Top 10 Memorable Brittana Moments on Glee



Top 10 Memorable Brittana Moments on Glee

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Francesca LaMantia
The best word to describe these Brittana moments on Glee would have to be, “unicorn.”
They are unicorn. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Brittana Moments on Glee.

For this list we’ll be looking at the sweetest, most romantic moments between the Brittany and Santana “Glee” “it” couple.

#10: Lebanese
"Born This Way"

Mr. Schue asks the Glee club to not only accept their insecurities but embrace them, so the Glee club wear t-shirts displaying those insecurities for all to see. So Brittany makes Santana one that says “Lebanese”, which is clearly Brittany-ese for lesbian. At first Santana is still not ready to admit to her glee family that she is gay, even dating Karofsky as a beard. She freaks out and yells at Brittany, but she eventually does wear the shirt but still excludes herself from the empowering performance. The purpose of the assignment is to show that the “Glee” family doesn’t love each other in spite of these insecurities, but because of them. And Brittany’s gesture proves that she loved Santana even before Santana loved herself.

#9: Becoming Official
"Pot o’ Gold”

It’s hard to think that there was a time before Santana and Brittany were the adorable couple we know them as today, but it actually took them quite a while to really define their relationship. The moment that Santana and Brittany become official over a meal of shrimp and breadsticks is totally swoon worthy. Santana is confused about the state of their relationship, but Brittany reassures her that they are for real. Santana had spent a lot of time before this trying to deny her feelings for Brittany, so this moment where she so freely and openly exposes what she really wants out of their relationship is beautiful. Even if she’s not ready for the whole world to know just yet.

#8: “I Love You”
"New York"

After the devastating Nationals loss in New York, everyone is feeling really low. Santana nearly kills Rachel and Finn after their show-stopping kiss. Even before they are officially together, Brittany is still the only one that can break through that icy exterior Santana puts on. Brittany reminds her that the year wasn't about winning, it was about all of them loving and accepting each other and themselves. And that even though they fight, they all still love each other. Though things are still up in the air for them, Brittany loves her, and that makes her believe that anything is possible.

#7: Lilies and Loving

Brittany and Santana’s break up was devastating, but more on that later. After spending what feels like an eternity apart, Brittany decides it is time for her and Santana to get back together. Brittany lays it all on the line and tells Santana that she wants to be with her. She brings Santana to the choir room filled with Lilies and surprises her with tickets to Lesbos, for obvious reasons. Who knew Brittany was such a romantic? The moment is totally like a fairytale, but the two also get real in talking about what they want out of life, and with each other. It shows the close bond they’ve always had even before they were together, and just how much their relationship has grown.

#6: “Landslide”

Back before Brittany and Santana were a “Glee” power couple, they struggled with expressing their complex feelings for each other. So, when they just can’t seem to find the right words, they do what any Glee kid would do and express themselves through song! With a little help from Holly Holiday, they sing Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” to each other. Though they have been best friends for a long time, this is the first time we see them being truly raw and exposed with each other. And though they might not know exactly what they want from each other yet, they take a massive step towards figuring it out.

#5: “Mine”
"The Break Up"

This moment is simultaneously heart warming and heart breaking. After experiencing an attraction with someone else while away at school, Santana decides that it‘s best that she and Brittany end things before one of them really hurts the other. Santana’s performance of Taylor Swift’s “Mine” for Brittany is tragically beautiful. They don’t break up because they have fallen out of love, they break up because of just how much they love each other. The break up sucks, but the way that they handle the situation shows the maturity of their relationship. And Santana’s passionate performance shows that whatever happens, Brittany will always hold a special place in her heart.

#4: First Kiss

Santana has struggled a lot with accepting her sexuality and her love for Brittany. She's been publicly shamed by a dirty political ad campaign. She’s been ridiculed and disowned by her abuela. And she’s been judged for the slightest bit of PDA in school. So this moment where she shares a public Valentine's Day kiss with Brittany is truly special. We've gotten to see many intimate moments between them before this, but we consider this one their first real kiss. It is unashamed, unafraid, and a long, long time coming.

#3: Best Wedding Ever
"A Wedding"

In perfect “Glee” fashion, the entire glee club comes together to make sure that Brittany and Santana have the best wedding ever. Sue even brings Santana's abuela as the best wedding gift ever. But Brittana decide it won't be the perfect wedding unless their favorite couple joins in on the festivities. They invite Kurt and Blaine to walk down the aisle with them. Both couples share the altar and have a beautiful double wedding. Everything from the surprise twists to the club uniting to give their friends a magical day to watching not just one but two of our favorite “Glee” couples finally tie the knot, make this moment absolutely perfect.

#2: Inner Unicorn
"I Am Unicorn"

As head of his campaign, Brittany thinks that Kurt should embrace his individuality to run for school president, but he thinks it's safer to dampen his flamboyant personality. Their differing ideas cause a big fight wherein Kurt is pretty harsh on Brittany. She just wanted him to embrace his inner unicorn. Naturally, Brittany is feeling pretty low, but Santana is there to remind her that she is the special one. Santana's kind words inspire Brittany to run for president herself on a campaign celebrating her own uniqueness. When everyone else makes fun of Brittany for her weirdness, it is always Santana who loves her because of it.

Before we unveil our top picks, here are a few honorable mentions:

The Secret

Brittany Votes For Santana
“Prom Queen”

Performing "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" Together
“Dance with Somebody”

“Hold On to Sixteen”

Adele Mashup
"Mash Off"

#1: Proposal
"Jagged Little Tapestry"

“Glee” proved itself to be a master class in the art of the mashup. So when Rachel and Kurt take over the New Directions, one of their first big assignments is to mash up two of their favorite artists, Alanis Morrisette and Carole King. To help out, Brittana return to the choir room and show everyone just how a mashup is done . . . and the song isn’t bad, either. Santana tells Brittany that she wants to mash up with her forever, and proposes in front of all their best friends. It is a truly touching moment encapsulating all the best this fan favorite couple has to offer. And the whole glee club, new and old, can’t help but “awwwww”.