Top 10 Craziest Judge Judy Cases
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Top 10 Craziest Judge Judy Cases

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Briana Lawrence
All rise! For this list, we'll be raising our right hands and taking an oath of jaw dropping proportions. From bizarre lawsuits, to questionable plaintiffs and defendants, these are the cases that'll make you go, “What?!” Parties may now be seated. Our list includes you're a MORON, push, the fake case, wealthy friend, for mature audiences, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Judge Judy Cases.

Top 10 Craziest Judge Judy Cases

All rise! Welcome to Ms Mojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Judge Judy cases.

For this list, we’ll be raising our right hands and taking an oath of jaw dropping proportions. From bizarre lawsuits, to questionable plaintiffs and defendants, these are the cases that’ll make you go, “What?!” Parties may now be seated.

#10: You’re a MORON

Judge Judy can be a bit... intense... but there’s usually a calm before the storm. Usually. Right off the bat, you can feel the hostility Judy has toward the defendant, and if you can’t, Judy is more than happy to point out how harsh of a tone she’s using as she reads the details of the case. This is because the defendant, apparently, told her six-year-old that her father may not actually be her father — before actually knowing the truth. Judy handles it with beauty, grace, and enough comments on the defendant’s intelligence to make her feel two centimeters tall. Oh, and of course, there's that iconic yell...

#9: Push

Look. We get it. It’s embarrassing to be kicked out of the courtroom, especially if you’re not the first, but the second person in your group to go. Because that shows that you just can’t listen, and Judy has no time for the likes of you. The defendant — not willing to let well enough alone — had the audacity to talk back to Judy on his way out, then turned to storm through the doors that... wouldn’t open for him. Forget embarrassed, this is outright humiliation at this point. As he shrugs his shoulders to ask, “How do I get out,” you can hear him being told to push, not pull.

#8: The Fake Case

There’s always debate on whether or not the cases we see in any televised courtroom drama is real. While the jury will always and forever be out on that one, we can say, with utmost certainty, that this particular case is an absolute work of fiction. In an interview with Vice in 2014, it’s revealed that the case about smashed TVs and the tragic death of a cat was made up purely for the settlement money and free trip to L.A. There was no fight and, thankfully, no dead cat. While it’ll definitely make us question the validity of a case, the defendant did, at least, confirm that Judy really is that intimidating in real life.

#7: It’s Not the Same Dressing

Customer service with a smile, extra dressing, and... vandalism? The plaintiff in this case is the textbook definition of first world problems. You can understand being upset about part of your delivery missing, but to demand a full refund over dressing? Two weeks later the plaintiff not only ordered again, but he snatched the food out of the driver’s hand and slammed the door in his face claiming he had a credit. Still, according to the law, that doesn’t give the restaurant guys the right to vandalize his property in retaliation. It does give Judy the power of pettiness: the plaintiff wins, but he has to pay back the money from his last meal: a whole $12.

#6: Wealthy Friend

Gotta love those cases where a friend calls a loan a gift. We’re not sure how the defendant thought that two thousand dollars was a gift, but here we are... and the only real defense she’s got going for her is, “She’s rolling in dough.” Ah, so that’s why it was gift: because your friend and her husband drive BMWs...? Needless to say, Judy delights in putting the defendant in her place, reminding her that her friend’s lifestyle doesn’t mean she’s entitled to her money. We’re fairly certain Judy wasn’t gonna take the defendant’s side, but a slip of the tongue certainly helped.

#5: Can My Mom Have Your Autograph?

Sometimes, you see a case and struggle to come up with words for it... or rather, you struggle to come up with words for the plaintiff involved with the case. We know the show’s logo is “Real Cases, Real People,” but... is this plaintiff serious? The whining. The pouting. Maybe she really did think she was on Dr. Phil — as Judy points out — because she actually started asking, no, begging Judy for advice despite Judy being oh so very done. The plaintiff’s insistence eventually wears on Judy’s nerves and she gives her advice, then immediately regrets it when she gets this follow up question: “Can my mom have your autograph?”

#4: For Mature Audiences

We’re not judging anyone for their chosen profession — and neither is Judy, for that matter. You just might... have to... explain it to her. Such was the case when the plaintiff had to explain her adult novelty party business to Judy, who was able to connect the dots when told about the lotions and, more specifically, vibrators. This leads to the plaintiff listing off the names of every item that went missing, both Judy and her bailiff, Bernard, expressing various levels of huh as if trying to figure out what everything is. Then, the sex b-bomb is dropped: one of the items was returned used. Poor, poor Judy.

#3: Tupperware Assault

Judge Judy always looks like she’s seen some things, that being said, there are times when a plaintiff says something so unbelievable that she, as they say, can’t even. When a plaintiff tells her that the defendant threw not just one, or two, but all of the Tupperware on her — not at her — Judy calmly says, “She didn’t throw all of her Tupperware on you.” Oh, yee of little faith, because the plaintiff not only insists that it happened, she gives a live demonstration, complete with aggressive voice acting, a lot of finger pointing, and scrunched up faces. At least the Tupperware wasn’t full of food? Or that last lady's... lotions?

#2: Pinky Bite?

Exes battling it out in court is fuel for prime-time television. Someone leaves after so many years, there’s a fight, and there’s a lawsuit. But sometimes, the formula gets a bit... volatile. After 13 years, the plaintiff’s relationship came to an end when her man started dating the defendant. Cue drama between the two women, which came to a head one day after dropping their kids off at school. What’s truly astonishing about all of this is that this wasn’t even a recent breakup, it happened 8 years prior and the women had been enemies ever since, leading to a fight so vicious that the defendant bit off the plaintiff’s finger!

Before we bang the gavel, let’s hear the opening statements of these honorable mentions:


Silence Is Golden

Horse Counterclaim

The Most Careful Driver

#1: Venison Will Get You Nowhere

When will people learn that you have to get permission before you take something from someone else, even if you, supposedly, take it all the time? In yet another case of “I’m always able to borrow the thing,” two sisters find themselves in court over damage done to a car. The defendant got into a wreck with her sister’s car, crashing into a deer, but since she takes the car all the time and has “helped her sister sometimes” she thinks she should be in the clear. At least she was nice enough to offer some of the deer. Yes, the deer she hit. With her sister’s car. Yeah... you’re still gonna have to pay back that $1300.