Top 10 Surprise Celebrity Cameos on Ellen



Top 10 Surprise Celebrity Cameos on Ellen

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Tal Fox
Did you catch these surprise celebrity cameos on Ellen?
Did you see who was on Ellen? Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting our picks for the Top 10 Surprise Celebrity Cameos on Ellen.

For this list, we’ll be recalling interviews or episodes where the audience, the celebrity guests, or even Ellen herself were surprised to see an unexpected famous face in their midst. We won’t be counting times that celebrities made cameos to surprise their fans, as we already have a whole other list for that.

#10: Justin Timberlake (Various)

Justin has made so many incredible cameos throughout the years that it would be impossible to decide which is our favorite. In 2008, newbie, Taylor Swift revealed that he was her celebrity crush, and Ellen is all about making dreams come true. About a decade later, he threw a major throwback by reuniting with *NSYNC for an interview, unleashing all our inner fangirls, and boys, of course. And to prove what an important part of the show he is, Justin joined Jen Anniston in surprising Ellen for her 2000th show.

#9: Clint Eastwood (2010)

It seems like Kellie Pickler can’t get through one interview without talking about her idol, Clint Eastwood. Luckily, Ellen has picked up on her less than subtle hints and finally introduces the pair. Her reaction to meeting him is totally priceless, and even though they’ve just met, she makes herself quite comfortable on his lap. She can’t even try to play it cool and barely lets the actor get a word in. It’s incredibly entertaining to watch but we’re also hardly surprised when he decides to make a swift exit.

#8: Oprah (2018)

We love watching celebrities meet their idols and we can always rely on Ellen to make it happen. Tiffany Haddish reveals that she’s a huge Oprah fan and even has a business proposition for her. She tells Ellen that she wrote to the presenter, but never heard back. Better late than never, Oprah one ups a written response and replies in person. Tiffany’s reaction is as sweet as it is hilarious as she seems to forget that she’s on TV. Nevertheless, even through her tears, Tiffany still manages to make us laugh.

#7: Justin Bieber (2016)

Celebrities are just like us, right? When high profile Belieber, Diane Keaton drops by, Ellen learns just how big of a fan she is. As if the photos and t-shirts didn’t already have the actress’ heart racing, just imagine how she felt when the man himself walks out behind her. She’s so overwhelmed that she doesn’t even notice that he’s trying to give her a hug. We can all relate to being starstruck but she quickly bounces back as she asks Ellen if she has a shot with the young singer.

#6: Brad Pitt (2019)

It doesn’t take long for the audience to realize there is a Hollywood star among them and boy, are they excited. Ellen superfan, Brad Pitt is perfectly content sitting in the audience, although he does manage to draw attention back to himself, sometimes without even trying. We’re used to seeing the actor typically take on serious roles so it’s great to see him having a laugh. It had been eight years since Brad last visited Ellen, so we imagine the audience could hardly believe their luck to be there that day.

#5: Lisa Kudrow (2019)

When Courtney Cox joined Instagram, social media wizard, Ellen, was happy to show her the ropes on how to rake in those likes. Everyone loves a good throwback and Ellen couldn’t have chosen a more iconic backdrop for the first picture. However, the photo isn’t quite complete until Lisa Kudrow joins them on the sofa and delivers the ultimate Friends throwback quote. The only thing missing now is Phoebe’s guitar and perhaps a group sing-a-long of Smelly Cat. Still, could we BE any more excited to see this mini reunion?

#4: Julia Roberts

Surprising Ellen is no easy task but if there’s anytime to try, her birthday will do quite nicely. Ellen is blindfolded and must ask her mystery guest some questions to help her guess who it might be. When she eventually removes her blindfold, it’s clear that Ellen is genuinely surprised to see Julia Roberts sat before her. Since this is Julia’s first appearance on the show, things get a little emotional. Ever the professional, Ellen tries to compose herself to chat to the star, thank goodness for commercial breaks, hey?

#3: Melissa McCarthy (2019)

Ellen’s surprises can be really sweet or scare the living daylights out of her guests. Fortunately, whether she’s the one carrying out the surprise [xref] or being surprised, Melissa McCarthy never fails to entertain. The Billie Elish fan updated the ‘Bad Guy’ music video but still hadn’t received any feedback, until now. It’s not often we see Melissa at a loss for words but when she finds them again, she has us chuckling. Once she’s just about over the shock, the pair proceed to catch up like nothing has happened.

#2: Jesse Tyler Ferguson (2017)

The staff behind Ellen’s show put her to the test when they hide a mystery celebrity in her audience. They do a great job at throwing her off the scent with a few other eccentric looking individuals scattered about, kind of like Where’s Waldo. They throw in a few handy hints, which help her figure out who the celebrity is, even before she locates him. We have to say the team did an exceptional job at making Jesse Tyler Ferguson unrecognizable so major points to Ellen for finding him, eventually.

#1: Ellen’s 60th Birthday (2018)

When Ellen turned the big six-oh, we knew everyone would pull out all the stops to give her some unforgettable memories. Jennifer Anniston leads the way for more surprise celebrity guests than we care to count, and even the ones who couldn’t make it, send their best wishes. She doesn’t know what to expect which only make the episodes all the more exciting to watch. It’s a star-studded celebration with so many of our favorites coming out to show their love and wish this daytime host the happiest of birthdays.