good with Issa and Lawrence, she cheats on him. This decision affects Issa’s life for years to come, as it puts a strain on her relationship not only with Lawrence, but her friends as well.