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Top 10 Insane My Crazy Obsession Episodes

VO: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Owen Maxwell
Some people's hobbies are just too much to handle. We're looking at the strangest collections and lives that helped this TLC show stand out. We're basing our choices on a mix of how many items are involved, bizarre fixations and all the little details that made these episodes all the weirder. Our list includes "Christmas Collection," "5,000 Kids & Tickled Pink," "Ketchup & Mustard," "Grown Up Baby," "Troll Takeover & Stuffing Animals," and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Insane Episodes From TLC's My Crazy Obsession.

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Top 10 Insane Episodes From TLC's My Crazy Obsession

Some people's hobbies are just too much to handle. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Insane Episodes From TLC'S My Crazy Obsession.

We're looking at the strangest collections and lives that helped this TLC show stand out. We're basing our choices on a mix of how many items are involved, bizarre fixations and all the little details that made these episodes all the weirder.

#10: "Christmas Collection"

TLC found people like Charlie for their holiday episode of 'My Crazy Obession,' and his house was covered in 200 thousand Christmas lights. One mother named Jacinta had a collection of 5000 novelty snowmen, while her husband hoarded over 500 nutcrackers. Jacinta even kept real snowmen in her freezer, and had bought shaved ice just to build them. While the second Christmas special had a livable gingerbread house, Season 1 showcased the largest holiday inflatable collection in America. It also featured Shay, who had enough Christmas trees for her to turn off her heating. For a Yuletide episode, these people left us baffled.

#9: "5,000 Kids & Tickled Pink"

To relax in their golden years, Pat and Joe Prosey play with their thousands of Cabbage Patch Kids. The couple commits to their obsession so much that they'll actually play pretend and carry out fake conversations. Joe and Pat also have mini trains and balloons as part of a playground that they share with their friends dolls as well. Meanwhile Kitty Kay Sera has a house with pink walls, clothes, furniture and appliances. Kitty insists on pink toothpaste and soap, and will eat pink food as much as possible. With all the effort put into these lifestyles, TLC really debuts their series in a way you can't forget.

#8: "House of Dolls & Flashback to the '50s"

Doris MayDay rocks plenty of classic 1950's outfits and has spent good money to gather some vintage lingerie as well. As a tall, modern woman however, Doris hasn't been able to find winter clothes that fit her retro aesthetic. MayDay hates contemporary boots so much that she puts bags around her heels to walk through the snow. Englishman Bob on the other hand has the world's largest collection of love dolls. Bob keeps some dolls in coffins and he also drives others around town. Despite how far these two take their passions, their supportive partners keep this episode interesting.

#7: "Ketchup & Mustard"

Barry Levinson has been collecting mustard for over 26 years and is foregoing work to focus on his favorite condiment full-time. Barry's thousands of jars come from over 80 countries, but he still knows impressive facts about most of them. Levinson also shaves using mustard and will brush his teeth with it too. His Michigan counterpart is Ralph Finch, who is 44 years deep into his love of ketchup. Ralph amasses everything from bottles to paraphernalia, and insists he wants his ashes put in a ketchup crock pot. This episode shows how different two similar loves can be, especially considering how understanding Ralph's wife is compared to Barry's.

#6: "Star Chaser & the Little Merman"

Eric Ducharme is so obsessed with mermaids that he owns multiple tails that he can wear and swim in. Multiple times a week, Eric will drive over an hour just to hit the water in his full merman outfit. His aquatic fixation has also led Ducharme to extend his breath as long as four minutes underwater. Then there's Vanessa, who hunts for celebrities on the city streets and will yell at random pedestrians if she thinks they're famous. Her seven years of daily searching is paying off, as Vanessa has over 10 000 autographs and photos. Though Eric and Vanessa are a little out there, they both sell their loves as wholesome and surprisingly healthy.

#5: "Grown Up Baby"

Though he's 31 years old, Stanley Thornton spends upwards of eight hours a day role-playing as a 2-year-old. Stanley's daily routine involves baby food, pacifiers and footie pajamas. He's even combined adult and child diapers to fit him, and yes he actually uses them. Thornton also custom built his own crib and high-chair so he can fully immerse himself in his fantasy. Stanley is searching for a full-time mommy to play and spoon-feed him too. Due to trauma from child abuse, Thornton has been living as an adult baby for over 18 years. Stanley carries the show's only solo episode thanks to his wealth of information and a heartbreaking backstory.

#4: "Buggin' Out & Dumpster Diet"

To explore the world of strange diets, 'My Crazy Obsession' talks to Kelly Athena about eating food from the garbage. Athena uses a grabber to pick through trash every day, and follows patterns for each restaurant she digs from. Kelly also hosts a dinner for friends in the episode, but only reveals it's made up of dumpster food later. Bugs are David Gracer's food of choice, and he stores thousands of them in his basement freezer. Despite eating over 5000 species of bugs, David can still rate the tastes between different varieties. Once you're over the gross-out factor however, both guests offer compelling arguments for their unusual dietary habits.

#3: "Troll Takeover & Stuffing Animals"

While Michelle spends her days teaching gymnastics, her home-life is dominated by Troll dolls. With toys spilling out of drawers, Michelle spends time in a playroom and dresses her Trolls to comfort herself. The Smiths, however, travel the world as a family for their love of taxidermy. They stuff animals as a business, but spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a personal collection of over 200 beasts as well. The Smiths also reveal their macabre belief that they're actually keeping the animals alive forever. With lions in the kitchen and dolls in the fridge, this episode is exceptionally visual.

#2: "Raggedy Ann & a Rat's Tale"

Though she has a son of her own, Chantal Banks is also a mother to 19 pet rats. Banks plays with her rats, gives them kisses and even does something she calls 'huffing rats.' Though her love of rats is destroying her marriage, Banks' son is seen laughing at their strange family drama. Raggedy Anns are the full-time hobby for Robyn Amato, and she has her own room to talk to them in. Amato carts her toys around her neighborhood and tries to convert people to her fandom on camera. Robyn's husband even agrees to be cremated into a Raggedy Ann on an episode that highlights the family side of obsessions.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

"Mannequin Invasion & Carrot Queen"

"Spin Cycle & Newborn Dolls"

"Greg Dreams of Jeanie & the Amazing Squirrel"

#1: "Love Bunnies & World's Strongest Family"

After calling each other 'hunny bunny,' Steve and Candace now own a rabbit museum of more than 28 thousand items. With a collection whose size holds the Guinness World Record for rabbit paraphernalia, the couple horde dust bunnies too. Candace and Steve even store their dead pet rabbits in their freezer until they can have them freeze-dried. The Best family of Las Vegas work out as a family, and their young daughter easily lifts twice her bodyweight. Father Nick consumes over 10 thousand calories a day to pull cars and sustain his mass. The Best's clip has soared pas 76 million views on YouTube thanks to the heartwarming love that sells their daily routine.

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