Top 10 Jade & Beck Moments on Victorious
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Top 10 Jade & Beck Moments on Victorious

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These Jade and Beck moments on "Victorious" were never boring. For this list, we'll be looking at Jade and Beck's best moments on Nickelodeon's “Victorious.” Our countdown includes Beck & Jade fight, Beck gives Jade a time-out, Beck gets Jade coffee, and more!

Top 10 Jade and Beck Moments on Victorious

Bade was a lot of things, but never boring. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Jade & Beck Moments on Victorious.

For this list, we’ll be looking at Jade and Beck’s best moments on Nickelodeon’s “Victorious.”

#10: Beck & Jade Fight
“The Worst Couple”

Jade and Beck might be a popular couple with viewers, but that popularity does not extend to the show's other characters. After getting voted the worst couple in a game show that otherwise only included fake pairings, Beck and Jade have one of their most sobering fights in "Victorious" in this 3rd season episode. From the very beginning of the series, the two are constantly arguing; while most of these moments are comedic or weirdly charming, Jade and Beck's history adds a lot of weight to this major fight that pushes the couple's intense dynamic to the forefront. Not even Cat being Cat can calm the situation.

#9: Beck Gets Jade Coffee
“Stage Fighting”

While Beck is generally quite cool and mature, Jade can be rather unapproachable and hostile. Jade and Beck should not click as a couple, but this season 1 scene demonstrates why they do. Even though their personalities are quite different, they are both unapologetic in who they are; more importantly, Jade and Beck are generally in sync. Push past the playful ribbing and this moment demonstrates the pair's intimacy. They might push each other's buttons more than most couples, but Jade and Beck also know how to bring out the best in each other.

#8: Jade Breaks Up with Beck
“Jade Dumps Beck”

Jealousy does not look great on anyone, and that also holds true for Jade. When Beck starts to hang out with another girl, Jade decides to end their relationship following a pretty heated argument that also involved a very uncomfortable Tori. This plot point marked the first time Jade and Beck broke up in "Victorious" and highlighted some of the common issues that would plague the couple throughout the series. Along with being well-acted, this scene does a great job balancing comedy and drama, something the Jade and Beck dynamic often excelled at.

#7: Jade Tries to Find Out Where Beck & Tori Were Hanging Out Alone Together
"Opposite Date"

After breaking up in season 3 due to their constant bickering and lack of trust, Beck and Jade start to seem like they might be done for good; however, that begins to change in season 4. One of the most important developments in the couple's rehabilitation saw Jade accepting that Beck might be interested in Tori. This moment of maturity did not come easily for Jade or even Cat, who was dragged along for the ride. While Jade and Beck worked together in their own strange way, both parties needed some time apart to grow as people.

#6: Beck Gives Jade a Time-Out
"Beggin' on Your Knees"

Beck is the only person who could give Jade a timeout and not live to immediately regret it. In a funny scene that also highlights the pair's peculiar relationship, Beck sends Jade to sit on the stairs after she makes a rude comment at Tori's expense; more surprisingly, Jade barely argues her case and just accepts Beck's verdict. In isolation, this scene might suggest the couple has an uneven power dynamic, but it does go both ways. Despite what their more fiery exchanges might suggest, Jade and Beck do genuinely care about what the other thinks.

#5: Jade Finds Out the Truth About Allie
“Wi-Fi in the Sky”

It does not take a lot to send Jade to some pretty dark places, so learning that Beck has a next-door neighbor who happens to be a cheerleader is enough to cause his girlfriend to start imagining the worst. Eventually, it is revealed that Allie is only nine and that Beck has been basically playing a joke on Jade the entire time, an outcome that turns a potentially tense situation into a hilarious one. Jade and Beck might not have the healthiest dynamic, but the couple almost revels in it at times. This is one of those instances.

#4: Jade Shows Beck What He’s Going to Wear at the Cow Wow
"One Thousand Berry Balls"

Once Tori fixes Beck and Jade, it does not take long for the two to get back into the swing of things. Shortly after reuniting, Jade launches into a silly argument with Beck over what the two would be wearing at the Cow Wow dance. Considering the pair had only started dating again in the previous episode, this hilarious conversation served as a clear sign that the old Beck and Jade were back and maybe better than ever. More importantly, this moment proved Jade and Beck were still as hilarious together as they had been the first time they were a couple.

#3: Jade Counts Down to 10 at the Door for Beck
"The Worst Couple"

Following three seasons of bickering and being voted the worst couple, Jade and Beck break up, a choice made hesitantly by both parties. Despite Cat and Trina trying their best to score a laugh, the moment's emotional core nevertheless hits hard as Jade's ultimatum to Beck winds up backfiring. Regardless of what happens later in the series, Jade and Beck's decision to go their separate ways remains one of "Victorious'" saddest developments, even if the couple's time apart ultimately helped them in the long run. For a time, it was a quiet end to a loud relationship.

#2: Jade & Beck Make Up After Their Breakup
"Jade Dumps Beck"

While Jade and Beck's serious arguments never fail to hit right in the feels, the pair's make up sessions are even better. Although the couple's first break-up only lasted until the end of the same episode, that took nothing away from the reunion's impact. Played just as much for laughs as drama, like all of the best reunions, this one involved a rottweiler, an ambulance, and Jade being slightly awful to Tori. This was also the first proper "Victorious" episode dedicated to Jade and Beck, and it showed the couple was here to stay.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Robbie's Rumor About Them Breaking Up
Because Jade & Beck's Reactions Are Hilarious

Jade Is Sweating
“Survival of the Hottest”
Because Beck Is There to Support Jade During This Difficult Time

"The Worst Couple"
Because They Make Each Other Happy

Jade Stakes Her Claim
Because Jade Does Not React Kindly to Tori Rubbing Beck

#1: Jade Sings “You Don't Know Me” to Beck
"Tori Fixes Beck and Jade"

What is there to not love about this moment? After breaking up at the beginning of season 3, Jade and Beck finally reunite just as the couple started to seem destined to move on with other people. Jade and Beck's reconciliation is passionate, unorthodox, and unapologetic; traits that helped define the pairing. Not only is the couple's kiss great, but Jade also sings one of her best solos of the series, a song that happened to be written by actress Elizabeth Gillies herself. This scene represents "Victorious" at its very best and shows why Jade and Beck are so fun together.