Where the Sex and the City Characters Would Be Today



Where the Sex and the City Characters Would Be Today

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
It's been almost a decade since we last saw New York's favorite foursome, so where would the Sex and the City characters be today? “The Carrie Diaries” was a prequel that looked at the past, but now we're imagining the future! In this “what if” scenario, we're thinking about whatever happened to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. MsMojo discusses where the Sex and the City characters would be today. Where do you think the SATC characters are now? Let us know in the comments!
“The Carrie Diaries” show was a prequel that looked at the past; now we're imagining the future! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re asking: Sex and the City Characters: Where Are They Now?

For this list, we’re playing out a “what if” scenario and looking at what we imagine would have happened to each of our favorite New Yorkers after the events of the second movie took place.

While the show itself wrapped up in 2004, we were able to revisit Carrie and company in two movies, released in 2008 and 2010 respectively. In case you don’t remember where we left these characters at the end of “Sex and the City 2” (or if you skipped it altogether), we’re going to get you up to speed. Carrie and Big were married but there was trouble in paradise because Carrie wanted to feel the excitement (or zsa zsa zsu, you might say) that she remembered from earlier in their relationship. Both Miranda and Charlotte were busy moms who lamented the struggles of balancing motherhood with their other pursuits. Samantha was trying to keep her libido up in her 50s and was succeeding admirably. Anthony and Stanford got married in an over-the-top ceremony that we never could have dreamed up. All four ladies took a trip to Abu Dhabi together and came home with some perspective on their personal issues. Alright, now that you’re all caught up, let’s get our imaginations going.

Let’s start off with Stanford and Anthony; the most adorably mismatched couple out there. Their extravagant nuptials kicked off the action in the second film, but that was back in 2010, so they’ve had plenty of time to sail through the honeymoon period and settle into wedded bliss. We imagine they would have absolutely wanted to start a family together (or at least Stanford would have), and would have hired a surrogate to carry their baby for them. Stanford probably would have asked his good friend Carrie to be the egg donor, but let’s be honest: that ship has sailed. As for their professional lives, the couple probably would have parlayed Samantha’s PR connections into a daytime TV show, where they could show off their respective skills. Stanny, with his unique style and skills as a talent agent, could talk about marketing yourself, while Anthony, of course, would focus on fashion and event planning. We’d watch the HECK out of the “Stanthony” Show!

Speaking of Samantha, we imagine she’s finally settled down now that she’s in her 60s. Ha, just kidding! She’s as wild and fiery as ever! Her career is going gangbusters, but more than that, she’s focused on furthering causes that she strongly believes in. Keeping up with the times, she would be a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement, and would probably help organize or lead a SlutWalk. As a cancer survivor, she’d also put together a yearly benefit event to raise money for breast cancer research - maybe the event would feature the fiercest drag queens and the theme would be snatching wigs! By now, she would be in an open relationship with a man she loves very much, which gives her the sexual freedom she’s always craved along with some security. She does, however, have to contend with all the issues that come along with – but at least she hasn’t “caught monogamy” yet! Ultimately, she knows age ain’t nothin’ but a number – especially if you’ve got the right creams, pills and doctors to help you! Samantha Jones is the type of woman who would post an Insta pic for the 10-Year Challenge and look exactly the same – if not better!

Let’s move on to our favorite Park Avenue princess: Charlotte York Goldenblatt. At this point, her two little girls, Lily and Rose, would be almost grown up, with one in middle school and one in high school. She and Harry remain very happy together (and still manage time for intimacy a couple of times a week), but Charlotte easily gets roped into trying to be a super mom who can contend with all the other mothers of the Upper East Side private school system. We imagine she’d become a devotee of a really intense new exercise regime, like hardcore spinning or hot yoga, to burn off some of her energy. She would post photos of her perfect baking on Instagram (because, of course, her baking would be PERFECT). She would still love art and continue her work in the museum world once her kids were old enough, maybe even taking a painting course to work on expressing herself through art. But she would be doing it purely for herself, and not because of some secret aspirations to make it as an artist. She has always been a touch high-strung, so she would need outlets for her feelings.

Believe it or not, today Miranda and Steve would be parents to a son who’s almost ready to head off to college. Yup, Brady Hobbes is a teenager (or is it Brady… Brady? Brady Hobbes Brady? Oh boy). Anyway, they’d have to contend with becoming empty nesters since they never did have another child. At the end of “Sex and the City 2”, Miranda quit her job to join a firm with more relaxed hours and looser demands on her time. Today, we imagine she’s the head of her own law firm based in Manhattan, so the family of three would have eventually moved to the Upper West Side so she could be closer to work. Miranda would be motivated by the current political climate to run for some sort of political office in New York, just like actress Cynthia Nixon. But in Miranda’s case, it’s Mayor of New York. As seems to be the case for all potential politicians these days, Miranda is a vocal Twitter user, which of course got her into a bit of hot water when she criticized President Trump on… multiple occasions. Would we call what they’ve got going a Twitter feud? Definitely, but it did get Miranda some facetime on CNN, upped her public profile and earned her a Trump nickname (Raggedy Miranda – you know, like Raggedy Ann, cause of the red hair? Yeah not his best), so maybe it was a good move. As for Steve, his bar may’ve closed down a few years ago, but we can picture him partnering with a big name chef to open a bar/restaurant in the village that always has a line out the door.

For better or for worse, we know that Carrie and Big would still be together, even if their relationship has had its ups and downs. They would definitely still be living in New York, because it truly is Carrie’s home, although they would have done plenty of traveling and enjoying their child-free lifestyle. Carrie's career would have progressed, and maybe she would be running a popular podcast on sex, relationships or even fashion. She would also continue writing books because print isn’t completely dead, and would still write occasionally for “Vogue”. She wouldn't be afraid to branch out and tackle more serious, mature and deeply personal topics in her writing, and we can picture her taking a hard look at some of her earlier romantic and sexual experiences in the lens of the current social climate. She'd also be the "cool aunt" to Charlotte's two daughters. And, most importantly, she would have launched an ultra-successful shoe line, with Blahnik x Bradshaw being sold in high-end stores across the world.

And of course, these four ladies are still besties, sharing meals, cosmos and secrets with each other on a regular basis.