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Top 10 BEST Sound of Music Songs

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
It’s hard to pick favorites because every song in this movie is so darn good. For this list, we’re ranking the songs from this much loved cinematic classic. Our list includes "I Have Confidence," "So Long, Farewell," “Maria,” "Do-Re-Mi," "My Favorite Things," and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Sound of Music Songs.

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Top 10 Sound of Music Songs

It’s hard to pick favorites because every song in this movie is so darn good. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Sound of Music Songs.

For this list, we’re ranking the songs from this much loved cinematic classic.

#10: "Climb Ev'ry Mountain"

This song is meant to be an inspirational one and it definitely serves its purpose. Compared to some of the other musical numbers in the film, "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" admittedly lacks the same levels of fun or originality. Regardless, it’s the first major song in the second act and takes our heroine where she needs to go. It also allows us to see Mother Abbess in a different light, showing that she truly cares about Maria’s happiness and wellbeing. Even for modern listeners, the message here is the same: you should aim high in order to achieve your dreams.

#9: "I Have Confidence"

Fans of “The Sound of Music” know that the movie was adapted from a stage production. Though many of the songs in the final film were taken directly from the show, some new ones were added. One of them was "I Have Confidence," which Maria sings on her way to her first day on the job with the von Trapps. It’s a bouncy tune that takes us from the abbey to the family residence and lets us see Maria’s quirky personality a bit more. Listening to this enthusiastic song, you’re immediately given the drive to take on the world.

#8: "The Lonely Goatherd"

If there’s one song from this movie that’s bound to get stuck in your head for days, it’s this one. "The Lonely Goatherd" is performed by the children as part of a marionette show that they put together for Captain von Trapp and it’s fun, silly, and over-the-top. The tune itself tells the story of a goatherd who is yodeling in the mountains and the lyrics are bouncy and catchy. Also, you’ve just got to be impressed with how many things they managed to rhyme with the word “goatherd.”

#7: "Edelweiss"

When we first meet Captain von Trapp, he is cold and treats his children with little love or affection, but a turning point takes place when he takes out his guitar and sings this song surrounded by them. "Edelweiss" is simple and beautiful, and in the original scene Liesl joins in singing with her father. The song gets a memorable reprise later in the film when the Captain sings it at the Salzburg Festival concert and his family accompanies him when he gets choked up. The moment where the crowd joins in in defiance of the Nazis gives us goosebumps every time.

#6: "So Long, Farewell"

There are so many iconic songs from “The Sound of Music” which have made their way into popular culture and this is definitely one of them. The song that the children sing as they go off to bed during a party is supremely charming and entertaining. Because each of them has their own individual parts that show off their personality, the scene piques viewers’ interest at every turn. This song also gets a reprise at the end at the concert, and this time the moment is a much more sinister one.

#5: “Maria”

At the beginning of the film, the nuns of the abbey are singing about Maria, and we get to learn a lot about her from these pretty savage lyrics. They’re discussing the fact that she doesn’t fit in at the serious environment of the religious institution and figuring out what to do about her. In retrospect, their words can come off as a bit harsh, but it’s still one of the funniest and catchiest tunes in the musical. Plus, we can all relate to the criticism that Maria is late for everything… except for every meal.

#4: "Sixteen Going on Seventeen"

One of the cleverest songs in this film uses irony disguised behind a sweet and adorable musical number. Because the thing is, in the end Liesl has far more maturity than Rolfe ever will. By today’s standards, Rolfe sounds pretty patronizing and even a little sexist, but you’ve got to keep the historical context in mind. Oh, and the fact that he turns out to be a Nazi makes this a little less romantic. But if you tell us you’ve never tried to recreate this scene by jumping around a gazebo, we don’t believe you.

#3: "Do-Re-Mi"

Doe: a deer, a female deer! Who knew the solfège system could be so entertaining? "Do-Re-Mi" marks a change in the narrative when Maria officially defies Captain von Trapp by teaching the children to sing (all while they’re wearing their awesome curtain ensembles). This is undoubtedly one of the most memorable numbers in the film, and the scope of its popularity has gone far beyond just “The Sound of Music.” Also, it’s actually pretty educational and can easily be used as a real teaching tool.

#2: "My Favorite Things"

When we remember this song we really don’t feel so bad! This scene in the film shows the children bonding with Maria when they’re frightened during a thunderstorm. They all pile into bed and she sings to them about her favorite things, which include charming examples like “whiskers on kittens” and “schnitzel with noodles.” We can’t possibly listen to this song without it giving us a boost in our mood, and we’d have to guess that all viewers share the same experience, no matter how many times you’ve seen it!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

"Something Good"

"Morning Hymn" & "Alleluia"

#1: “The Sound of Music”

The most iconic song in this musical is undoubtedly the one that shares its name with the movie itself. “The Sound of Music” acts as our introduction to the character of Maria and opens the film on a high note with an uplifting and exuberant tune. The visuals of the Alps in the background give us context into the setting and the shot of Maria twirling with glee is uplifting every time we see it. The song is reprised later in the film when the children sing alongside her, and their vocals are impressive considering they’ve supposedly just learned to sing!

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