Top 10 Shadiest Moments on Watch What Happens Live



Top 10 Shadiest Moments on Watch What Happens Live

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You won't need sunglasses for the shadiest moments on "Watch What Happens Live." For this list, we'll be looking at celeb appearances on Andy Cohen's talk show that resulted in shade being thrown towards other celebs. Our countdown includes Christina Aguilera on Eminem, 50 Cent on Jay-Z, Billy Poter on Mariah Carey, and more!

Shadiest Moments on Watch What Happens Live

Celebrities love to throw shade. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Shadiest Moments on Watch What Happens Live.

For this list, we’ll be looking at celeb appearances on Andy Cohen’s talk show that resulted in shade being thrown towards other celebs. Let’s dive right in to the cattiness.

#10: Christina Aguilera on Eminem

When Aguilera appeared on the show, she was subject to Cohen’s segment “”, in which hard-hitting questions are asked in a short amount of time. Cohen asked Aguilera how she felt towards Eminem, who has used her name in at least two songs, “The Real Slim Shady” in 2000, and a freestyle in 2018. We have to see the shade she throws as a little justified, however, as in the first song, Eminem refers to her promiscuity amongst peers, and in the second, crudely refers to her breasts (among other inappropriate comments). Aguilera refers to the rapper as “thirsty”, yet in this case, we take it to mean desperate for attention more than anything else.

#9: NeNe Leakes on Fellow “RHOA” Wives

When NeNe Leakes appeared on the show, she was basically handed the opportunity to throw shade on a silver platter. A video of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was shown, with the wives gossiping about NeNe behind her back. Andy Cohen then asked her if she wanted to respond, and of course she obliged. She proceeded to rattle off all of the insults she had just watched, and responded to each in a rapid fire of shade bullets. On top of this shade, when the video was shown, NeNe appeared in the corner of the screen, reacting to the footage as it played, in the style of a sports commentator. It was basically a shade-o-thon.

#8: Wendy Williams on Lisa Vanderpump

Oh, the “Housewives”… a constant source of shade. When a caller to the show asked her about her thoughts on Lisa Vanderpump, Williams immediately responded with “Who?” She then went on to imply that all of these Housewives are essentially replaceable, with one taking the spotlight only to be replaced by another after the former’s 15 minutes of fame have passed. Williams ends the quick rant with “I don’t care.” We can’t disagree with Williams here, as every week, there seems to be a new kid on the posh “Housewives” block. Let’s call this justified shade.

#7: 50 Cent on Jay-Z

Rapper feuds are a dime a dozen. And they also make the occasional appearance on talk shows. When 50 Cent appeared on “Watch What Happens Live”, he too was given the opportunity to play “Plead the Fifth”. He answered the other questions as politely as he could, and made the audience laugh more than once. When asked which hip hop star he considered to be overrated, he said Jay-Z, although he followed it up by saying Jay-Z himself would admit to this himself, as it is better to be overrated than to be underpaid. 50 Cent might seem tough in his music, but he is always a bit of a charmer on talk shows. His shade towards Jay-Z didn’t even sound rude or insulting.

#6: Zoë Kravitz on Lily Allen

Zoe clearly isn’t a fan of Lily Allen. Allen had recently written a book, detailing her tour with Kravitz’s band Lolawolf. She claimed that the two grew close, and ended up kissing. Kravitz clearly had a different version of the story, and was compelled to say so following a viewer’s question. Reminiscent of Wendy Williams’s entry, Kravitz began by saying “Who’s Lily Allen?” She then went on to say that Allen didn’t kiss her, but actually attacked her with the kiss. When Cohen asked her if she read the book, she said she didn’t think anybody read the book. Now that is some serious shade!

#5: Billy Porter on Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s 2014 Rockefeller Center tree lighting performance is implanted in the memories of everyone at this point as a complete disaster. Billy Porter himself performed at the event, and when a caller asked him what the “vibe” was like following the infamous Carey performance, he simply put his head back and awkwardly smiled. He then went on to say that the situation was “pandemonium” all day, and those present for the event and its preparations were not surprised by the dismal result. This leaves much to the imagination, but we can tell Porter is being as polite as possible, and Cohen moves on before he can add anything more.

#4: Paris Hilton on Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton had her own turn in the “Plead the Fifth” hotseat, and was asked to say three nice things about her then-enemy Lindsay Lohan. We can see the seething hatred in her expression before Cohen even finishes his sentence, and it is then followed by an awkward pause. Hilton then says “she’s beyond…” which is rather strange. She follows it up with “lame and embarrassing”, which are two not-so-nice things. We’re not sure about that first one, it could go either way… Paris Hilton’s lingo can be confusing at times. But we’re sure she would have given far more colorful adjectives had she not been on live television.

#3: Patti LuPone on Madonna

Now here’s a woman who doesn’t hold back. Patti LuPone is a Broadway actress, and has performed as Eva Perón on stage, as Madonna did in the film adaptation. When Cohen asked her what she thought of Madge’s performance in the film, she seemed to pause for a second and consider her answer, but then decided to just speak her mind. She called Madonna’s “Evita” a piece of crap, and then went on to call the singer a “movie killer”, criticized her acting, and claimed she should stay away from film and stage (in an acting capacity), as she is not an actress. Ouch.

#2: Naomi Campbell on Nicki Minaj & Cardi B

Naomi Campbell is definitely not known for her modesty, or for keeping her thoughts to herself. At New York Fashion Week, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B had an altercation at the Harper’s Bazaar “Icons” afterparty, which resulted in Cardi B being escorted out, sporting a bump on her forehead. Campbell was asked for her thoughts on the situation, and began her answer by saying that she doesn’t know why it was called the Icons party, as there were no icons present. Meow. She then went on to express her disappointment in the two women. Campbell was equally shady when asked about Kendall Jenner. We kind of expect this from her at this point.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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#1: Mariah Carey on Jennifer Lopez

Mariah Carey is a character. After an interview in which she claimed not to know Jennifer Lopez, Carey was again asked if she knew J.Lo. She once again repeated that she did not, and went on to say that the two have only shaken hands and politely greeted each other. However, Carey is known for being quite the diva, as can be seen in other “WWHL” appearances where she makes comments on Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande. Lopez has apparently claimed that the two do in fact know each other. Confused? So are we… Carey stands her ground on not being in the know with J.Lo, and this can be seen as shady, as she is adamant in her denial, and it appears a little condescending.