Top 10 Questions We Need Answered in YOU Season 3
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Top 10 Questions We Need Answered in YOU Season 3

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Laura Keating
These unanswered YOU Season 2 questions NEED resolution ASAP!
Okay, we’ve got some questions for you. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Unanswered Questions in You Season 2.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at the unresolved plot points or threads that still need answers after the second season of Netflix’s “You.” A MAJOR spoiler warning is now in effect.

#10: Is Ellie Really in Florida?

Following the disappearance and death of her sister, and with the heat of Henderson’s murder investigation directing its attention on her, Ellie is justifiably scared for her future. Joe urges her to get out of town, offering to provide her with funds to start a new life. In the closing scenes of the finale of season two, we see Joe with a postcard from Ellie, apparently sent from Florida. But is she really there? One of the most intelligent and savvy characters of the entire series, it’s hard to believe that Ellie would let the loss of her sister go without a more thorough investigation. Could be that she’s trying to throw the cops and Joe off to do a little more digging herself.

#9: What Is Mrs. Quinn Hiding?

Hiding behind a façade of holistic wellness, there is a real sickness throughout the whole Quinn family. Dottie Quinn (Forty and Love’s mother) likes to play the nurturing maternal guru, but in fact is as manipulative and secretive as they come. There are some hints throughout the season that she knows more than she ever lets on … perhaps when it comes to her daughter, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the murderous tree? Not much is known about Dottie before marrying Ray Quinn – and if Joe can’t dig up dirt on her, can anyone? Her relationship with both of her children is borderline creepy and over-the-line controlling. With a grandchild on the way, who knows how far she’ll go.

#8: Where Did Candace Hide Out After Joe Buried Her Alive?

One of the most complicated characters of season 2 is Candace. She is a victim, but through the lens of Joe she’s a villain. Once the object of his obsession, and having survived his ghoulish courtship attempt, she has a lot of good reasons to hate Joe Goldberg – especially since the police dismissed her story when she reported his crimes. She had to lay low, letting Joe believe she was dead. But what did she do in the interim? Did she have an alias? Did her family think she was out of town? Her story still has a lot of blank spaces, and if there is to be any justice for Candace, hopefully season 3 will fill them in.

#7: What Did Love Do with Candace's Body?

Candace didn’t get a happy ending, and in a cruel ironic twist, was murdered by the very person she was trying hardest to protect: Joe’s new object of obsession, Love Quinn. Only, Candace didn’t realize she was dealing with the other side of basically the same coin. We have similar questions about poor Delilah. How did they move the bodies? How did they clean up the crime scene? Where are they buried now? Most likely, the Quinn family connections and money have played a role. But with high-profile death all around both Joe and Love, and a mountain of evidence piling up, there is only so much time money can buy.

#6: Will Joe Be Implicated in Delilah's Murder?

Remember that mountain of evidence we were talking about? Love is both crafty and brutal, so it should come as no surprise that she comes up with a plan to cover up Delilah’s death. However, while it sounds simple on paper, a staged suicide is far from airtight… especially since Joe was arrested with her before her sudden disappearance. We also can’t forget that Officer Fincher is on Joe’s trail. Like we said, an Everest of evidence. Any detective worth their salt would be investigating the heck out of the possibilities.

#5: What Actually Happened to Joe's Mother?

Through flashbacks, season 2 provided a number of details about Joe’s troubled upbringing. His mother was a victim of domestic abuse; Joe witnessed too much of it, and finally murdered his mother’s boyfriend while she was being attacked. His mother either lost or gave up custody of young Joe, but since then her whereabouts have been unknown, with the show never confirming whether she is even dead or alive. Where she has been all these years will hopefully come into play in season 3, perhaps even returning as a regular character. If she does return, we’d love to see how she stacks up against Dottie Quinn.

#4: What Else Did Forty Know About His Sister?

The Quinn twins Forty and Love have a complicated, co-dependent relationship. And just like their tennis namesake, they keep shooting the ball back and forth into each other’s court for who is more dependent on who. There are no doubt more secrets the two were hiding; growing up in such a strained family they needed one another to survive. With the audience led to believe for most of the season that Love is the more stable of the two, only to have it revealed that the opposite may be true in many ways, there are almost certainly more holes in our understanding. Their upbringing and the ways they covered for each other still has room to be explored.

#3: Was Love Lying About What Happened to Her Husband?

Our hearts broke when we learned of Love’s tragic past. That such a good, sweet person was taking on so many burdens all while going through unimaginable heartache really endeared her to the audience. However, when it was revealed that she has a disturbing streak a mile wide, red flags shot all the way up. If flashbacks are to be believed, James simply got sick and died an untimely death. However, some fans speculate that there is more to it than that. Hey, if we’ve learned anything on this show, it’s that nothing is ever as it seems.

#2: Is Love's Baby Really Joe's?

When you start poking holes in your trust of a person, it’s hard to not doubt pretty much everything you thought you knew about them. At the beginning of season 2, we would have believed Love immediately when she said she was pregnant with Joe’s child. But since she’s proved herself to be a more conniving individual, we’re not so sure. She only blurted that information out when she thought he would kill her. Could it be that she wasn’t going to tell him if it was, in fact, say, Milo’s child? Love is no slouch when it comes to keeping secrets and getting what she wants, hopefully season 3 will explore this possibility.

#1: Who is Joe's Neighbor?

For Joe and Love, season 2 ends on a happy note. They’ve (so far) gotten away with everything; they’re starting a family, and got a place in the suburbs. Things seem good… until the last shot of the finale. While relaxing by the pool, Joe casts his eye towards a woman in a sunhat, his neighbor, as she reads by her own pool. The moment is as creepy as it gets. The implication is that he is back to his old, fixating ways despite all the would-be domestic bliss. However, some fans are speculating that it’s not infatuation this time, because maybe he’s met her before. Maybe the lady he wants to get to know is his own mother…