Top 10 Best Bill Hader Impressions



Top 10 Best Bill Hader Impressions

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Richard Bush
Bill Hader's impressions are legendary! From Tom Cruise, to Prince Philip to Alan Alda, this Saturday Night Live alum has done some really dead on celebrity impersonations. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the best celebrity impressions by Bill Hader.

Top 10 Bill Hader Impressions

He’s just got one of those faces, right? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Bill Hader Impersonations.

For this list, we’ll be looking at Hader’s most popular and dead on celebrity impersonations. Just to be clear, we’re only focusing on impressions of real-life celebrities, so fictional character creations don’t count. Not even you Stefon!

#10: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Kicking off our list is an impression that everyone likes to think they can do, but very few can actually pull off. Hader however has got the Predator-crushing muscle man down to a T - from his trademark groaning to his cigar waving. Oh, and of course, his schnitzel anecdotes. And Hader’s done his research too, famously acting as Arnie’s personal assistant on the set of “Collateral Damage”. If his straight up imitation of him wasn’t enough to convince you of his Austrian prowess, then maybe his face-mapped reenactment on Jimmy Kimmel will be.

#9: Tom Cruise

To say this iconic actor is known for being a little OTT is a huge understatement. Just ask Oprah. During an interview on Letterman, Hader recounts how Cruise was trying to place him while filming on the set of “Tropic Thunder”. In true Tom Cruise fashion, Hader starts off slowly with some intense squinting and pointing, eventually escalating to loud, wide-eyed applause. Which is to say Hader’s Cruise impression probably hovers somewhere between the office scene from “Jerry Maguire” and any of the intense stares from the Mission Impossible franchise. Speaking of, we wonder if Hader can do the run?

#8: Prince Philip

From realistic to ridiculous next, and a larger than life impression that is both inaccurate and offensive, but in all the right ways. Presenting the royal family as a gang of cockney thugs, Hader plays Prince Philip alongside Fred Armisen’s Queen Elizabeth - who at every chance try to intimidate newly initiated members Kate and Pippa Middleton. Whether it’s his wildly inappropriate threats, or his toothpick twirling mannerisms, Hader’s Prince Philip is a classic case of a caricature being more entertaining than the real thing. Although hey, for all we know, the real Phil could be a punk bad too.

#7: Anthony Scaramucci

Some say that Anthony Scaramucci was put on this Earth just so Hader could impersonate him - and after seeing Hader’s take on The Mooch, it’s hard to disagree. When watching Scaramucci in interviews, you get the impression that he kiiinda likes the sound of his own voice, and Hader grabs hold of this with both hands. With a scrunched up face like he’s just sucked on a lemon and constant imposing hand gestures, Hader channels all the foibles of the ex-White House Director of Communications. And you know what, Hader’s hardly even exaggerating.

#6: Alan Alda

Out of all the impressions on this list, Hader’s take on Alan Alda has gotta be the most accurate vocal mimicry by far. Just close your eyes, and you’d put money on the fact that it was Hawkeye Pierce from “M*A*S*H” himself. This is thanks to Hader’s mastery of the thick Bronx accent and the way in which Alda would stammer, which became trademarks over the years. But it’s not just the voice, Hader even nails Alda’s renowned hand gestures and body language, which is, as he’d say, terrific, just terrific.

#5: Vincent Price

Horror legend Vincent Price has always been a special kinda creepy. His rollercoaster of a persona can go from a jovial grin to an eerie stare in the blink of an eye. And Hader’s over the top take on Price is all the right kinds of dramatic. Sure, he’s got the slouched body language down, but it’s the squeaky voice that really sells it. Well, that and the raven on his shoulder. Not only is his impression spot on, but seeing Hader’s Price trying to wrestle with inappropriate guests and keep his show family friendly - as well as spooky - is absolute gold.

#4: James Carville

Our fourth entry is another politically-charged impression, and one that makes Hader’s take on Anthony Scaramucci look like child’s play. Political commentator James Carville is known for his Louisiana accent, bald head, and of course his sometimes controversial views. And Hader rolls all that into one in this spot on performance that sees him spoofing the Ragin’ Cajun democrat flawlessly. Okay, so maybe Hader focuses on the wild, frantic side of Carville more than anything else, with alligator anecdotes coming out of his ears. But picture Carville on a whole bunch of caffeine, and boom, you’ve got bald Hader.

#3: Keith Morrison

You know an impression is good when it gets the seal of approval from the person themselves. And Hader got just that with Keith Morrison. His impression of the true crime presenter from the show “Dateline” has become legendary on “SNL”, with Hader delivering a pitch perfect version of Morrison’s seemingly morbid sense of intrigue. And when the self-proclaimed Dateline fanatic came face-to-face with Morrison, it only further highlighted just how accurate his take on the TV personality is. If anyone can make getting so into gruesome crime stories okay, then it’s Hader’s Morrison.

#2: Al Pacino

There’s a certain amount of anger, frustration and high-intensity that goes into an Al Pacino impression. And pulling it off without looking like you’re trying too hard, ain’t easy. Unless you’re Bill Hader, that is. From the way he drags out the ends of his sentences to his slow, methodical head movements, Hader has perfected the enigmatic Pacino personality. You know it’s good when you can tell he’s in character even when he isn’t saying anything! But we guess the biggest part of selling it, is making even the most boring stories sound enthralling. Like spotting a cantaloupe in a kitchen.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Henry Winkler

Daniel Day-Lewis

Bob Simon

Harvey Fierstein

Jim Jordan

#1: Clint Eastwood

Take every aspect of stereotypical Clint Eastwood impersonations, throw them together and you get Hader’s take on the movie god that is Eastwood. Let’s see - cold stare that could give you nightmares? Check. Gravelly, spiteful voice that induces fearful goosebumps? Check. High trousers that almost touch his chin? Check. In these spoof “SNL” Chrysler ads, Hader not only sells the impression comically, but he even sells it cinematically. I mean just look at him. From a distance, that glare could be Eastwood himself. All he needs now is a Smith & Wesson and a Gran Torino.