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Top 10 Hilarious Celeb Encounters with the Royal Family

VO: Lisa @MsMojo WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
Turns out celebrities are just as awkward as we are. For this list, we’ll be looking at ten funny and cute encounters between famous celebrities and Royalty. Our list includes Simon Pegg broke the Queen, David Duchovny explains booty calls to Prince Charles, Prince Philip asks Cate Blanchett about his DVD player, Ben Affleck’s son played with the Prince & Princess at Kidnasium, Emma Thompson is denied a kiss by Prince William, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Funny Celebrity Encounters with the Royal Family.

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Top 10 Funny Celebrity Encounters with the Royal Family

Turns out celebrities are just as awkward as we are. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top Ten Funny Celebrity Encounters with the Royal Family.

For this list, we’ll be looking at ten funny and cute encounters between famous celebrities and Royalty.

#10: Prince Philip Asks Cate Blanchett About His DVD Player

Every family has that one person who just does not get technology. For the Royals, it’s Prince Philip. While appearing on “The Jonathan Ross Show” – and sitting on the floor – Cate Blanchett told a story about going over to Philip’s for lunch, as one does. While there, he began talking to Cate and told her that he was having trouble setting up his DVD player. Unfortunately, Cate couldn’t help as it was “not [her] area of expertise.” Seems at the end of the day, even Royalty has trouble setting up the new toys. Their non-techies are just like our non-techies... grasping at the first person who seems like they know what they're doing.

#9: Ben Affleck’s Son Played with the Prince & Princess at Kidnasium

There’s a surreal headline you probably never expected to read. Ben Affleck once took his son to London’s Kidnasium, a place filled with, in his own words, “germy balls that they kick around.” On this visit, he couldn’t help but notice that the place was filled with well-dressed men wearing earpieces. Despite initially admiring Kidnasium’s hardcore security, he quickly realized that Prince George and Princess Charlotte were in attendance. Now just imagine that, you’re minding your own business at Kidnasium when you realize your kids are playing with the freaking Prince and Princess! Affleck now tells his son that he got a cold from the King of England, which – as colds go – is quite the honor, indeed.

#8: Emilia Clarke Bumbles Her Way Through Saying “Your Royal Highness”

Meeting Royalty is quite the process, and it seemingly got to Emilia Clarke. She apparently got a little flustered with all the formality, rules, and regulations, one of which included addressing William as “your Royal highness.” Unfortunately, Emilia was so nervous that she couldn’t get the words out and was left to mumble her way through a painfully embarrassing greeting. And FYI, William has also met Tom Wlaschiha and asked him to reveal precious spoilers. Tom obviously refused due to non-disclosure agreements or some nonsense, but come on, when the second in line to the throne asks you what happens, you tell him what happens, rules be damned!

#7: Allison Janney Was Barefoot While Meeting Catherine & William

After attending the BAFTAs in 2018, Allison Janney rid herself of her high heels owing to some extraordinary foot pain. Unfortunately, she met up with William and Catherine, who just so happened to be pregnant AND wearing heels. Naturally, this made Janney feel like a bit of a wimp. To make matters worse, she called Catherine “honey,” which surely breaks Royal etiquette, and only made things more awkward – at least for Allison. So, in the end, this was just a smorgasbord of fail. That said, Catherine was apparently good sport and declared her love of “I, Tonya,” so it seems like no harm was done.

#6: Emma Thompson Is Denied a Kiss by Prince William

In November 2018, Prince William bestowed the always-delightful Emma Thompson with the title Dame Commander of the British Empire. During the formal process, Emma – who has known William since he was a child – playfully said, “I can’t kiss you, can I?” Boo to those silly rules. Unsurprisingly, William told her no and said that the day was about her, not him. That sounds like a flimsy, but hey, not everyone is denied a kiss by the future King of England, so she has that going for her. That and, you know, being made a Dame.

#5: Shawn Mendes Sits in Uncomfortable Silence with the Queen

We all have that friend who we can just chill with without saying a single word. Apparently Shawn Mendes and the Queen of England aren’t quite there yet. Shawn was backstage at the Queen’s 92nd birthday extravaganza when he suddenly found himself stuck in a room with the birthday girl herself. However, it was a long ten minutes of unbearable silence, as you cannot address the Queen without being addressed first, which unfortunately for Shawn, didn't happen. Awwwkward. In his words, the whole experience was “super weird.” “Super weird” is probably how a lot of people describe meeting Royalty, if this list is any indication.

#4: Simon Pegg Broke the Queen

We’re starting to think that maybe meeting Royalty isn’t as fun as it’s made out to be. While attending the “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” premiere, the Queen met Simon Pegg and stared at him in silence for a solid thirty seconds – at least by Simon's watch. This was because he wasn’t allowed to address her, and as such Simon could only stare back in anticipation and awkward unease. Luckily, she finally snapped out of her funk and addressed him... by asking who he was. We guess Her Royal Highness isn’t a big “Hot Fuzz” fan.

#3: David Duchovny Explains Booty Calls to Prince Charles

David Duchovny shared quite the interesting story on “James Corden” after he revealed a photo of David talking to Charles at a concert. One song in particular – the classic All Saints’ “Bootie Call” – visibly confused the elder Royal. Luckily, David was there to help and explained the term to the Prince. In that typical reserved British fashion, Charles responded with a simple, nonplussed “Ohhh.” We can only imagine what was going through his head. We don’t think too many people on this Earth can say that they’ve explained booty calls to Royalty, so enjoy that distinction, David.

#2: Margot Robbie Tells Prince Harry That He Looks Like Ed Sheeran

As any redhead can tell you, to the general public every redhead is an exact twin of every other redhead. Margot Robbie is no different in this regard. While attending Suki Waterhouse’s housewarming party, she spoke to a friendly ginger, took goofy pictures with him, and told him that he looked like Ed Sheeran. At some point throughout the night, she realized that this hunky mystery man was none other than Prince Harry! To her credit, she didn’t realize it was Prince Harry because he “wasn’t wearing a crown,” which is totally understandable. But, she now has his personal phone number, so the two clearly got on. How do we go about getting into these parties?

Before we unveil our top picks, here are a few honorable mentions.

The Queen Fangirls Over David Beckham

Emma Thompson Serenades Prince Charles

#1: The Spice Girls Meet Prince Charles

And the Most Unsophisticated Behavior Shown Towards a Royal Award goes to – The Spice Girls! The first thing you may notice is the incredibly inappropriate attire; even by late '90s standards. Their behavior is also straight-up gutsy, which includes cheek kisses and even a cheeky butt grab by Ginger. We don’t know too many people who have grabbed the Prince’s butt and gotten away with it – or anyone who's grabbed his butt at all for that matter – but then again, he was clearly enamored. This clip is just adorable, and it shows a rare fun side of the otherwise rigid and rule-filled process of meeting Royalty.

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