Top 10 Hilarious Stiles Stilinski Moments



Top 10 Hilarious Stiles Stilinski Moments

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This show might not be a straight-up comedy, but the original film's goofy tone can be found in these hilarious Stiles Stilinski Teen Wolf moments. We'll be looking at the most memorable moments from the hit series Teen Wolf in which Stiles provided some much needed comedic relief. Some of the entries might contain important plot events, so a spoiler alert is in order. MsMojo ranks the most hilarious Stiles Stilinski Teen Wolf moments. Which Stiles moment made you laugh the hardest? Let us know in the comments!
He‘ll always be Batman to us. Welcome to MsMojo and today we‘ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 hilarious Stiles Stilinski moments.

For this list, we‘ll be looking at the most memorable moments from the hit series “Teen Wolf” in which Stiles provided some much needed comedic relief. Some of the entries might contain important plot events, so a spoiler alert is in order.

#10: Lacrosse with Scott

Lacrosse has always played – pun intended – a big part in Teen Wolf. When the Coach starts open tryouts, Scott feels that his position on the team might be in jeopardy. The new guy Liam and his abnormal talent certainly don’t help the situation. Stiles, being the friend he is, tries to help Scott during practice, but ends up needing some help himself after running intense laps. Despite being out of breath, Stiles makes snarky comments about Liam, adding to the humor he’s already achieving through physical comedy. Keeping up with your werewolf friend who has supernatural strength isn’t easy, but Stiles tries his best, guaranteeing laughs in the process.

#9: Knocking Over a Vending Machine

Stiles has many desirable qualities, but stealth isn’t one of them. Season 2 begins with Lydia in the hospital following Peter’s attack in the previous season; and Stiles remains there to keep an eye on her. Throughout the night he gets hungry, and given the hospital’s limited options, he heads for the vending machine. As Stiles’ luck would have it, however, his treat gets stuck. In an attempt to move it, Stiles manages to knock down the machine, causing a ruckus. To make matters worse, Lydia disappears around the same time, which brings the police department to the hospital. Since Stiles is not one to admit to his mischiefs, he just walks past the scene, but his facial expression says it all.

#8: Argument with the Coach

If there’s one character who can compete with Stiles when it comes to humor, it’s coach Finstock. Whenever they’re on-screen together, we know something priceless is about to happen. In this episode, the gang are riding the bus to a meet. However, Scott is wounded from a fight and Stiles needs to get him outside to help him heal. Unfortunately for them, the coach is determined to keep the bus rolling at any cost. When Stiles tries convincing him to give them a bathroom break, the coach goes as far as blowing his whistle in Stiles’s face repeatedly. While not pleasant for the ears, their exchange is undeniably amusing and can easily be considered one of the funniest moments of the whole series.

#7: “I Tend to Get a Little Squeamish”

Stiles is a true friend. He provides Scott with unconditional support in all endeavors, and going with him to a tattoo salon is no exception. One would think that after two seasons of fighting supernatural creatures, watching Derek nearly chop off his arm, and dealing with Jackson’s transformation into a Kanima, Stiles would be accustomed to the bloody stuff. That doesn’t turn out to be the case however, since as soon as he sees the needle going through Scott’s skin, he faints in the most ‘Stiles’ way possible. Well, we can’t say he didn’t warn us. Ironically, Stiles has no problem restraining Scott as Derek applies a blow torch to burn in the tattoo again after it heals, making his moment of weakness even funnier.

#6: Batman & Robin
“Pack Mentality”

Scott and Stiles are ‘the’ bromance of the show. Since the very first episode, they’ve shown incredible chemistry as they go about solving mysteries in Beacon Hills, even when they shouldn’t. In most of season one, however, the mystery would revolve around Scott’s newfound werewolf powers. When Scott is unsure whether or not he attacked the bus driver the night before, he insists on inspecting the bus to refresh his memory, leaving Stiles on look out. Displeased by the turn of events, Stiles compares him and Scott to Batman and Robin, complaining about his new position as the sidekick. Scott is unamused by this exchange, setting the tone for the dynamic between these two for the rest of the series.

#5: “It’s Your Dream”

One of Stiles’ trademarks is his ability to get out of just about any situation. Halfway through the first part of season three conflicts rise that put our pack at risk. When Deucalion leaves Scott a cryptic clue, the group believes the answer might be with Danny, who is in the hospital after being targeted by Deucalion’s pack. Stiles sneaks into Danny’s hospital room, but when attempts to wake him up fail, he resorts to going through his stuff. As luck would have it, Danny starts waking up, which gives us a hilarious exchange between the two where Stiles manages to convince him he’s dreaming. He does it in the most sassy way possible, sprinkling comedy into an otherwise action-packed episode.

#4: Scott’s Chains Falling Out of a Locker
“Shape Shifted”

Yet another entry that involves our favorite lacrosse coach. As season two starts, Scott reassures Stiles he’s able to handle the next full moon since he’s coming to terms with his werewolf side. Stiles, however, still wants to restrain Scott for their own safety, so he begins showing off what kind of restraints he’s planning to use. This results in what seems to be the longest chain in the world falling out of Stiles’s locker for their whole class to see. As if that’s not enough, coach Finstock shows up on the scene to witness the incident and give his two cents on the matter. Stiles remarks on how his ignorance is a wise choice and in this case, we can’t help but agree.

#3: Not Fixing the Gas Gauge
“The Dark Moon”

The fourth season opens with the gang travelling to Mexico to find Derek. Unsurprisingly, it ends up going south. As if it wasn’t enough for them to get locked up and tortured, the group also find themselves trapped in the desert when the car breaks down. Unfortunately for them, Stiles is no mechanic and has no clue how to fix his jeep, which leaves Lydia less than amused. To make matters worse, Malia realizes there’s someone out there, hunting them, and launches into the dark to fight it, with Kira right behind her. Stiles wants to go after her, but is forced to focus on the jeep, which he somehow manages to get running. Let’s just say he’s not our first choice in a mechanical emergency.

#2: Trying to Get Allison & Lydia’s Attention

Stiles’ crush on Lydia was a running gag for the first two seasons, but he seemingly moved on after accepting that she loves Jackson. Scott, having broken up with Allison at the end of series two, is also on the singles team as the third season opens. Their fresh start is short-lived, however, as the guys happen to run into them at a red light not ten minutes into the first episode. Stiles, being his goofy self, rolls down the window and tries to get their attention, with the girls deliberately ignoring him, and driving off as soon as they get the chance. Stiles’ response to that is that the girls probably didn’t see them, making an already hilarious scene even more priceless.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Punching with Derek
‘‘Chaos Rising”

Trying to Convince the Sheriff He's Gay

“Sarcasm Is My Only Defense”

His Unique Approach to Being Comforting
‘’Second Chance at a First Line’’

The XXL Incident
‘‘Chaos Rising”

#1: “Somebody Needs to Sex Me Right Now”

What do you do if there‘s a maniac attacking the virgins of Beacon Hills and you happen to be one yourself? In Stiles’ case, it becomes less about catching up with your more experienced guy friends and more about survival. When he has a chat with Scott in the locker room and is not impressed with his light approach to the situation, Stiles goes on a massive rant about how it‘s a matter of life and death that someone ‘sexes him right now‘. Danny overhears their exchange and offers to help out, which prompts a genuinely upset reaction from Stiles when Danny admits he was only joking. Easily one of the most memorably funny moments of the show, it has us bursting with laughter every time we rewatch it.