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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Things We Need to See Before It Ends

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
These mysteries and events need unraveling before the last bang. For this list, we’ll be looking at the characters and plot elements from “The Big Bang Theory” that fans want to see before the show concludes its final season. Our list includes one last bazinga, Sheldon & Amy becoming parents, Raj finding “the one,” Penny’s maiden name, Howard’s dad, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Things We Want to See on The Big Bang Theory Before It Ends.

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Top 10 Things We NEED to See on The Big Bang Theory Before It Ends

These mysteries and events need unraveling before the last bang. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 things we want to see on “The Big Bang Theory” before it ends.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the characters and plot elements from “The Big Bang Theory” that fans want to see before the show concludes its final season.

#10: Stuart Getting a Win

Comic book store owner, artist, and perpetual sad sack Stuart Bloom is one of the core gang’s friends, yet he rarely catches a break. Whether it’s his financial difficulties, his store burning down, or his poor luck with women, Stuart always seems to be down in the dumps about something, and for good reason. Although he’s recently hit things off with Denise, who works at his store, we’d love to see them get a happily ever after together. After years of terrible luck, it would be especially nice to see things for Stuart turn around.

#9: One Last Bazinga

Among Sheldon Cooper’s many quirks is his use of the word nonsense word “Bazinga” to indicate when he’s told a joke or said something sarcastically. Given how dry and serious he can be, it’s often the only clue when he’s trying to be funny, other than that bizarre laugh of his. Although the word became something of a catchphrase for him, it’s only been spoken once since season five. Before the show’s end then, it would be nice to see Sheldon punctuate one of his “classic pranks” with this iconic exclamation.

#8: Sheldon & Amy Becoming Parents

Although Howard and Bernadette now have both a son and daughter, neither of the other main couples on the show have started their own families. While Leonard dreams of becoming a dad, Penny has made it clear that she doesn’t plan to have kids. Sheldon and Amy however are a different story. Fans of the prequel spin-off “Young Sheldon” know that Sheldon becomes a dad eventually, given comments that the character’s future self makes in narration. Will we finally see this happen before “The Big Bang Theory” ends its run? It’s definitely possible . . . and besides - ending a sitcom with a pregnancy is kind of a tradition!

#7: Howard Getting His Ph.D.

Although Howard is a highly accomplished, multilingual aerospace engineer and a former astronaut, a lot of the time he receives flack, especially earlier on, for not having a doctorate like most of the other members of the group. Sheldon in particular loves to point this out, as do several of Howard’s colleagues at the school. It would be gratifying to see Howard be able to level the playing field, so to speak, and get the respect for his accomplishments that he deserves; although, knowing Sheldon, he’d probably still find something to lord over him.

#6: More Cameos

“The Big Bang Theory” has featured famous guest stars galore, playing either themselves or original characters. New and returning guests have already been announced - and we can’t wait to see William Shatner in that D&D episode. We’re also hopeful however that there’ll be some surprise cameos, maybe from actors in contemporary shows. How amazing would some “Game of Thrones” action be, given that “winter is coming” for both series in 2019? Whoever does show up, from whatever shows, we’re sure that our favourites TV geeks will be flipping out just as much as we will.

#5: Sheldon & Amy Winning the Nobel Prize

Sheldon and Amy do a lot of things together, although some of them took longer to do than others. One of their most recent and potentially groundbreaking mutual activities was hitting on a new theory related to String Theory. When some researchers prove their theory and are in the running for the Nobel Prize, they offer to include one of them in the credits. Amy is willing to forego her credit, since Sheldon’s dream has been to win the Prize. But it would be lovely to see “Shamy” win it together.

#4: Raj Finding “The One”

While not quite as unlucky in love as Stuart, Rajesh Koothrappali has also struggled to find a consistent, committed relationship throughout the show’s run. This is primarily due to his selective mutism around women, but even after overcoming that handicap, Raj hasn’t had the easiest time with the opposite sex. Early on in season twelve, Ranu prepared to enter an arranged marriage with a woman called Anu, although they’ve since called it off and decided to slow things down. Is Anu “the one” for Raj? We still don’t know. Whatever happens, we hope he finds happiness.

#3: Penny’s Maiden Name

One of the most enduring mysteries of the series is that Penny apparently doesn’t have a last name, at least until she marries Leonard. It’s been a subtle running gag that her maiden name has remained unspoken, or at least unheard, with even the rest of her family members never saying it. Series co-creator Bill Prady has promised that Penny’s last name will be revealed, whereas executive producer Steve Molaro has stated otherwise. But this is one enigma of “The Big Bang Theory” that really needs to be solved before its end. Even actress Kaley Cuoco is dying to know!

#2: Howard’s Dad

Howard is noted for having had an unhealthy relationship with his late mother, and we’d be willing to bet it has a lot to do with the absence of his father, who left when he was 11. Sam Wolowitz left behind a letter, which one of the gang reads aloud, along with several made-up letters featuring alternate scenarios. In season eight, Howard meets his half-brother, who was apparently part of Mr. Wolowitz’s second family. However, we’d still like to see Howard meet his father again, regardless of whether their reunion is happy or hostile, or which letter ends up being true. It’d be pretty hilarious if his life did turn out to be the basis for “The Goonies” though.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“Footprints on the Moon” Returns

Penny Getting an Acting Break

The Return of Cinnamon

Sheldon and Wil Wheaton Patch Things Up (Again)

More “Young Sheldon” Crossovers

#1: The Elevator Getting Fixed

Despite living several floors up, the gang frequently needs to traipse up and down the stairs to and from the apartment that serves as their primary hangout spot and/or residence. This is due to the elevator in their building being broken, a result - naturally enough - of a rocket fuel experiment gone wrong. The consistent failure of attempts to fix has become a running gag, as has the exasperation of those forced to make the trek. Even if the elevator is repaired though, we wouldn’t be surprised if the group continues taking the stairs out of habit. Or at Sheldon’s behest!

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