Top 10 Unforgettable Big Little Lies Moments



Top 10 Unforgettable Big Little Lies Moments

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Timothy MacAusland
These Big Little Lies moments sparked plenty of conversations around the water cooler. We're looking at the scenes that stood out for their shock value, emotional resonance or mere importance to the story. It's the show that was so big, they couldn't keep it a miniseries for long. MsMojo ranks the best Big Little Lies moments. What's your favorite Big Little Lies moment? Let us know in the comments!
It’s the show that was so big, they couldn’t keep it a miniseries for long. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re choosing our favorite moments from this hit HBO series.

For this list, we’re looking at the scenes that stood out for their shock value, emotional resonance or mere importance to the story. Since we’ll be breaking down key moments, a spoiler warning is now in effect.

#10: Ed Finds Out About Madeline’s Infidelity
“Tell-Tale Hearts”

While Ed may not be everyone’s favorite character, it can’t be denied he’s the sturdy rock Madeline needs in a life partner. However, that rock soon turns into rocky terrain once this bombshell is let out. Not realizing Ed is home, Madeline’s daughter Abby offhandedly mentions Madeline’s affair with Joseph the theatre director, only for Ed to waltz into the room. Madeline did the right thing by breaking it off the year before, but her past still comes back to bite her. It’s a heartbreaking moment, especially when Ed is less than enthused. Thankfully, the two are able to rekindle their dedication in the season finale by renewing their vows. (

#9: Madeline & Joseph’s Car Accident
“Once Bitten”

Speaking of Joseph, trouble just keeps following Madeline whenever he’s around. Despite being married himself, Joseph tries to persuade Madeline to be with him, proclaiming his love for her. For the time being however, he can only persuade Madeline to get in the car with him for a moment in private, as she vehemently shoots him down. However, the meeting doesn’t remain private for long, as the two are involved in a three-car pile-up. Both survive, but the circumstances surrounding their being in a car together raise more than a few eyebrows. While many movies and shows often gloss over their car crashes, this one did not.

#8: Madeline Speaks at the Parents Meeting
“The End of the World”

There’s no other way around it: climate change is one of the biggest threats looming over our world. But we suspect that’s not what Madeline was really talking about when she took the stand at the parents meeting. No, somehow she manages to get even more pessimistic, real quick. Fresh off the seeming dissolution of her marriage, coupled with her inability to persuade her daughter to attend college, Madeline is in a vulnerable place, and it shows. She lays down some hard truths, and we can’t help but feel for her. Not to mention the scene features arguably Reese Witherspoon’s finest work on the show.

#7: Celeste Returns to Lawyering
“Push Comes to Shove”

Throughout season one, we see Celeste slowly start to rebel against her abusive husband Perry, with a big turning point coming from her legal backing of a controversial production Madeline is putting on. Yet what she discovers isn’t so much that she’s doing it to spite Perry, but simply because she loves doing it, and she’s damn good at it too. Just when it seems Renata has the mayor wrapped around her finger, Celeste slams the door on censorship, earning a victory for artistic expression. And we gotta say, it is good seeing her doing what she does best.

#6: Bonnie Resents Elizabeth
“The Bad Mother”

One thing season two did well was shine a brighter spotlight on some of the more supporting players of the show, not the least of which is Zoë Kravitz’s Bonnie, who rounds out the Monterey Five beautifully. More than any of her friends, Bonnie struggles greatly with keeping the nature behind Perry’s death a secret due to the fact that she was the one to deliver that fateful shove. Yet it’s only with the arrival of her mother Elizabeth to Monterey do we discover her trauma stemmed from child abuse at her hands. It’s in this scene as Elizabeth is in a coma does Bonnie finally confess her guilt, and how much she resents her for it. In short, it is one powerful scene.

#5: Jane Meets Madeline & Celeste
“Somebody’s Dead”

When it was announced that HBO would be producing a show with the combined talents of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley, anticipation swelled. And no time was wasted uniting the series’ holy trinity onscreen, as Madeline’s chance encounter with Jane sets the entire plot in motion. It’s staggering to think that such an innocuous act as rolling an ankle could lead to so much strife, but when these three leading ladies are united at their favorite seaside café for the first time, it’s difficult not to think fate had a hand to play in the whole ordeal.

#4: Jane Visits Saxon Baker
“Once Bitten”

One of the biggest mysteries of the show is the identity of Ziggy’s father, seeing as he was the product of a rape years earlier. With the little information Jane has on him, Madeline is able to track down a likely match in one Saxon Baker, an architect living in San Luis Obispo. After making the drive down there, Jane meets with Saxon under the pretense of a consultation. As Jane attempts to identify him, we have no idea as to her intentions, and knowing she’d been previously practicing gunsmanship only puts us more on edge. We don’t find out until the following episode what happened or that Saxon wasn’t the culprit, and until then our blood was pumping with anticipation.

#3: Celeste on the Stand
“The Bad Mother”

Season two has been a struggle for every one of our leading ladies, but perhaps none more so than Celeste Wright, who may lose custody of her two sons at the hands of her former mother-in-law. In the penultimate episode of the season, Celeste’s character is put into excruciating light by the opposing attorney, who cites her emotional trauma, erratic sex life, drug dependancy, and even the suspicious nature of her husband’s death as evidence that she’s unfit to mother. It gets bad fast, and it is made all the more difficult to watch thanks to Nicole Kidman’s terrifically vulnerable performance. But the court drama doesn’t stop there, as Celeste is able to rally by doing the same to Mary Louise the next episode.

#2: The Monterey Five Enter the Police Station
“I Want to Know”

There’s a lot of lies going around to make up the series’ title, but none bigger than that of the death of Perry Wright. When Bonnie gave him what turned out to be a fatal push down a flight of stairs to stop his rampage, the subsequently dubbed Monterey Five agree to a pact where they insist that the incident was accidental. However, the lie gradually starts to eat away at them, Bonnie especially. When Bonnie finally summons the courage to turn herself in, the other four are there to back her up. Even if we never get another episode of this groundbreaking show, we can at least be satisfied that the Monterey Five went out of the lie the way they went in: together.

Before we get to our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:

Celeste Slaps Mary Louise
“She Knows”

Max & Josh Stand Up for Ziggy
“Kill Me”

Amabella Accuses Ziggy
“Somebody’s Dead”

Jane Confronts Mary Louise
“The Bad Mother”

Bonnie Tells Nathan She Isn’t in Love with Him
“I Want to Know”

#1: Perry’s Death
“You Get What You Need”

From the opening scenes of the series, we knew someone was gonna die. We even knew when and where it was going to happen, so going into the season finale, we were just waiting for it to happen. What caught us off guard, however, was the revelation that preceded it– that Perry, Perry of all people– was Jane’s rapist. With just one look, it suddenly it made so much sense. Yet like the characters, we were hardly given enough time to process before things became physical, and that death we were promised was delivered to us on a silver platter. Credit to the writers for being able to give us some of the pieces beforehand and still make our collective jaws hit the floor.