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Top 10 Untucked Moments From RuPaul: Season 10

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Hannah Collins
10s, 10s, 10s across the board! For this list, we’ll be choosing the most dramatic, funny and heartbreaking things that took place backstage on “Drag Race”’s tenth season. Prepare for spoilers from this point on if you’re not up-to-date with the most fabulous reality show on television. Our list includes Aquaria’s glitter blindness, Blair St. Clair’s survivor’s story, Christina Aguilera comes backstage, Aquaria is called out by The Vixen, Asia O’Hara claims her team had the harder routine, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Untucked Moments From RuPaul: Season 10.

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Top 10 Untucked Moments From RuPaul: Season 10

10s, 10s, 10s across the board! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best “Untucked” Moments from Season 10 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

For this list, we’ll be choosing the most dramatic, funny and heartbreaking things that took place backstage on “Drag Race”’s tenth season. Prepare for spoilers from this point on if you’re not up-to-date with the most fabulous reality show on television.

#10: Asia O’Hara Finally Gets a Call from Home

The call from home is a regular “Untucked” feature and a usually a heartwarming pick-me-up for the contestants. In the one episode, Eureka received an emotional message from her mother who was suffering from throat cancer, while Miz Cracker got a similar one from hers who was going blind due to a chronic illness. By the twelfth episode, Asia O’Hara - who had tragically lost both her parents - was saddened at the realization that she wouldn’t be able to have her family reach out to her. But, to her surprise, the TV was wheeled out to play a message of support from one of her friends.Asia was uplifted remembering the family she’d made for herself, and we all had tears in our eyes at home.

#9: Asia O’Hara Claims Her Team Had the Harder Routine

The “PharmaRusical” challenge in season ten’s second episode split the girls into two teams to perform individual musical numbers that paid tribute to pharmaceutical ads. The Vixen and Asia won the mini-challenge to become team leaders, while the iconic Alyssa Edwards helped choreograph the routines. After The Vixen’s team clinched the win, Asia had a theory as to why - and it had nothing to do with talent: Blair St. Clair tried to counter by saying the two numbers were too stylistically different to compare, but Asia just wouldn’t be swayed - much to the other teams’ annoyance.

#8: Aquaria’s Glitter Blindness

Aquaria proved herself to be a lot more than just a pretty face in pretty clothes, but a lot of her funniest moments were unintentional ones. The girls poked fun at her for being a little inarticulate at times, but in “The Unauthorized Rusical” episode, Aquaria not only struggled to speak but also to see. The runway theme was “Glitterific,” which Aquaria took to new avant-garde heights by wearing glittering veils over her eyes. Her decision to keep them on throughout “Untucked” meant that she spent the entire episode trying to angle her head in order to see. The best moment came when the girls were talking about Monet, who was elsewhere. Not knowing this, Aquaria turns to talk to… an empty seat. Comedy gold!

#7: Blair St. Clair’s Survivor’s Story

The sixth episode of season ten turned out to be the most heart-rending as Blair made a shocking revelation. On the main stage, she began to get very emotional during the critiques. Blair then explained that her first sexual experience had been an assault in college, something she'd tried to bury under her sunny disposition. In “Untucked,” Blair elaborated further, saying that her attraction to shiny, pretty things in her drag aesthetic is all tied to her desire to rid herself of that nasty experience. All of the girls were nothing but supportive, telling Blair how much they admired her bravery.

#6: Monét X Change Is Shocked No-One Likes Her Sponge Dress

The first challenge of season ten was an homage to the first challenge of the very first season of “Drag Race.” The queens were told to craft “million-dollar looks” from 99¢ Store crap. Naturally, not all of them were winners, with Kalorie Karbdashian Williams and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo landing in the bottom two. But, some of the other contestants thought that Monet X Change deserved to have been sent there too. In “Untucked,” when they question how her sponge dress was declared “safe,” Monet is shocked. She tries to explain her design concept, which only makes them laugh at it more. Sponges continued to pop up everywhere throughout the season, a legacy Monet honored when she returned for “All Stars 4.”

#5: Monique Hart Tells America “You Can’t Pray the Gay Away”

A lot of “Drag Race” contestants come from rough backgrounds, often because of bigotry at home towards their sexuality or lifestyle. During “Untucked”’s sixth episode, Monique Hart revealed that her racial and religious upbringing clashed with her identity as a member of the LGBTQ community. She tells the others she swapped seminary school for a hair salon when she ran into financial problems, where she found herself surrounded by other gay men. She quickly learnt it was impossible to repress who she was, even through the power of prayer: Earlier, she also mentioned that her relationship was rocky with her mother, coming from generations of full-time ministry, and was scared of how she would react if she saw Monique on the show.

#4: Christina Aguilera Comes Backstage

As “Drag Race” grows in popularity, it’s attracting bigger and bigger celebrities to sit on the judging panel. Things reached a high in season nine when the first episode not only centered around Lady Gaga’s fabulous fashion history, but featured her judging, mentoring, and almost even competing against the queens! While she wasn’t quite as involved as Mother Monster, Christina Aguilera’s arrival in the season ten premiere was another high point. She even came in drag as Farrah Moan. She also paid the girls a surprise backstage visit in “Untucked,” where she was refreshingly candid about growing up as a female teen star in a male dominated industry, and spilled the T on the true meaning behind her songs:

#3: The Vixen Calls Her Friends “Disloyal Bitches”

The Vixen entered the season ten Werkroom declaring she was here to “fight,” and no-one can say she didn’t make good on that promise. After seven episodes of sparring with several of the other queens, things came to a head when RuPaul asked the remaining contestants the immortal question: Who do you think should be next to go home? Because of the combative reputation The Vixen had earned, her name came up the most. Later in “Untucked,” she unleashed her feelings about this, saying that she didn’t get why she’d been singled out as an “annoying” presence when Eureka, who was considered similarly irritating, wasn’t. Vixen was especially offended queens she’d thought of as friends wanted her gone, lashing out with this crushing blow:

#2: Aquaria Is Called Out by The Vixen

In the third episode of “Untucked,” The Vixen explains to Aquaria why she’d come for her in the Werkroom, mentioning that she found Aquaria’s criticism that part of Vixen’s “Best Drag” look was borrowed from another contestant to be shady. Aquaria doubles down on the comment, not appreciating Vixen reacting in the way she was. This causes Dusty Ray Bottoms and Monique to jump in on Vixen’s behalf, asking Aquaria what the difference is between her saying something mean and the Vixen doing it. This gets the waterworks going from Aquaria, further incensing Vixen who accuses Aquaria of unfairly making her look like an “angry black woman” picking on a white one. While Aquaria tries to dry her tears, Vixen gives some final advice:

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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#1: The Vixen vs. Eureka O’Hara

The Vixen made no secret of her low tolerance for Eureka, and fans didn’t have to wait long to see the drama reach its climax. In the fourth episode of “Untucked,” Eureka breaks the golden rule of Season 10: DON’T poke the bear. Disappointed at not being in the top that week, Eureka calls Vixen out for being too “negative.” After a tense exchange, Eureka declares she’s leaving to have a cigarette. Suddenly, it all kicks off. Vixen is furious at being goaded into a fight while Eureka thinks Vixen was looking for one anyway. It ends with Vixen screaming this now infamous line: The fight still remains unresolved, even after being brought up again at the reunion.

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