Top 10 Biggest Red Carpet FAILS



Top 10 Biggest Red Carpet FAILS

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Spencer Sher
Try not to cringe while watching these red carpet FAILS! For this list, we're taking a look at the most awkward, the most cringeworthy, the most uncomfortable red-carpet moments of all time. Our countdown includes Sacha Baron Cohen pranks Ryan Seacrest, Zac Efron's unlucky accident, Jerry Seinfeld rejects Kesha, and more!
Try not to cringe while watching these moments. We dare you. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Red Carpet FAILS.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most awkward, the most cringeworthy, the most uncomfortable red-carpet moments of all time.

#10: Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks Ryan Seacrest

Perpetual prankster Sacha Baron Cohen arrived at the 84th Academy Awards dressed as his character from the 2012 film “The Dictator”. In a nod to real life dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s infamous penchant for maintaining a team of all-female bodyguards, Baron Cohen arrived on the red carpet flanked by two women in military garb. He also brought with him an urn said to contain the ashes of his “doubles tennis partner”, deceased North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. During an interview with Ryan Seacrest, things went from funny to awkward when Baron Cohen “accidentally” spilt the contents of the urn all over Seacrest’s suit. Thankfully, it was reportedly just pancake mix. Seacrest was surprisingly cool about the whole thing, turning to the camera and quipping “now you know this isn’t taped.”

#9: Ryan Seacrest's "Ridiculous Question"

Oh man, Ryan Seacrest just cannot catch a break. The difference between this awkward moment and the one involving Sacha Baron Cohen is that Seacrest did this one to himself. Scarlett Johansson was at the 89th Academy Awards to present the award for Best Original Song, and she looked ravishing in a floor-length pink gown and heels. It was the latter that drew the attention of Ryan Seacrest, who asked Johansson, “Do you actually wear the shoes that you are wearing tonight for the rehearsal?” Johansson immediately scoffed at the question, and told Seacrest as much when she replied, “What a ridiculous question.” You missed the mark on that one, buddy.

#8: Nancy O'Dell's "Lots of Men" Comment to Taylor Swift

Speaking of reporters putting their feet in their mouths… then-ET co-anchor Nancy O’Dell dropped this cringeworthy line on Taylor Swift at the 2015 Grammy Awards. O’Dell starts off by asking the cameraman to pan down to show the audience Swift’s dress. However, she then reveals that her true intention was to show off Swift’s legs (creepy), before pivoting to one of the most awkward red-carpet lines of all time. O’Dell’s quip about Swift “walking away with more than just a trophy tonight” is at best awkward and at worst degrading. Swift’s immediate reaction was to burn a hole through O’Dell’s head with her eyes, but she ultimately laughed off the comment, stating she was going to spend the night with her friends and her cats.

#7: Giuliana Rancic Asks Issa Rae About Her Memoir

Actress and writer Issa Rae released a memoir in 2015 titled The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. The book was a hit, and soon found itself on the prestigious New York Times best-seller list. This is something E! reporter Giuliana Rancic was clearly not aware of when she interviewed Rae at the Golden Globe Awards in 2018. Rancic asked Rae if she planned on writing a memoir and if she did what she would call it. Rae didn’t miss a beat, replying, “I think my next one would be called…” This caused Rancic to look off-camera in confusion, almost as if she was subtlety asking an assistant, “How did we not know she’d already written a memoir?” Smooth. Real smooth.

#6: Zac Efron's Unlucky Accident

Of all the things that can happen to you at the premiere of the children’s movie you’re starring in, dropping a condom on the red carpet has got to be one of the most embarrassing. Unfortunately for Zac Efron, who plays Ted Wiggins in 2012’s “The Lorax”, that’s precisely what happened. The incident occurred when Efron reached into his pocket to retrieve something, only to watch in horror as the contraceptive tumbled out. Efron picked it up faster than you can say Dr. Seuss, but the damage was already done. Efron later addressed the mishap during a sit down with Matt Lauer, stating that he never had a pre-red-carpet pocket checking policy before, but he certainly does now.

#5: Will Smith Slaps a Prankster

Red carpet fails don’t get much more awkward than this. Infamous “prankster” Vitalii Sediuk found himself in a world of hurt when he tried to kiss Will Smith on the red carpet of the “Men in Black 3” premiere. The encounter began innocently enough, with Sediuk embracing Smith in a hug and Smith reciprocating. However, when Sediuk started planting kisses on the actor’s face left right and center, things got physical. Smith aggressively pushed Sediuk away and asked, “what the hell is your problem, buddy?” Smith topped it off by slapping Sediuk with the back of his hand. We don’t condone physical violence, but we also believe that people reap what they sow.

#4: Rashida Jones' “Tan”

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve said something that we immediately regretted. With that in mind, please take pity on the reporter in this next entry. While interviewing actress Rashida Jones, who is of African American descent, on the red carpet of the 2015 SAG Awards, Danielle Demski 100% shot herself in the foot. The TNT reporter made an ill-informed quip about Jones’ appearance, telling her she looked like she just got off an island, and remarking that she had a great tan. Jones took the comment in stride, responding, “Well, you know, I’m ethnic.” The fact that white reporter (and People Magazine’s deputy editor of entertainment) JD Heyman immediately quipped, “Me too”, didn’t help the situation.

#3: Jim Carrey Gets Philosophical

Jim Carrey and New York Fashion Week are two things we never thought we’d see in the same sentence. The enigmatic actor stormed the red carpet of Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party in 2017 and gave one of the most off the wall interviews of all time. Carrey starts off by circling reporter Catt Sadler like a shark eyeing its prey, before launching into a pseudo-philosophical tirade about how “nothing is real”. He claimed the only reason he was at the event in the first place was because he’d been searching for something “meaningless” to attend. We truly feel for Sadler, whose attempts at bringing Carrey back down to earth fail spectacularly. In Carrey’s words, “There is just things happening.”

#2: Jerry Seinfeld Rejects Kesha

We think it’s safe to assume that Jerry Seinfeld had no idea who Kesha was when she attempted to give him a hug at a charity event in 2017. The legendary comedian was in the middle of an interview when she snuck up beside him and blurted out, “I’m Kesha. I love you so much.” While taken aback, Seinfeld responded relatively well to the surprise interaction. However, a hug was clearly a bridge too far, as he vehemently rejected the Grammy nominee’s request not once, not twice, but three freakin’ times! The awkwardness of the moment lingers long after Kesha evaporates, with Seinfeld turning a bright shade of red.

#1: John Travolta's Cringeworthy Kiss

The red carpet at the Academy Awards is for posing, conducting interviews and schmoozing with the rest of the Hollywood elite. Well, at the 87th iteration of the ceremony, actor John Travolta decided to combine two of those activities – with cringeworthy results. Travolta attempted to plant a kiss on an unsuspecting Scarlett Johansson while the latter was posing for photographs. While not an inherently creepy act, it’s the way Travolta goes about the deed that makes us feel gross; wrapping his arm around Johansson’s waist and gently kissing the distracted actress on the cheek. While Johansson would later call the encounter “very sweet and totally welcome", it did little to erase the feelings many felt watching it in real time.