Top 10 Awkward First Kisses in Anime

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
They won't be forgetting their first time in a hurry, though some probably wish they could. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Accidental Anime Kisses.

For this list, we'll be looking at the times in anime where two characters unintentionally locked lips. Get ready for awkwardness!
Top 10 Accidental Anime Kisses

They won’t be forgetting their first time in a hurry, though some probably wish they could. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Accidental Anime Kisses.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the times in anime where two characters unintentionally locked lips. Get ready for awkwardness!

#10: Seiji & Yuzu

“Love Tyrant” (2017)

It might be easy to envy this guy for his romantic situation at first glance, but then you realise that each of the ladies that are interested in him are waaaaaay out there. Destined to remain a virgin for eternity unless an adorable, yaoi-obsessed entity pairs him up with someone, Seiji soon finds himself getting way more attention from the opposite sex than he probably wanted, including that of the air-headed Yuzu. While trying to snag a smooch with her sister, Seiji ends up getting the full brunt of it after Yuzu trips and the two collide – mouth to mouth, of course.

#9: Illya & Miyu

“Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya” (2013)

It’s a little disturbing that out of all the Fate-verse spinoffs, the one that features the most gratuitous kissing is the one that focuses on these two. While dreaming about getting intimate with Shirou, Illya’s desire ends up extending outside of her sleep, since in reality she’s actually started kissing up on her best friend. You have to wonder where all this intimacy was when the Fifth Holy Grail War was going on.

#8: Cinque & Eclair

“Dog Days” (2011-15)

You know that old excuse about not having control of your body in the heat of the moment? Well turns out that’s actually legitimate as far as these two go. As a cat goddess starts causing mayhem around the Biscotti Republic, she decides to heat things up by using her magic to throw the cast around like puppets, which somehow ends up with the kid from Cornwall and the half-dog tsundere knight kissing on top of a roof. Don’t be too surprised, this is the series that introduced us to magical robot tentacles brooms.

#7: Haruhi & Kanako

“Ouran High School Host Club” (2006)

Leave it to the Host Club to take a typical situation between a couple and turn it into something grandiose and bombastic. While trying to save a relationship between two clients, Haruhi somehow finds herself in the rather unique position of having to kiss one of them come the end of their little ploy. It’s Ouran, just go with it. Naturally, Tamaki doesn’t take too kindly to his daughter-figure having anything to do with that and tries to stop it…only to accidentally push her, which turns what was a peck on the cheek to full on lip-contact. Real smooth there guy.

#6: Fudou & Rin

“Armed Girl's Machiavellism” (2017)

You know how it goes. You’re a former thug battling against a group of crazed weapon-wielding female students, only to find yourself making out with their most vicious member like it’s the Summer of 69. Granted, Fudo didn’t go into the fight with lewd thoughts in mind, it’s just that after Rin’s lackey smashed his head in with a golf club, his face didn’t really have anywhere else to go but onto his opponent’s. Not quite a hole in one, but give them time and a room and we’ll see.

#5: Nibutani & Dekomori

“Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” (2012)

Not quite the first kiss we were all hoping for, but for what is, it’s pretty damn hilarious. Just when it looks like gravity is finally going to play matchmaker by giving Yuta and Rikka that long-anticipated kiss, it instead turns out the ones accidentally getting busy are the former chunibyo frenemies. They can bark and hiss all they want, it still became pretty evident that after this little fiasco their relationship went from catty rivals to a pair of tsunderes. Come on, admit it, you both liked it!

#4: Tanukichi & Anna

“Shimoneta” (2015)

Behold the trigger that led to the creation of anime’s thirstiest young lady. After losing his balance in typical romcom fashion, Tanukichi finds himself getting a mouthful of the student council president. As opposed to just being an embarrassing incident both would rather move past, Anna’s first exposure to physical intimacy awakens a monster inside of her of unparalleled lewdness. It’s not long before it goes from gentle blushes to pinning the poor guy in his bedroom and nearly stabbing any other woman who even sniffs in his direction. Again, all because of one kiss.

#3: Rei & Saeko

“Highschool of the Dead” (2010)

Okay, technically these two were willingly making out with one another, and while we’re sure many guys and gals would love nothing more than to have Ms Psycho-Sexy Saeko go to town on their tonsils, the truth of the matter is neither of the participating parties were in the right state of mind due to each suffering under hallucinations. They may have thought they were getting jiggy with their beloved Takashi, but the truth turned out to be far kinkier. Remember when this show was about zombies? Me neither.

#2: Nariyuki & Rizu

“We Never Learn” (2019)

There were numerous contenders, but it turns out the waifu to take away their tutor’s first kiss was none other than the pint-sized Rizu. After getting herself lost while trying to pick flowers for Nariyuki, the usually stoic genius has no choice but to take shelter on a hill as the rain pours down. Luckily, her knight in shining glasses managed to find her, resulting in a rather sweet moment…at least until Rizu ended up slipping and falling headfirst into her crush, somehow resulting in a mid-air kiss. That’s just impressive.

#1: Naruto & Sasuke

“Naruto” (2002-07)

Wonder if Boruto ever heard the story about that one time his father and teacher ended up kissing in front of the whole class. Given all the bad blood that occurred in their teens, it’s hard to forget that there was a time when these two got way closer than anyone was expecting. Unwisely deciding to crouch right in front of his rival, what was supposed to be an intense stare-down ended up paving the way for decades of hopeful yaoi fangirling when Naruto was accidentally nudged forward and ended up planting a big one on the Uchiha survivor. So much for ninja reflexes…