Top 10 Biggest Betrayals on The 100



Top 10 Biggest Betrayals on The 100

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The biggest betrayals on “The 100” got messy. For this list, we'll be looking at the double-crosses and reversed loyalties that left us speechless. Our countdown includes Bellamy teams up with Pike, Echo tricks Bellamy, the Primes hijack Clarke, and more!
When “Blood Must Have Blood,” things are gonna get messy fast. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Biggest Betrayals on “The 100.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at the double-crosses and reversed loyalties that left us speechless. On this show, betrayal is as regular as acid rain, but these incidents stand out as some of the coldest of the cold.

#10: Murphy Helps the Primes in Exchange for Immortality

Is it surprising when John Murphy betrays anyone? Like a snarky scorpion, Murphy has always done whatever it takes to survive no matter who he has to turn on. That said, he kind of does cross a line when he decides to team up with The Primes. It’s a whole other level of shameless when you help a gang of body snatchers steal a friend’s identity. Even grosser, he does it on the condition of joining the Primes in his OWN stolen body in the future. It’s typical that Murphy doesn’t seem bothered by what his choice means for Clarke or anyone else, but the scope of this betrayal marks a new kind of slimy, even for him.

#9: Abby Cures the Eligius Prisoners

Dr. Abby Griffin has always been one of the loudest voices of integrity on “The 100.” That’s the reason her downfall was one of the most heartbreaking to watch on the entire show. It was bad enough that her pain pill addiction allowed Diyoza to control her, but it was so much worse to see the ripple effect that had on her relationships. Faced with being cut off, Abby tricks Raven into helping her develop medical tech for Diyoza’s crew, and then physically attacks her when she discovers the truth. Watching Abby electrocute this person who was like a second daughter to her, all for the sake of her addiction, we felt the pain almost as much as Raven.

#8: The Primes Hijack Clarke

Let’s be clear, the Primes’ immortality scheme is super messed up, but at least they were always working with willing sacrifices. Until they got their hands on Clarke, that is. Once she was paralyzed, that sweet, sweet Nightblood was just too good to resist. Russell and Simone make the horrifying decision to exploit Clarke’s temporary weakness in order to make her a host for their daughter Josephine’s mind drive, fully aware that Clarke is most definitely not okay with that idea. We get that they love their kid, but there is no planet in any galaxy where it is okay to just steal somebody else’s body, especially when they’re not done using it.

#7: Clarke & Lexa Trade Lives for Secrecy

When Bellamy’s tip alerts Clarke and Lexa about a Mt. Weather missile aimed at the Grounder city of Tondc, we didn’t expect the two leaders to just take off without raising the alarm. Bellamy’s infiltration of the Mountain was a secret worth protecting, no argument there, but it still seems like there should have been a way to do that without leaving unsuspecting hundreds to die. Both Clarke and Lexa are used to making tough calls, but given their shared commitment to the welfare of their respective people, it was unnerving to see how quickly they were able to rationalize such a stone cold ruthless decision.

#6: Jaha & Clarke Seize the Bunker

The end of the world is a stressful time, and stress pushes people to extremes. After spending whole seasons trying to help Skaikru and the Grounders peacefully coexist, Clarke and Jaha chuck it all out the window just days before Earth’s full nuclear meltdown and demonstrate their real priorities. Rather than wait for the outcome of the Conclave, like everyone agreed, they use the distraction to grab the bunker for Skaikru, and seal the doors on the rest of humanity. Breaking a pact and taking control of the only known place in the world where the species can survive is, without question, a bad look all around.

#5: Bellamy Teams Up with Pike

Bellamy’s character journey has been intense, but his all time low point had to be when he decided to follow Pike into a war against the Grounders. Even though he’s seen first hand that lots of Grounders can be trusted and respected, Bellamy lets Pike use his guilt over the ambush of Mt. Weather to turn him against all of them. He betrays his allies, he attacks innocent people, and worst of all, he contributes to a series of events that end with Lincoln, his sister’s lover and his own former friend, being executed. There are a lot of grey areas on “The 100,” but, simply put, Bellamy should have known better; there’s no justifying his choices here.

#4: Echo Tricks Bellamy

When Bellamy first meets Echo, they’re both caged up in Mt. Weather, and he saves her life. So it’s especially rough when she uses his trust in her to start a war on behalf of the Ice Nation. Echo feeds Bellamy a story about a trap at Lexa’s summit, drawing Arkadia’s fighters to Polis and leaving Mt. Weather vulnerable to attack from the Ice Nation’s assassin. The facility and its resources are completely destroyed, nearly all of the Arkadians inside are murdered, and Lexa’s plan to unite the clans is completely derailed. When you consider the season-long backlash to this event, it’s hard to let Echo slide as someone just doing her patriotic duty.

#3: Bellamy Poisons Octavia

If there’s one constant about Bellamy Blake, it’s that he has always been willing to do anything to protect his little sister, Octavia. When it becomes clear that nothing will stop Octavia from starting a war with Diyoza, Bellamy makes the heart-wrenching decision to protect a chance for peace by poisoning the sister he loves more than anyone. True, he probably never imagined that she would become a bloodthirsty dictator, but after four seasons of watching Bellamy defend Octavia unconditionally, it was a huge shock to see him actively trying to harm her for a change. It’s not that we don’t see where he was coming from, but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

#2: Lexa Leaves Clarke at Mt. Weather

As we saw earlier, Lexa is a big picture kind of person, and she’s totally willing to make hard choices to do what she thinks is right for her people in the long term. Between her commitment to the alliance she built with Skaikru, and her growing personal relationship with Clarke, we thought that Lexa had started to include the Sky People in her calculations for the greater good. So it was a huge gut punch when it is revealed that Lexa has brokered her own deal with Mt. Weather, bargaining for the release of the Grounders and leaving Clarke’s friends trapped inside as unwilling experiments. Whatever her reasons, it’s hard to see Lexa’s double cross as anything but cruel.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Abby Gives Up Jake

Echo Leaves Orlando on Skyring

#1: Clarke Abandons Bellamy

It seems like no relationship on “The 100” has weathered more ups and down than the one between Clarke and Bellamy, but by Season Five there’s no question that they deeply care about each other. When he goes over her head to make Madi the new Commander, though, Bellamy crosses a line that Clarke finds hard to forgive. With her adoptive daughter’s safety on the line, Clarke helps Octavia stop Madi’s ascension and leaves Bellamy behind to face Blodreina’s fighting pits. After everything they’ve been through together, it’s brutal to see Clarke walk out on Bellamy, knowing that she’s probably leaving him behind to die. Hell hath no fury like a Mama Bear betrayed.