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Top 10 Toy Story 4 Theories That Might Be True

VO: Emily Brayton
These Toy Story 4 theories make us want to rewatch the new trailer over and over again! Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, and the rest of the gang are getting back together for the latest addition to Disney and Pixar’s hit animated film franchise. From the looks of it, our favorite toys may be in store for some major changes that’ll take them to infinity and beyond. MsMojo ranks the most interesting theories about Toy Story 4 and highlights potential story arcs. Who do YOU think is going to happen in Toy Story 4? Let us know in the comments!

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“To infinity and your mom!” No wait. “To insanity and a blonde.” Hang on. “To immunity and respond.” Ah, heck, welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 “Toy Story 4” Theories.

For this list, we’re taking a look at plot points, character arcs, or details - no matter how out there - that could appear in the fourth instalment of the “Toy Story” franchise.

#10: Competing with Technology

The 21st century has brought with it more choice than ever when it comes to recreation. Sometimes it might feel more exciting to pick up a video game than to go grab a raggedy stuffed animal or dinged up action figure. The “Wreck-It Ralph” franchise delved into the idea that games can be deemed obsolete and tossed aside for the latest thing. Even the “Toy Story” franchise has made subtle allusions to the new technology that’s keeping kids’ attention - what we haven’t seen is how the toys feel about their thunder being stolen. Even if it’s just a cutaway where Rex accidentally turns on Alexa, we’d be satisfied - and might even laugh a little bit.

#9: The Fourth Film Takes Place in Real Life

We know, we sound nuts, but hear us out! In a “teaser trailer reaction,” two new characters, Ducky and Bunny, were introduced, voiced by the hilarious Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Now this was probably just a meta moment to get us excited for the film, showing these two stuffies are as big fans of the “Toy Story” movies as we are - though they might need a re-watch to get the quotes right. But if this is a scene in the film, what are the implications that they have… seen “Toy Story”? Are the first three films in the franchise actual films in this universe? Are Woody and Buzz celebrities? This is “Twilight Zone” territory here… something Jordan Peele knows all too well.

#8: Sid to the Rescue

We love a good redemption arc. Sid scared the hell out of us and any nearby toy in the first “Toy Story,” creating Frankenstein’s Monster-like creatures who turn out to be decidedly less evil. Now, Sid’s story was left on a pretty bleak note, having been traumatized by his creations and Woody pulling an “Exorcist” moment. However, keen-eyed viewers were quick to notice a garbage man in “Toy Story 3” wearing a skull t-shirt and theorized that Sid may have become a well-adjusted young man after all with a steady job. But what if he took that job for an even more heart-warming reason? Perhaps Sid decides to put his MacGyver-ing skills to good use and gives new life to discarded toys and finally ends up playing nice.

#7: Other Franchises Show Up

Hey, Disney owns pretty much everything now, so cameos from an Iron Man action figure or BB-8 toy in a “Toy Story” film seem possible. But based on the trailer, we might be hit with some nostalgia too. In a highly spooky sequence, Woody comes face to face with some ventriloquist dummies. For those of you who didn’t grow up in the ‘90s, before there was Woody, there was Slappy the Dummy from “Goosebumps,” the dark side to a sentient plaything. The dummies in the trailer bear at least a resemblance to Slappy and his twin Snappy! Since Woody was originally an evil ventriloquist dummy himself, maybe we’ll see what could have been. Also, if you look real close, Tinny from the Pixar short “Tin Toy” is visible in the crowd of toys.

#6: Woody & Buzz Reveal Themselves to Andy

Though the idea of handing off the “Toy Story” franchise was perfectly encapsulated in Andy passing his toys to Bonnie, it would be nice to get to see Andy one last time. The trailer did show one shot of young Andy playing with Jessie and Buzz, which might mean a flashback sequence - maybe when Woody is at a crossroads between returning home or seeing the world. Another possibility of getting to see Andy is decidedly more in the vein of “Up.” In a flash-forward, Woody and Buzz find an elderly Andy close to death. In his final moments, the cowboy and space ranger come to life before his eyes and stay by his side, likely as a stripped down piano version of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” plays. Excuse us while we go sob.

#5: Shutting Down

We’re going to get real depressing here, so sit tight. In “Toy Story,” toys are never supposed to reveal they’re alive - well, barring the uprising against Sid. It seems like a cardinal rule any self-aware toy understands. Well, according to one Reddit theory, maybe the main villain of “Toy Story 4” will be a toy that doesn’t respect the status quo, who finally reveals himself to his owner. When the world discovers toys are alive, parents take all the toys away, and toy after toy is turned off. To restore order, Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys somehow turn off what makes them alive and become regular toys. Though there’s some holes here, the idea of seeing Woody never become animated again is cruel.

#4: Andy’s Dad Will Be Addressed

Something that has remained unaddressed in the “Toy Story” universe is where Andy’s dad is. Pixar has said that it was a purely logistical move to exclude him back in 1995 as it would have just been too expensive, and also that the character wasn’t relevant to the story. Despite this, it’s been a question a lot of “Toy Story” lovers have had - well, that and whether Jessie’s owner Emily is Andy’s mom. Some theories point to a similar story with Andy’s dad and Woody. In “Toy Story 2,” we found out that Woody has a long history, so maybe Pixar’ll kill two birds with one stone and show both his and the Davis patriarch’s backstories.

#3: Can Anything Come to Life as a Toy?

When the teaser trailer was released, a new player was added to the mix: Forky. Out of the gate, he’s proven to be a ball of existential crisis, questioning his existence as a toy, since he, y’know, is a utensil. But how IS he alive? Some theories point to the idea that a child’s imagination is what animates an object - after all, Hamm is a piggy bank. A Reddit theory calls back to “Toy Story 2” when the group visits Al’s Toy Barn and we see many motionless Buzz Lightyears. Only the one in a display case - accessible for kids to test out - is alive. Given that we’ve never really questioned why the toys can come to life before, it would be an interesting route to take.

#2: Bo Peep Is the Villain

When promotional material started popping up for “Toy Story 4,” many were relieved to see the return of Bo Peep, who was notably absent from “Toy Story 3.” Well, the official trailer points to her having turned into a veritable badass. Bo has done away with her skirt - and seems to have swapped her sheep for a new sidekick, Giggle McDimples. The trailer does point to Bo showing Woody the infinite possibilities out there, and might be a wrench in him returning home to Bonnie. What has to be addressed one way or the other is how Bo found herself cracked and in an antiques store. Maybe she’s harboring resentment towards humans and doesn’t want Woody to suffer the same fate.

#1: The Toys Separate

Though it’s great to see the gang again, many fans are skeptical about revisiting the franchise – after all, “Toy Story 3” is a perfect way to bookend the series! So, what’s the one constant throughout all the “Toy Story”s that Pixar could break with? That the group finds their way back together. How big of a gut-punch would it be if we saw Woody and Buzz say their final goodbye in “Toy Story 4”? Maybe Woody decides not to be the leader anymore and passes the torch to his astronaut pal? Maybe he goes off to see the world with Bo Peep. No matter what happens, if Tom Hanks and Tim Allen couldn’t hold back their tears, there’s no hope for us.

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