Top 10 Greatest Victorious Characters
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Top 10 Greatest Victorious Characters

VOICE OVER: Emily - WatchMojo WRITTEN BY: Jack Paisley
The “Victorious” characters are all victorious in their own right, but which is the best? For this list, we're looking at our favorite up and coming stars trying to “make it shine” at Hollywood Arts High School from the Nickelodeon sitcom. Our countdown includes Tori Vega, Cat Valentine, Andre Harris, and more!
Welcome to Er, we mean welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Victorious Characters.

For this list, we’re looking at our favorite up and coming stars trying to “make it shine” at Hollywood Arts High School from the Nickelodeon sitcom.

#10: Sinjin Van Cleef

Reminding us that not every person at Hollywood Arts is cut out to be “the main attraction,” Sinjin is our look into the lives of some of the less glamorous students that would no doubt go to a school like Hollywood Arts. And what a strange life it is. Seldom taking to the stage himself, the exceptionally dorky Sinjin helps out with tech for most of the productions in Victorious and actually proves himself to be a man of many talents. Weird, meek, and hilariously off-putting, Sinjin is a classic example of the Nickelodeon weirdo side character also seen in shows like Drake & Josh and iCarly.

#9: Erwin Sikowitz

Seeing as the student body of Hollywood Arts is made up of oddballs and misfits, it’s only fitting that the man who teaches them would put all of their strangeness to shame. Erwin Skiowitz is one of the acting teachers at Hollywood Arts and he’s everything a parent would expect their child’s art school teacher to be. Animated, eccentric, and outlandishly sage-like, Sikowitz isn’t too big on conventional teaching methods. Be it bringing his students to his apartment for a guerilla style improv lesson, or getting them to hurl alphabet-based insults at one another, Sikowitz embodies a more visceral teaching style. But hey, it certainly gets results!

#8: Tori Vega

Our semi-eponymous protagonist, Tori’s is the perspective through which we experience the world of Hollywood Arts. Tori’s a triple threat, excelling in singing, dancing, and acting, but her most valuable asset may just be her ability to problem solve. Throughout the show, characters come to Tori with their problems and without fail she’s able to help, albeit with some hilarious hiccups along the way. While she may come across as a Mary Sue, with her seemingly endless list of talents, her passion for the arts and her drive to succeed make her an undeniable force. And let’s face it, as Victorious is a show built on “tween” escapist fantasy, Tori works as an appealing self insert character for the audience.

#7: Charlotte Harris [aka André Harris’ Grandmother]

Despite only appearing in a handful of episodes, André’s Grandma leaves quite the impression. An agoraphobic elderly woman, Grandma Harris seems to be apprehensive of just about everything, and her fearful outbursts often result in some of the show’s best gags. Whether it's her appearance in the pilot - not wanting to risk going to André’s performance for fear of drowning, or nearly coming to blows with Trina over who could scream louder, Grandma Harris is definitely the most memorable of all of Victorious’s recurring side characters. We’re just glad we don’t have to live with her.

#6: Robbie Shapiro

From the moment we first saw Robbie bickering with the marionette in his arms, it was clear that he was a little different. Though not as cool or confident as the rest of his friends at Hollywood Arts, Robbie is just as much of a contender for the main stage, proving himself to be a great actor and songsmith. Robbie isn’t just the loveable loser he’s initially thought to be, and episodes like “Robarazzi” prove he’s just as humorously shallow and self interested as the rest of the other core cast. Also, his strained and mutually dependent relationship with ventriloquist dummy Rex is one of the most consistently entertaining aspects of the show. Just make sure never to call Rex his “puppet.”

#5: Beck Oliver

Definitely not the funniest character in Victorious, Beck makes up for it as the show’s resident heart-throb. After meeting in the pilot, Beck and Tori have a chemistry that's instantly recognizable, most of all to Beck’s girlfriend Jade, which creates complications between the 3. Beck’s a dreamy art-boy who every girl at Hollywood Arts most definitely would like to have as a stage partner. His cool, laid back attitude makes him somewhat of a grounding presence amongst the show’s cast of huge personalities. His chill temperament also contributes to his odd couple dynamic with Jade, and the two’s at times testy relationship creates one of the show’s best rapports.

#4: Trina Vega

All we can say is “yikes!” The word that best describes Tori Vega’s jealous older sister is intense. Trina acts as the show’s dark reflection of Tori. She’s desperate for admiration, needs to be the center of attention, jumps at any opportunity to prove herself, and also has an embarrassing crush on Beck. Basically, she’s how a character like Tori would come across in real life. Unlike Tori, her obsession with fame and misguided self confidence make her the punchline to many of the show's best jokes and the cartoonish way that actress Daniella Monet plays the character is uproariously funny. Watching her get served her humble pie over and over again never manages to get old.

#3: Cat Valentine

Not the brightest bulb in terms of booksmarts, Cat shines doubly bright in terms of both talent and personality. Cat’s airheaded friendliness and eyebrow-raising anecdotes made her one of the most entertaining and endearing members of the Victorious cast. And that’s saying nothing of her intimidating vocal chops, which stand out even in a show filled with talented singers. In the role that launched her monumental career, Ariana Grande brought a warmth and bubbliness to the character that fans couldn’t get enough of. So much so that they gave Cat her own spin-off with iCarly’s Jannette McCurdy.

#2: André Harris

André - or Andrew - is the first student we meet from Hollywood Arts and it’s fitting given that he represents much of what the school has to offer. A multi-instrumentalist and composer, André’s usually the one writing the music for the rest of the cast to perform. That’s not to say he’s not a star in his own right, and there’s a number of moments in the series where André takes center stage to show what he’s capable of. André’s fun and easy going personality makes him total bff material. If Beck’s the hunk that we want to date, André’s the guy we’d just love to hang out with. Hopefully, without his Grandmother around.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Rex Powers
Robbie’s Boorish & Vulgar Ventriloquist Dummy Who Seems to Have Taken on a Life of His Own.

Lane Alexander
The Ever-Patient Guidance Counselor to the Students of Hollywood Arts.

#1: Jade West

Jade by name, jaded by nature. Starting the series as a sort of semi-antagonist before settling into her role as Tori’s steadfast “frenemy,” Jade’s biting sarcasm and prickly demeanur make her charmingly detestable. She’s quick with the insults and seems too cool to care, but when it comes to her art Jade’s just as driven to shine as any of her friends, if not more so. Her dark cynicism contrasting Tori's wide-eyed optimism, Jade’s often the only character who sees the absurdity in a situation, which makes her contemptuous observations endlessly funny. Couple her dry wit with her indisputable talent and fiery determination and you’ve got one totally badass ice queen.
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Terrible list. Trina #2!!!