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Games That Need the RE2 Style Remake

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
The remake of Resident Evil 2 was a huge success, and fans had been asking for it for years. What comes next? Is Capcom going to make a Resident Evil 3 remake? We can only speculate, so join MojoPlays for our list of the classic games that we want to see get the same quality remake.

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Games That Deserve an RE2 Style Remake

The Resident Evil 2 remake isn’t just a great game; it completely rewrites the book on how to do Video Game Remakes. It does so by completely overhauling the gameplay to bring it up to modern standards, without losing the charm of what made the original so amazing. So it got us thinking … what other classics should get a remake of this caliber? Welcome to MojoPlays and today we’ll be going over some of the games we think deserve a “Resident Evil 2” style remake.

For this video we’ll be excluding popular titles such as “GoldenEye 007” as that game already received the full remake treatment, even if it wasn’t as good. We’re also leaving off any “Final Fantasy” title because “Final Fantasy VII’s” remake is taking foreeevvvvveerrrr.

“Dino Crisis” (1999)

“Resident Evil” isn’t Capcom’s only survival horror franchise! The company also produced the comparatively less successful “Dino Crisis” series for the PS1, which was basically “Resident Evil” but with dinosaurs instead of zombies. So basically: “Dino Crisis” remade in the RE Engine, is a no-brainer. You give the dinos better AI, and maybe lean more into the horror aspects of the situation, Oh, and instead of Mr. X … you have Mr. T-Rex. In 2018; Capcom’s development team expressed a willingness to make a new Dino Crisis. At least, if there is enough interest. Umm hello? We’re interested. Hey! See me waving?

“Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” (2003)

There are a multitude of “Star Wars” games out there, but “Knights of the Old Republic” holds a special place in the hearts of gamers and “Star Wars” fans alike; Due to its engrossing storyline, memorable characters, and morality system that was ahead of its time. However, while all of these aspects have aged well, the graphics and combat have not. Along with a facelift, we’d like to see a “KOTOR” remake model itself on BioWare’s other sci-fi epic; “Mass Effect,” incorporating that franchise’s dialogue tree, active combat, and the ability to use force powers just like Mass Effect’s biotic abilities. Plus, we think it’d be hilarious to romance HK-47.

“Pokémon Snap” (1999)

One of the first times the “Pokemon” franchise was rendered in 3D was also one of its most beloved and unusual games. “Pokemon Snap” puts the player on railed courses where they must take pictures of the Pocket Monsters in their native environments, while also solving puzzles to either lure them out or get them to do certain poses. The surprisingly fun concept has sadly never been repeated, aside from some unfulfilling mini-games in the 3DS titles. We’d like to see a “Pokemon Snap” remake take things “off the rails” so to speak and open up the world to allow complete exploration to photograph Pokemon anywhere. Because sometimes you don’t need to fight monsters – just take adorable pictures of them.

Interplay’s “Fallout” titles

Despite the popularity of the “Fallout” franchise, most fans jumped on board with “Fallout 3.” Yet, there were two “Fallout” games before it that are often overlooked by newer fans. These isometric games introduced the series’ characteristic retro futuristic, post-apocalyptic aesthetic well, although, unlike later games, combat is turn based rather than active. We’d like to see remakes of the first two games built in the style of Bethesda’s “Fallout” titles, … even if “Fallout 76” has given us some pause as to whether we should put our faith in Bethesda anytime soon.

“Metal Gear” (1987) and “Metal Gear 2” (1990)

Speaking of game franchises whose early offerings were overshadowed by later entries; the “Metal Gear” franchise’s beginnings on MSX home computers, are also overlooked due to “Metal Gear Solid’s” success and popularity. Remaking these games in full 3D with say … the FOX engine from “Metal Gear Solid V” could help bring more awareness to the franchise’s origins and integrate the early games into the more recent games’ storylines. Especially seeing that we now know that ‘Big Boss’ in the first game is actually his non-consensual imposter: ‘Venom Snake’. So bridging this event with modern day cutscenes is long overdue.

“Silent Hill 2” (2001)

The iconic “Silent Hill 2” is one of the most beloved games in the survivor horror genre, and one fans for years have wanted to see a return of. Unfortunately, the game’s original source code was lost by Konami, which was why the HD collection was so terrible. Therefore, any remake of the game would need to be rebuilt from the ground up anyway. We need “Silent Hill 2”’s masterfully delivered horror translated into a modern format, with realistic and terrifying visuals, as well as a more modern control scheme. Oh and Konami? I know what you’re thinking and NO! Pachinko Machines do not count as remakes.

“Perfect Dark” (2000)

“GoldenEye” may not have made it on our list, but its spiritual follow-up sure does! “Perfect Dark” refined the multiplayer that made its predecessor so popular, with tons of customization and innovations, and had a cyberpunk single player campaign to boot. Although a remaster was released, we’d be interested in a remake that delves even further into the cyberpunk aesthetic and spy angle by perhaps taking a leaf from “Deus Ex’s” book and featuring variable play styles and a sprawling story. And naturally we’d hope that the increased number of options in the single player would translate to “Perfect Dark’s” multiplayer too.

“Resident Evil 3: Nemesis” (1999)

Given the success of “Resident Evil 2”’s remake, it seems only natural to remake its immediate follow-up, as it’s still a solid horror experience that deserves the same reworking to make it accessible to modern gamers. The relentless pursuit of the eponymous monster, Nemesis, with his constant growling of (deep voice) “STARS” could easily play out in a similar manner to how Mr. X works in the new “Resident Evil 2”. In fact “RE2” remake’s producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi; (Yo-she-ack-ee, Hear-ah-bai-ahh-she) has stated that if interest for “RE3” is high enough that it could very well receive a true remake. We’re doing our part to get fans hyped, so spread the good word, folks!

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