Top 10 Funniest Big Mouth Moments (Season 2)
Trivia Top 10 Funniest Big Mouth Moments (Season 2)



Top 10 Funniest Big Mouth Moments (Season 2)

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
Prepare to laugh and cringe at the following Big Mouth Season 2 moments.
Puberty has never been so funny as on this show. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Big Mouth Season 2 Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the funniest, most compelling, and original scenes from the second season of this Netflix original animated series. Also, since it was both hilarious and insightful, but not long enough to warrant its own list, we’re also including the 2019 special released between Seasons 2 and 3, “My Furry Valentine.”

#10: Andrew's Breakdown
"My Furry Valentine"

Valentine’s Day is often a tough one to get through, but in middle school, it can seem like the single most important day of the year. And usually… all that pressure results in more anxiety, disappointment, and pain than actual romance. While Valentine’s Day leaves many of our characters feeling sore (Nick especially), it’s Andrew who tailspins the hardest. He sees the day as a chance to win back Missy, but rather than be honest with her, he attempts a more manipulative approach - which ultimately backfires. As his plans go awry, he goes full toxic masculinity, culminating in a shameful display at Lola’s party. Andrew has a complete mental breakdown. Like most scenes in “Big Mouth,” it’s funny... but also really hard to watch.

#9: Blue Waffle
"The Planned Parenthood Show"

One of the scariest things about exploring your sexuality is the risk of STDs. Without proper education as to what they entail and how they’re transmitted, the concept can take on an almost supernatural, horror movie energy. Without appropriate resources, people might even believe in fictitious conditions, like the dreaded “blue waffle.” This segment does a perfect job of illustrating the looming but ambiguous fear associated with sexually transmitted diseases and infections. In this black and white world of dread, Andrew manages to give Lola genital blue waffle, despite the fact that they only kissed. It’s incredibly over-the-top, but nicely conveys just how irrational and paranoid people can get in this department. Be informed and always use appropriate protection; knowledge is your best defense!

#8: Jay's Double Valentine's Day Date
"My Furry Valentine"

Most of the kids in “Big Mouth” feel driven by hormones, but few lean into their blossoming sexuality quite as aggressively as Jay. More than just being an insatiable horn-dog, however, Jay is also discovering his own sexuality - and that his interest might not be exclusive to girls as he originally thought. After having an experience with Matthew, his bourgeoning bisexuality takes the form a couch cushion that he sees as male. By the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, he’s fully juggling two relationships. Jay tries to have a stereotypically masculine and feminine date with both of his pillows simultaneously. It’s kind of like the dinner in “Mrs. Doubtfire,” but way stranger because, you know… he’s having sex with talking pillows.

#7: Andrew’s Excitement
“What Is It About Boobs?”

As this entire show is constantly reminding us, puberty can be a brutal, confusing, and deeply self-conscious time in any young person’s life. Boys and girls each have their own cross to bear, though for young men going through puberty, the problem is perhaps better described as a “tent-pole.” For Andrew and his raging hormones, the mere sight of Gina’s particularly well-developed chest is enough to him over-excited to the point that he needs to run for cover. Popping a visible hard-on in school is something that people tend to remember, so we think he made the right move. And based on Maurice’s crash landing, we suspect that this particular “popped tent” was coming in fast.

#6: “Shame”
“Dark Side of the Boob”

When blossoming youths start feeling urges, it can be very confusing. At every turn, they’re told not to indulge them, sexual activity largely being framed as a bad thing at that age. Add to that the various other taboo and uncomfortable subjects like the changing adolescent body, and puberty can feel like one big exercise in shame. In “Big Mouth,” that concept takes the shape of the Shame Wizard, and does he ever have a song to sing for Jessi and her peers. With this catchy little ditty, he shames pretty much every kid in school, arguing in sing-song that he’s necessary. It’s a funny little earworm, but it’s also a perfect representation of pubescent shame, which always seems to find a way in.

#5: Jay Is His Own Hormone Monster
“Smooch or Share”

On the night of the school sleepover, Nick tries to liven things up with a little game of smooch or share; it’s basically a hybrid of spin the bottle and truth or dare. Jay’s seriously into it, proving to be a stickler for the rules when Nick hesitates to kiss Missy, and overly-enthusiastic when later asking Missy a deeply inappropriate and weirdly-specific question. When it’s his turn to smooch, however, the bottle lands on Matthew and he’s suddenly the one who seems hesitant. Ultimately, he follows through with the kiss, but before he does, he throws some threatening words at the rest of the group. It’s QUITE the statement, impressing Maurice and prompting him to say what we’ve all been wondering about.

#4: The Vagilantes
"The Planned Parenthood Show"

In the same episode as the Blue Waffle segment, Missy takes on a Sex Ed themed journey into outer space and her imagination, where, as we’ve already learned, Nathan Fillion tends to feature rather prominently. Andrew, much to his dismay, is the spaceship’s janitor. Anyways, Missy’s fantasy, Missy’s rules! Her team provides help to “women in need,” specifically those whose reproductive and sexual health isn’t being properly attended to through the healthcare system or programs like Planned Parenthood. A celebration of both female anatomy and women in leadership roles, as well as the importance of proper health screenings, this segment is equal parts insightful and funny. What can we say… Missy’s a girl who knows what she likes.

#3: Miss Conception
"The Planned Parenthood Show"

As any young woman considering birth control options will tell you, it can often feel like there’s no right choice. But rarely, if ever, have the shortcomings, trappings, pros, and cons of the various contraceptives choices out there been presented in such hilariously accurate fashion. Styled like a dating show a la “Bachelorette,” Leah meets each of her options one by one. The condom is casual but seems to have sensitivity issues, while the pill comes off a little strong about commitment. The diaphragm gets a particularly unflattering depiction, but hey, it’s not nearly as popular as it once was, and it still looks better than the Pull Out Method!

#2: Nick Tries to Get Rid of Rick
“Am I Normal?”

This show isn’t afraid to get dark - like seriously dark. But rarely have we seen one of the kids do something quite as messed up as this. In middle school, it feels like there’s a lot of pressure to keep up with your peers in terms of development. Puberty taking its time can utterly devastate your self-confidence. So, when Nick loses one of his only two pubic hairs, he snaps. The surviving pube presents a simple, but drastic solution - Nick needs to kill his decrepit hormone monster so that he can get a new one. It’s pretty horrifying as Nick goes through with it, but Rick’s response is what makes this one of the show’s funniest moments.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

Featuring Ludacris' Self-Reflection
Various Episodes

Guy Town: The Musical
“Guy Town”

Bad Mitten
"The Shame Wizard"

Missy's Self-Acceptance
“What Is It About Boobs?”

Jay's Dirty Talk
“Am I Normal?”

#1: Coach Steve Loses “It”
“Steve the Virgin”

Everything about Coach Steve’s experience with sex is hilarious, both past and present. From “Gary,” the guy who used to visit his mom, to his naive misunderstanding the basics of how flirtation and sex work. He knows that he wants to do it, specifically with a lady, he’s just not sure how. We especially like his terminology for all things sex-related. And while bringing a banana into the bedroom is pretty suggestive… Steve might very well be the first guy to ever mean it literally. At the end of the day, however, it’s the moment that his dream becomes a reality that’s really seared into our memory. Of course, even after he’s done it, he’s not exactly an expert.