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Top 10 Best Cole Sprouse Moments

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Owen Maxwell
From Cody to Jughead, this actor makes all our lives “suiter”. We're looking at all of the sides of this actor that show off his unique wit and charm. We're basing our choices on a mix of great roles, cheeky humor and the relationships that make him as admirable as he is relatable. Our list includes Jughead eats a burger, his photography, his Milo Thatch costume, his romance with Lili Reinhart, his role on "The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody," and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Cole Sprouse Moments.

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Top 10 Cole Sprouse Moments

Top 10 Cole Sprouse Moments
From Cody to Jughead, this actor makes all our lives “suiter”. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cole Sprouse Moments.

We're looking at all of the sides of this actor that show off his unique wit and charm. We're basing our choices on a mix of great roles, cheeky humor and the relationships that make him as admirable as he is relatable.

#10: "Jughead Eats a Burger"

Despite being famous for his love of burgers in the comics, Jughead spends more time typing than eating in 'Riverdale.' With fans upset about the change, Cole Sprouse and Netflix's response is a whole glamour shoot around hamburgers. Rather than fan-service however, the video is very tongue-in-cheek with its style and acting. All the bizarrely sexual poses and romantic lighting come off as hilariously goofy. Sprouse even cuddles and kisses the buns to make sure no viewer doubts his love for burgers. By giving fans exactly what they asked for, to an over the top level, producers convey how goofy and self-aware Cole can be.

#9: Sharing Adorable Photos from His First "Tonight Show" Appearance

When Cole Sprouse came on 'The Tonight Show' to talk about 'Riverdale,' Jimmy Fallon brought up his long history on the talk show. Fallon pulled out stills from Cole's 1999 appearance with Jay Leno, back when he was in Adam Sandler's 'Big Daddy.' While Jimmy tried to make fun of Sprouse's little sketch of Leno, Cole presented a new crayon drawing of Fallon. The follow-up perfectly countered Jimmy's jokes, and showed he wasn't afraid to make fun of himself. Cole not only celebrated two decades on the show, but used the opportunity to make fans laugh.

#8: His Photography

Outside of acting, Cole Sprouse is an amazing photographer, no matter what the subject matter is. Sprouse's photos are so impressive, in fact, that he's gotten into professional work for magazines like Elle and Vogue. His @colesprouse Instagram account is full of stunning shots that serve as both personal and portfolio work; he snaps pics of celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Sam Smith. Though the work is beautiful, Sprouse will just as quickly laugh at, or nerd-out about his snaps too. With all his amazing photos however, Cole has an easy backup career lined up.

#7: His Milo Thatch Costume

Before he took on the character of Jughead, Cole knocked us out with a Milo cosplay from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.” For his 2015 Halloween costume, Sprouse donned the iconic jacket and oversized glasses of the underrated Disney hero. He also offered some steamier photos of Milo's tank top look, while he thumbed through books. Cole even claimed to be super-proud of the costume, after all the time he put into making it right. Having studied archeology in real life, Sprouse could act out the character with ease. Given his looks and brains, Cole's Milo outfit has us hoping for a live-action 'Atlantis' more than ever.

#6: His Romance with Lili Reinhart

As cute as Betty and Jughead are as 'Bughead' on “Riverdale,” Cole and Lili Reinhart have their own unique relationship off screen. Rather than their coupling being a simple extension of their acting, the couple are genuinely adorable with each other in interviews. Their romantic energy comes out in tons of longing looks during press tours, along with lots of playful mocking. Reinhart and Sprouse never get too over the top with PDA however, and instead praise each others' wholesome qualities. Their Instagrams are also full of dozens of adorable photos of them, solo and together. With all the playful love between the two, Cole and Lili are totes awesome.

#5: His Childhood Crush on Jennifer Aniston

Before he made a name for himself on “Zack and Cody,” Cole was Ross's son Ben on “Friends.” In a talk with Stephen Colbert, Sprouse made a quick remark about falling in love with Jennifer Aniston on set. When Colbert pushed him on it, Cole revealed that the crush made him forget many of his lines with Aniston. To make matters worse, a cameraman apparently announced Sprouse's feelings to the entire set at the time. Sprouse's honesty and humor simultaneously surprised us and endeared us to him throughout this surprisingly candid interview about his past.

#4: His Role on "Riverdale"

After his long break from the limelight, Cole Sprouse has become a national treasure once again as the aforementioned Jughead on 'Riverdale.' Breaking from the classic role of the comedic food-lover, Sprouse brings an edgy and political side to the character. Cole also lends a lot of melodrama to the role, what with his endless movie references. His Jughead consistently feels distinct and believable while many other roles have changed just to fit storylines. Through his narration and acting, Sprouse serves as our guide to the series. Sprouse's complex antihero keeps 'Riverdale' interesting, and helped the character become relevant to a new generation.

#3: His Bromance with KJ Apa

Just like their on-screen personas, Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa are heartwarmingly goofy friends in real life. Apa is a self-professed “Suite Life” fan, and talks to Cole about his favourite episodes. The duo do tons of press for the show together, and always end up giggling or fist-bumping. Sprouse also suggests that their off-screen bromance hurts the more tense moments between Archie and Jughead. Cole is always mocking Apa's New Zealand slang, and the pair often bust up laughing at questions about each other. More than anything, KJ and Cole know each other's personalities well enough to put their 'Riverdale' characters to shame.

#2: His Role on "The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody"

Cole's big break as a young actor came through that role on “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.” As Cody, Cole played the smart counterpart to the silly antics of his twin Dylan. The two brothers had great comedic timing, while they also showed off great physical humor. Dylan and Cole's chemistry drove the show while highlighting the differences between their roles. As brainy as Cole made Cody, he was always great at being equally silly when the show needed it. With their additional mature roles for the subsequent “Suite Life On Deck,” the Sprouse twins left us ready for another series.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Reciting Creepy Poetry He Wrote as a Child

New Internet Slang

His Tweet Response to Being a ‘Child Star Who Died Shockingly Young’

Instagram Fun with @camera_Duels and @sprouse.masterworks

#1: His Twitter

While many actors take their off-time to relax, Cole Sprouse keeps fans entertained with his amazing tweets. Cole has tons of great social media wisdom, but he's at his best when making fun of his brother Dylan. While Cole's burns are often savage, Dylan usually ends up turning all the twin jokes back at him. The brothers also make lots of self-referential digs at their time as Zack and Cody, whether it's about the show or each other. Along with some self-deprecating photos, Cole uses his Twitter to promote his feminist beliefs too. All his wholesome messages and antics have us hanging on to Cole's every post.

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