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Top 10 Games That Let You Cause Massive Destruction

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Jarett Burke
Why create when you can DESTROY!? Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Modern Games With the Most Destruction. In this video we'll be looking at games such as SimCity, Battlefield 4 and Just Cause 4. Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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Top 10 Modern Games With The Most Destruction

BOOM goes the dynamite! …and the buildings, and the bridges, and even the ground itself… Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Modern Games With the Most Destruction.

For this list, we’re looking at games that offer for the best destructible environments in gaming from the last 10 years to the present day. If we can see it and aim at it, we want to be able to blow it to pieces!

#10: “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege” (2015)

One of the reasons that “Rainbow Six Siege” remains so popular among online gamers is its clever division of players into two teams – terrorist or task force – and a host of playable scenarios like defusing/defending a live bomb and rescuing/capturing a hostage. It also helps that much of the environment is destructible too, making doors and windows largely optional considering you can blow holes in both with explosives and take out enemies by surprise. Such creativity and freedom in deciding how to approach certain stages makes cooperation and communication with teammates a must, and helps explain why servers are still active for this game almost four years after its release.

#9: “Crackdown 3” (2019)

Crackdown 3 definitely wasn’t the explosive shot of adrenaline that the Xbox One needed, AND the destruction physics, especially in the single-player didn’t live up to the hype. Regardless, it is still cool to watch walls get blasted apart as shards and splinters of what used to be structures come crashing down amid the chaos. Sure there isn’t much weight to anything and sure it kind a looks like cardboard, and that’s why it’s only number 9. The destruction physics and effects work well enough, just not as well as we all hoped.

#8: “Worms WMD” (2016)

What could possibly make the “Worms” franchise any better than it already was? Sure, it looks simple, but it’s deceptively deep and allows for the complete destruction of not only the worms and their bases but also the ground itself. So, if you create a big enough explosion, you could potentially erase a level’s entire foundation, leaving nothing but empty space. That… sounds… awesome! Just skip the machine guns and bring on the nukes! We’re not going to leave a single piece of dirt left standing. Or you could go the non destructive and send worms flying with a baseball bat and … hey wait a second why is Andrew coming at me with that bat?

#7: “Planetary Annihilation” (2014)

The title of this game alone is enough to grant it entry on this list, but the fact that you can destroy bases, vehicles and enemies on a planet and then even blow up the planet itself is something else altogether and a scale of destruction not often seen in top-down real time strategy games. As you may have guessed, this game’s scope is massive, and the aim is the total domination of the entire galaxy, so there’s a LOT of planets to blow up here. Also, an expansion pack for the game called “TITANS” allows players to do all of this from the comfort of their own massive mech robot, bringing the chaos to a whole other level.

#6: “Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator” (2017)

Surely watching thousands of soldiers clash head to head, dying left and right, and leaving the battlefield strewn with bodies is destructive enough to land “Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator” on our list; but, when you consider that you can simulate the same type of battle, but with mod support you could theoretically have hundreds of Hulks versus thousands of Iron Mans instead of legions of generic Roman soldiers, the level of destruction increases tenfold. Sure, it’s not much of a game in the traditional sense as it’s more a tool for creating kickass battles, but the thrill we got from pitting orcs, trolls, soldiers and superheroes against one another – literally in a battle to the death – was very satisfying to watch nonetheless.

#5: “Breach” (2011)

Atomic Games’ first-person tactical shooter was made for this list. We mean, the title itself literally means a hole in a wall or some other type of structure. So, it’s no surprise that the marketing tagline behind this game was “The World’s Most Destructible Battlefield,” and most of its promotional material focused on explosions, destruction and things falling apart. Seeing as anything that you hide behind is destroyable, taking cover in this game is much more challenging than just camping out behind some indestructible barrier. Hell, not even the ground underneath your feet is safe from being wiped away. There’s literally nowhere to hide in this one and we love it!

#4: “Besiege” (2015)

Despite the fact that this game is still in early access, it’s a huge hit on Steam where the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The premise is simple enough: build a medieval siege machine and lay waste to castles, towers, vehicles and soldiers. It’s the game’s amazing physics system, however, that makes it truly memorable in the “destruction” genre of games out there. Explosions are so life-like, destruction feels incredibly realistic, and there’s basically no limit to the kind of wacky Machines of Ruin you’re able to build on route to leveling everything in sight. Creativity never felt so good!

#3: “Red Faction: Guerrilla” (2009)

While the first two “Red Faction” games offered a lot of environmental destruction, and helped introduce destructive environments in video games, it was “Guerrilla” that took the series to a new level of explosiveness. An open world, third-person shooter built on an incredibly realistic physics system where – basically – anything you see is destroyable. Even after almost a decade, the game’s destruction physics are still a sight to behold, which is probably why it was remastered for current-gen consoles. There’s little as satisfying in gaming as finding a bridge in “Red Faction: Guerilla,” targeting its support beams, and watching it fall to the ground all around you. Yay for chaos!

#2: “Battlefield 4” (2013)

Let’s put it this way: there’s so much destruction and potential to alter the environment in “Battlefield 4” that the game’s developers came up with their own unique term to describe the fully interactive maps: “Levolution.” It’s a cleaver pun hinting that the fourth entry in the “Battlefield” series is an evolution over other games in terms of leveling in-game structures. It’s pretty hard to argue against the game’s claim of moving destructible environments forward when you see an in-game skyscraper collapse right before your eyes. Wow… That looked so real it gave us a bit of anxiety just watching it fall… Let’s do it again!

#1: “Just Cause 4” (2018)

When it comes to blowing shit up, Rico Rodriguez gets the job done. Period! There’s no finer video game destruction than that found in the “Just Cause” series, and the fourth entry takes the destruction to absurd levels. Thanks to the customizable tethers and modifications, you can turn enemy strongholds into your own little rocket playground. Or you can put together a flying tank and experience a ride that is simultaneously serene and hardcore. Or if you want to see that game at its most destructive; track down its tornado and watch it destroy everything in its path. Is any of this realistic? Not in the slightest, but who cares?

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