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Top 10 BBC Series You Have to Binge Watch Now

VO: Richard Bush WRITTEN BY: Kimberley Payne
Time to plan a BBC binge. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 BBC Series You HAVE to Binge Watch NOW. For this list, we’ve looked at some of the BBC’s best and most binge-watchable shows. Special thanks to our user RichardFB for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 BBC Series You Have to Binge Watch Now

Time to plan a BBC binge. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 BBC Series You HAVE to Binge Watch NOW.

For this list, we’ve looked at some of the BBC’s best and most binge-watchable shows.

#10: “The Last Kingdom” (2015-)

Historical TV shows are hugely popular these days, so it takes something special to stand out from the rest. “The Last Kingdom” perfectly mixes top notch storytelling with the more sinister sides of British history to tell the story of the Saxons. It obviously had an impact with audiences, because Netflix joined up to co-produce series two, taking it to their platform where it now sits proudly as a Netflix Original. Which also means that we have no excuse not to watch every single episode available, and any new ones that they might make next.

#9: “Spooks” (2002-11)

Most of us have wondered at some point or another what it must be like to work for MI5. Well wonder no more, because since the early-2000s “Spooks” has been showing us just that! Sure, it’s probably a little flexible with its realism, but we get the picture – and it’s a pretty pulsating one. All in, “Spooks” ran for nine years, 10 series and one feature length film… All of which means that there is a boat load of binge-watching available to anyone who wants to pick up the series now. It’s never too late, and we recommend giving it a shot.

#8: “Merlin” (2008-12)

We all know the legend of King Arthur and everything that it entails, including Excalibur and the wizard, Merlin. What this show does that not many others do, is to tell the story from Merlin’s point of view. For one of its most popular shows in recent years, the BBC stumps up five seasons of adventure, sorcery and all-round addictive telly. If you’re into fantasy then it’s clearly right up your street, but even if you aren’t a fantasy fanatic, it’ll hook you in – with or without magic.

#7: “The Night Manager” (2016-)

The manager of a luxury hotel in Egypt perhaps isn’t the kind of person you’d imagine being tasked with infiltrating an arms dealing operation. But, that’s where Tom Hiddleston’s Jonathan Pine comes in, as an ex-British soldier turned hotelier, aiming to break into the inner circle of a criminal underworld. With a stellar supporting cast that includes Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman, this show promises much – and definitely delivers! First time around, it was critically acclaimed and had millions of viewers. Fans are still patiently waiting for more episodes… But, until then, we’ll just re-watch it again.

#6: “McMafia” (2018-)

British shows about the mafia are fairly rare so, from the start, “McMafia” offers something a little different to the BBC norm. It follows Alex Godman who has escaped his family’s dark, organised crime past and built a life in London. But nothing is ever simple in a good crime drama, and that past quickly catches up with him. After the success of the debut series in 2018, there’s talk of this one running for years to come… So, don’t get left behind, and stick it on your list of ‘shows to watch’ sharpish.

#5: “Killing Eve” (2018-)

Another 2018 series, and another centred on the secret service. We Brits just love ourselves a spy, don’t we! You’d think working for MI5 would be enough to satisfy someone’s taste for adventure, but not for Eve Polastri. Instead, she decides to hunt down an assassin who is also scarily good at what she does. What follows is a never-ending chase, as both women become obsessed with each other – and we all become obsessed with this show. Like the rest on this list, it’s the TV equivalent of a page-turner – where you wind up watching episode after episode after episode…

#4: “Doctor Who” (1963-89; 2005-)

Originally airing in the '60s and staging a hugely successful revival in 2005, “Doctor Who” has built up a devoted following all around the world. And with the time-travelling stories of thirteen Doctors (and counting) to catch up on, this one’s certainly not a quick binge. But, it’s definitely worth it. Whether you’re new to the show and want to be fully immersed, or you’re already a fan but want to live it all over again, watching back-to-back episodes of “Who” is guaranteed to entertain. From Cybermen to the sonic screwdriver, it’s the space-time continuum slathered in technobabble – and it’s all just a TARDIS trip away!

#3: “Luther” (2010-)

There’s just something about detective shows that keeps you coming back for more. And, with Idris Elba front and centre for every episode in this series, is it any wonder why fans forever flock back to “Luther” – to watch it all over again? In many ways, he’s your stereotypical TV detective; devoted to his job but severely flawed. And, of course, those two traits don’t mix well. In general, Luther’s life seems a constant string of bad luck and bad decisions. But, it all comes together for possibly one of the most intense dramas the BBC has ever aired.

#2: “Sherlock” (2010-)

As arguably one of Beeb’s most successful creations, this classic British detective story has been adapted more times than we can count. But, none have ever had quite the same impact as this one. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman perfectly pair up as Sherlock and Watson, but they’re by no means the only reasons to watch. There’s the amazing cast of characters played by an array of great actors; storylines that never fail to surprise; and a super-slick production that gives every episode a cinematic feel. If you’ve somehow never seen it before, you’ll be ‘Sherlocked’ before long.

#1: “Bodyguard” (2018-)

This show seemingly took the whole of Britain by storm when it first aired, bringing in massive audiences, and reaching ratings figures that the BBC hadn’t seen for a long time. The watching millions tuned in week after week to check in with David Budd, the titular bodyguard for Home Secretary, Julia Montague. In true BBC drama fashion, though, things quickly go wrong, and so unravels one of the most intriguing and addictive storylines of recent times. Who should David trust? Can he be trusted himself? And would anyone regret binge-watching this series? The answer to that last one is a definite ‘no’!

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