Top 10 Insane Rules the Love Is Blind Cast MUST Follow



Top 10 Insane Rules the Love Is Blind Cast MUST Follow

VOICE OVER: Emily - WatchMojo WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
You won't believe the rules that the Love Is Blind cast has to follow. For this list, we'll be looking at the ins and outs of how this Netflix reality show actually works. Our countdown includes everybody had to live in Atlanta, they could propose at any time, they can describe their looks, and more!
All’s fair in love and war! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Rules the Love Is Blind Cast Has to Follow.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the ins and outs of how this Netflix reality show actually works.

#10: Producers Arrange the Dates

Considering that the contestants don’t have any way to contact each other outside the pods, they have to rely on the producers to make the dates happen. So after the initial meetings, the producers had to act as a go between to see who wanted to have further dates with each other. But the players actually had a lot of control over how their dates went. They were able to make requests for food, drinks or even instruments to make the date feel as authentic as possible, within the confines of the show of course.

#9: Everyone Had to Live in Atlanta

Well, this one actually makes a lot of sense. While they were on their pod dates, we saw some couples, like Mark and Jessica, bonding about their hometowns, but in fact everyone involved in the show was currently living in or near Atlanta, Georgia. That’s because the producers wanted to give the couples a shot at success and didn’t want to force anyone to move across the country after getting married. Of course, this made filming easier as well because they didn’t have to send crews to homes that were spread apart.

#8: They Didn’t Go Home After Mexico

After the couples came out of the pods and decided to get engaged, they were whisked away to a resort in Mexico for some time to get to know one another. After that though, it was time to try things out in the real world. But in fact, it wasn’t quite as “real” as it could have been. The couples didn’t move into one of their respective apartments, but rather lived in a new space together. This makes sense because the producers want to give them a clean slate to start their lives together on.

#7: They Could Propose at Any Time

Something that might come as a surprise to viewers is the fact that no one was actually forced to propose on the show. This was different from other dating programs where a marriage is necessary at the end. Considering how many guys got down on one knee in the early episodes, it would have been easy to think that it was a requirement. But in fact they had flexibility to propose if they chose to at any point in the first ten days of the experiment and weren’t confined to doing it at a specific time.

#6: The Show Paid for a Portion of the Weddings

The entire show was leading up to the couples getting married, but many wondered who exactly was putting on these quickie weddings. Considering the couples had just met, they didn’t exactly have the time to plan their nuptials that the average couple would. So while the show helped out and provided some funding for the weddings, they didn’t pay for the entire thing. The thinking behind this was that they were real weddings and the couples should be able to have some control over what they’re like while spending as much as they want.

#5: They Were Sent Home if They Didn’t Fall in Love

Viewers may have noticed that in the first episode of the show, there were lots of people that we saw on screen who seemingly were never heard from again. We saw them going on their initial dates and then their stories abruptly ended, with the focus being left on just a few couples. This was very much intentional, and in fact many participants were sent home if they didn’t make a strong connection with anyone. So while it may have looked like pretty much everyone involved got engaged, the producers actually just focused on the couples who were most successful.

#4: They Can Describe Their Looks

If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know that the entire premise is based on the fact that the participants have to see if they can form connections without seeing each other. Their first interactions take place in the pods, and they have to make the decision to be together sight unseen. But there is a slight loophole: there’s nothing preventing them from describing their looks to one another. They can compare themselves to famous people that they look like or just give a general idea - and it’s not against the rules. Now how accurate will the descriptions be? Who knows!

#3: There Were No Phones or Social Media

This is probably an obvious one, but the contestants weren’t allowed any contact with the outside world during the first part of the experiment, so that means that phones were definitely not permitted. They also didn’t have other forms of modern entertainment like TVs or the internet. They were allowed to have alone time and were allowed to read, but they were encouraged to discuss their development with the other participants. This was likely also a way to prevent figuring out how to find the object of their affection online!

#2: They Slept in Trailers

During the first phase of the experiment, we saw the guys and girls hanging out in common areas together while they weren’t in the pods. But you may have noticed that we never actually saw their sleeping quarters. Well, that might be because they weren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. According to one participant, Kenny, the cast spent their nights in trailers with “correctional facility beds”. Yikes! The explanation was that the producers wanted the people involved to be without their creature comforts. Sounds like it could have been a budgetary thing though...

#1: They Had to Keep Their Relationships Secret

“Love Is Blind” dropped on Netflix at the beginning of 2020, but it actually began filming all the way back in 2018! That means that the couples were sworn to secrecy and couldn’t be open about their relationships, regardless of how they turned out. They weren’t even allowed to tell their friends and families about their engagements until they returned home from Mexico - which explains how surprised they were. But it must have been even worse to go a whole year without letting the world know how the experiment went!