Top 10 Things The Internet Cannot Agree On

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Dog pants, pineapple pizza, covfefe – these are pop culture topics that need special attention. For this list, we're focusing on light-hearted pop culture debates and staying away from serious discussions about politics. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Things the Internet CANNOT Agree On.
Script written by Q.V. Hough

Top 10 Things the Internet CANNOT Agree On

Dog pants, pineapple pizza, covfefe – these are pop culture topics that need special attention. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things the Internet Cannot Agree On.

For this list, we’re focusing on light-hearted pop culture debates and staying away from serious discussions about politics.

#10: Xbox or PlayStation?

For backwards compatibility and controllers, it’s not hard to make a case for Xbox, whether it’s theemulator technology or rumble kickbacks. Then again, some gamers, casual or experienced, are just looking for clean graphics, extra features and a fun time. So, you’ve got to give it up for PlayStation, right? All in all, it’s about expectations, not to mention advancements in VR. For some, however, it’s simply about price and value. We can tell you this: technology will get better and gamers will continue to freak, regardless of what system they're running.

#9: Berenstain or Berenstein Bears?

Created in 1962, this franchise of friendly grizzlies helps children learn about right and wrong. Yet, theactual spelling continues to mystify people online, with some believing that it’s part of larger conspiracy. “The Mandela Effect” comes into play here, which means that large groups of people incorrectly remember an event that never actually happened. In this case, “Berenstain” has never, ever been “Berenstein” (except on some fake merch perhaps), and this despite how many people think otherwise. Sure, there’s a “correct” spelling, but don’t tell that to people who think with their heart.

#8: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Even if you’re not a football fan, you’ve most likely heard of these two men. The Argentine, Lionel Messi plays for FC Barcelona, while Cristiano Ronaldo began with Manchester United and later joined Real Madrid. In team play, Messi has been more successful, while Ronaldo is regarded as the best player of all time, certainly the best European player. In terms of pure skill and career accomplishments, though, one could make the case for Messi, too. Both have won the same amount of European Golden Shoes, and they’re both handsome. Of course, they’re both filthy rich as well. Is there a wrong choice?

#7: How Would Dogs Wear Pants?

Ok, Mojoholics – let’s settle this now. If you’re going to pamper your pooch with pants, will they be skinny jeans or something more comfortable? More importantly, should dogs stick with a traditional look – you know, covering all four legs – or would they wear a covering on their two hind legs and dog-butts? This should be about canine happiness, and after all, they interact with each other differently than humans, with all the sniffing and all. Sure, some people embrace butt cleavage, but maybe – just maybe – if given a choice, dogs are anti plumber crack?

#6: Do Pineapples Belong on Pizza?

We owe a lot to the Neapolitans for innovating the modern pizza. The Italians are even responsible for America’s first pizzeria in the early 1900s. It's a safe bet that pineapple wasn’t a trendy topping back then. In fact, some pizza enthusiasts would consider the idea to be highly offensive. Pineapple is certainly delicious, but is it pizza-licious? Queen Margherita wanted the Italian flag colors for her specialized pizza - tomato, basil, and mozzarella - not the Italian colors, plus a tropical fruit. But for those of us who aren't long-dead Italian royalty, shouldn't we have more choice?

#5: How Do You Pronounce “Covfefe”?

Remember at the end of May 2017 when the President of the United States tweeted absolute nonsense? Like actual, universally accepted nonsense? How exactly does one pronounce this strange code word? After all, Donald Trump didn’t include any diacritical marks. Or maybe he just didn’t take the time to add them? Maybe he assumed, wrongly, that we all knew. We can probably be sure that “Covfefe” needs a hard C, but then it gets tricky. COV-FEE-FEE? COV-FAY-FAY? Is the V silent? We may never know.

#4: Did Han Shoot First?

Here’s the situation: in the original “Star Wars,” Jabba the Hutt puts a contract on Han Solo’s head. Greedo finds him at the Mos Eisley cantina, but it doesn’t go well for him. But did Han Solo act too soon? In a 1997 edition, Greedo appears to have fired the first shot, which contrasts with the original version, along with a 2004 DVD edition where they both shoot. Does it really matter who shot first? The answer is YES, yes it does. George Lucas provided some clarity by pointing the finger at Greedo, but Star Wars fans are still entitled to their opinions.

#3: What’s the Color of “The Dress”?

By now, we know the answer but in 2015, though, the internet went mad trying to figure out the true color of “the dress”. Is it white and gold? Is it blue and black? In fact, some of you are likely screaming at it right now. It’s a matter of perception and reflection, and some have theorized that limits of language play a factor too. For example, we only have so many words for colors. For fairness let's say if a certain color feels real to you, then it must be real, even if it defies logic and science. Except this dress, which is clearly black and blue.

#2: How Do You Pronounce “GIF”?

Here’s what we know: this image format is fun to use. As for the pronunciation, it’s all speculation, right? Even on-air television personalities haven’t figured this one out, which makes it awkward for everybody. There’s the peanut butter pronunciation – “JIFF” – and there’s the hard G pronunciation – “GIFF.” Many people claim to know the answer, but they’re probably just saying that to sound smart. Though Steve Wilhite, the leader behind the team who created it, claims it was intended to be the former, the answer is that nobody knows, because people keep arguing about it! It’s all just a guessing game with two hard Gs.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honorable mentions.

Is IMHO "In My Humble Opinion" or "In My Honest Opinion"?

Tom Hanks or Bill Murray???

Yanny or Laurel

How Many Spaces Should There Be After a Period?

Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

#1: DC or Marvel?

This has been a popular topic at WatchMojo HQ and beyond, as some people have rather strong opinions on it. But really, it comes down to preference. Some enjoy darkness, grit, and brooding – DC – while others like color, humor, and multi-character action and adventure – Marvel. Of course, they aren’t mutually exclusive, as there is plenty of crossover. For the most part, though, fans typically identify with either dark outsiders or squads that address societal issues. Marvel knows movies, while DC holds it down with animation. With that being said, nobody’s forcing you to pick a side, okay! You're allowed to enjoy both – or at least you should be?!--

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